Monday, November 30, 2009


I hate to even bring it up, but we must. We must discuss The Nipple. I love Rob and think he is one of the sexiest men ever created. But, that nipple! When he took off his shirt, there were audible "ewws" in the theater audience. That should NOT happen when Robward takes off his shirt. There is no way that Rob's nipple is so wonky in real life. So, I, for one, am going to blame Strange Nipple on Suckmit. Kind of like the bad wigs.

What exactly are you implying, Rain? *raised eyebrow, holding baseball bat*

I was talking about Rosalie and Jacob! Who did u think I was talking about? *innocent smile*

Yes we noticed the nipple right away. Even Mr. Ginger noticed the nipple. As soon as we walked out of the theater he said, "What happen to Rob's left nipple? It looks like someone hooked up a jumper cable to it!" We figured it was either a love bite or some freakishly large areola. Wait, is it called an areola on a guy?

*snicker* Apparently Summit thinks that the NIPPLE was the place that Carlisle chose to change him. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. Carlisle was lonely, he wanted companionship, and Robward has an amazingly attractive ass chest. It's not weird at all. *shakes head yes*

I did not notice the nipple. I did notice the lack of chemistry between Edward and Bella. And I wondered why Rob thinks that Edward must always look like he is tortured, has something in his eye and drank bad milk. But enough about that, let's talk about Jasper... *grin*

Seriously - lack of chemistry? I didn't notice that. Maybe I was blinded by The Nipple.

Since twitter was all abuzz, our reader @twiljediknight pointed this out: "People are saying his nipple was CGI'd to simulate a vampire bite??? Seriously??? What the HALE is wrong with Suckmit?? Who the hell bit him there? Is there something we don't know about his time with the Denali clan?? Something SMeyer left out?" So Meadow did some research, and by "research" we mean "googled 'New Moon Nipple' and found Robsessed had screencapped and investigated"

source: Robsessed


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: The Doctor Is In

I'm feeling a little sick. Do you think he makes house calls?

Mmmmm.... Paging Dr. Cullen, I think I have a papercut I need stitched up. *fans self* I think I have a case of white-coat hypertension.

*grabs Meadows bleeding hand and holds it away from Dr. Cullen* No, Dr. C, she's fine. No stitches needed, really. Um, where's your son Jasper? *looks around the room hopefully*

*grabbing hand back and hissing at Spank* Dude, are you TRYING to get me killed? *grumbling* Sheesh, it's not like it's a crime to want some alone time with Dr. Cullen.

Um, is it bad that I really want to be Jennie Garth right now? Holy hawt, she is one lucky woman. And, I kind of hate to say this because I love Dr. C, but I think Peter is so much sexier with his long wavy brown hair and half naked self. Mmm-hmm.

Holy Smokes he's naked in this video! Was he playing doctor?


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: Mr. Horrible

Hello readers! I know that lately I've been on a bit of a supernatural kick, so I thought I'd throw in something different. Some of you have probably heard of the hilarious story Mr. Horrible by Algonquinrt. If you haven't, you've been missing out. In this all-human, complete story Bella (Baby Swan) is a foul-mouthed bohemian temp who meets a straight-laced executive-type Edward (Rich Kid.) The cast of characters is diverse and unique to the Twi-fandom and the cursing is creative to the point of needing a wiki. Seriously, I found myself spewing some of it while driving and had to laugh out loud at myself.

Bella is sweet, tough, and acerbic. Edward is awkward, smart, and sincere. When their worlds collide there are sparks, both positive and negative. Can they find a way to work through their differences? I'm sure you won't have too much trouble figuring it out since Algonquinrt is planning a sequel, but I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride. I adore this crazy world Algie has created for us. I want to be friends with Rich Kid and Baby Swan, I want to get to know Granny Platt, and most of all I want a set of silver with sporks. Laurent FTW! So, trust me, go check it out. You won't regret it.


Friday, November 27, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Ginger? Sweetie? We need to talk. I was innocently checking out the blog today when I noticed something... different. Now, I'm assuming it was an accident. A tiny little oversight on your part. Or maybe a little joke. Ha ha. *pointing to the right sidebar* See that right there? Where Robapalooza normally is? Yup. Gone. And replaced with what exactly? TAYCOB? *crossing arms* Explain yourself, woman. *glaring*

*growls* GINGER!!! This blog is not about underage boys! It is about barely legal to drink boys!

