Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Jacob vs. Movie Jacob


I'd like to discuss Jacob's character WITHOUT getting all sidetracked by his ridiculously well-chiseled abs. *looks pointedly at Ginger*

Ahem...So, in the books, I pretty much detested Jacob. I never once felt sorry for him, or felt like he had been used. I cursed him repeatedly while reading and could not understand why anyone was Team Jacob, or how Bella could even think about kissing him.

But, Movie Jake? Whole different story. I adored him. He was funny and cute and endearing. I felt awful for him when he tried to turn Bella away after he became a wolf. I felt awful for him when she left (although I was a little mad about the phone call). And, my heart even broke when Bella said, "It's always been him." Truly - this character that I detested made my heart break.

But, don't worry - I'm not switching teams, I'm just amazed at how Taylor's portrayal of Jacob has so intensely changed my view of the character. I still kind of hate Book Jake, but Movie Jake... well, that's different.

What's wrong with ridiculously well-chiseled abs?

The first few times I read the books I loathed the dog. The last time I read it I began to see his point of view and sympathized with him though as it pertains to the two central teams (Edward and Jacob) I am decidedly for the vampire. In New Moon I saw Jacob come to life and I really liked him. If I were a teenager in Forks, Washington I would totally hang out with a guy like Jacob and he would be much more my type than the brooding Edward.

I never quite "got" Jacob the first few times I read the books. I think I disliked him on principle since Charlie seemed to be pushing Bella to him and because (honestly) he wasn't Edward. I have to admit that while most people hated him in Breaking Dawn, I actually welcomed his perspective as a break from Edward's overwhelming self-loathing. Now that I've seen how likable Movie Jacob is, I'm afraid I might actually **shudders** welcome Renesemee's appearance as his chance for a happy ending. *shaking fist in the air* Damn you for being so likable Taylor!!



SuzanneK said...

I'm Team Edward all the way but I've always had a soft spot for poor Jacob. The guy tries and tries and is so honest about it; he just never gets his chance. I was rooting for him at the movie ;) and the abs don't hurt to look at, either...sigh....

Bri said...

Rob > Taylor every time....but in New Moon...I have to say that I "batted for the other team" so to speak. Jake made me want to take in another stray ;o)

Ilaria said...

Very good point ladies!
The Jacob of the book still annoys the crap out of me, no matter how many times I read them, but when I saw Jacob in New Moon I found myself too rooting for him, and shouting in my head...Bella, hug him, make out with him a little! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? He was cute, sweet, I pretty much wanted to forget about the vampire *ducking*. Chris Weitz and Taylor Lautner did a great job in making a hideous character lovable!

Bitten Usagi said...

I agree completely. In the books he drove me crazy and I couldn't see how anyone could be on his side. I'm with the vampires and always will be but in the movie my heart broke when she told Jacob it would always be Edward. I was bawling so hard. Taylor played Jake so well through the whole movie but that part was just insanely amazing.

kmoye said...

i think i have a thing for best friends. Because not only did i like Jacob from the very beginning but i also wanted things to work out for Simon in MI.

On the flip side I wasn't sold on the movie Twilight's version of Jake. He just wasn't what I pictured. But then I saw Taylor sans horrible wig and I jumped on Taylor. literally. i saw him and jumped him. in my dreams.
And Taylor was Jake in new moon. Team Jacob

dazzledbyhim said...

Book Jacob still drives me crazy. He's a pain in the ass and acts like a little kid. I never liked him at all, even though I can appreciate his character much more after the second time around.

Movie Jacob though, man Taylor really pulled it off. There were only a few scenes that I thought dind't work right for him, but overall he amazed me! The only thing I'm worried about is that in my head, Taylor is not going to pull off what I imagined Jake to look like in Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn. Obviously the poor kid can't grow taller, but the Jake in my head just keeps morphing so much in the last two books and I'm afraid that Taylor's just going to keep looking too clean cut.

Sawdia said...

I completely understand where book Jacob is coming from but I admit I'm a bigger fan of movie Jacob. Plus Taylor is so delish... young and tender... Anyhoo, the Matrix- esque quality of that pic is fab. Taycob is a hit in my box! I mean my book! Thanks ladies!!

Anonymous said...

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