*elbowing Spank* MEN! They're MEN! *collecting myself* I mean, this blog is about Twilight. And we all know that Jacob loses. So take the doggie-style tribute DOWN. Or I will change our background to this:

Yes, MEN! Men who have stamina, dammit!

Damn, you guys. I thought it would take you longer to notice. And we're not a "Rob" blog. Shouldn't we give equal time to some of the other hotties in Twilight? And by "hottie", of course I mean "Taycob". Oh and I'm sure Taycob has the stamina. He's at his peak at the same time I am. See? It's perfect. Oh I think I just crossed a line somewhere.

*gagging* Ginger, we're also not a pedo blog. So the naughty jailbait pics have GOT. TO. GO.

*crossing arms and nodding in agreement with Meadow* F*ckhawt MEN, Ginger... not little boys.

He's legal in some states!

Well this blog is run in all states and *shakes my head* quite frankly it's too painful to look at.

Girls! Girls! Why can't we have both?

I vote for us taking turns. Jboneapalooza, Klutzapalooza, ButtcrackSantapalooza...

FINE. We can *gag* compromise and make a "Vampapolooza" and include ALL the hot guys from the series. Who are VAMPIRES. So sorry Ginger, dogs need not apply.

Well how does that appease me? I'm not into cold, dead things. (unless their name is Eric Northman)

*imagining Eric Northman in the shower* I'm sorry, what did you say?

In the interest of League preservation, perhaps we should have Rob one week and Taycob the next. Or just Rob. All Rob, all the time. Oh wait. Maybe we need an impartial voice on this matter?

*raises hand* I'm impartial. *thinking we just do a Jacksperpalooza since he's the only one worth drooling over*

*dropping hands in defeat* Okay, FINE. How about we do a combination "Supernatural-Being-Palooza"? *grumbling* You can have your jailbait, and the rest of us get actual MEN. And Victoria. Because she's f*ckhawt.

Does that mean I can include Duncan McCleod of the Clan McCleod? He's supernatural.

OH. MY. GOD. There can be only one.

Now that Ginger brought up Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod I vote for a supernatural free-for-all. Seriously. I love him.

.... and I love you for that!


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ladies, it's Thanksgiving. A time to be thankful for the important things in life. You know, Twilight. What, you thought I was gonna go all Hallmark on you and talk about Mr. Rain and Baby Showers? Pshaw.

So, let's take a moment to share what we're grateful for in Twidom, besides the obvious extreme gratitude to Stephenie Meyer for giving us all of this in the first place. #suckup

Personally, I am truly, truly thankful for Kemmett's eyebrow.

Gawd, I love that f*cking eyebrow.

*sigh* Rain, I'd love to answer you honestly, but our blog's rating isn't high enough. So, since I can't give you the specific things that I (along with Mr. Meadow) am thankful for, I'll give you generalities. Rob apparently was thinking of quitting acting before Twilight. So instead of being a hippie guitar player in some pub in London for the rest of his life, he's now a mega-star. Which means I get to stare at him. Like this. *mouthing Thank You to Summit*

If you will excuse my shallow League sisters I would like to make a sincere gesture of thanks on this day. I would like to take this time to personally thank Randee Lynn and Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV for not only creating but raising such a hot piece of ass diversely talented man. I would also like to thank the casting director who saw fit to elevate the Twilight franchise by hiring Jackson to play the most do-able compelling character in the series, Jasper Whitlock Hale. If it were not for the Rathbones and said casting director we would all have to live our lives without this:

On this Thanksgiving, I'd like to give thanks to those who make my heart go pitter patter.

First off... Nathan Fillion.

I love Nathan in any role. Especially when he's naked.

And I'm thankful for Spike and all the nawty dreams he's inspired...

AND... thankful for Jace, who knocked Robert Pattinson out of my "list" completely.
(notice he does NOT have a freaky-ass left nipple)

But if we're talking Twilight, I'd have to pick my boyfriend Jacob and his AMAZING body.

*thinking Jace looks an awful lot like @IrishCovenLiam and also wondering why Ginger is thankful for Billy Idol* *shrugs* You are crazy, Gingy. But I love you anyway.

I love you too Spank. Even though you kept spooning me in your sleep last weekend.

Since we're being all mushy, let me end with saying I'm most Twi-thankful for you Spank, Meadow and Rain. Without whom I wouldn't be Ginger. I love you guys.

From The League: Most of all we are thankful for you all who read our crazy blog every day, make us laugh with your comments, and make our 'jobs' as superheroes so much fun. We appreciate each and every one of you. Yep, even you guys that lurk or disagree with us. *mouthing* We love you. *wink*