Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sultry Bloody Saturday: Vamp-Candy

We interrupt your regularly scheduled fan-fic review for a special Halloween treat from your enablers friends at The League, a montage of yummy goodness created by our very own Rain. Check back tomorrow for Storytime. Happy Halloween!

Instead of handing out chocolates for Halloween this year, The League is doling out the best kind of treat - VampCandy!

This is my favorite type of Candy. Are you passing them out at your house tonight too? *winks*

Remember as a kid when you'd get home from trick-or-treating and search through your bag for all your favorite treats? Well, my yummy vamp candy can be found at 0.15, 2.05, 2.15, 2.33, and 2.37. And trust, he's a treat.

Oh Rain, that was awesome! Just goes to show if you want to find the best vampire montage, you gotta make it yourself. Oh and one more thing.... *thud*

And, a big thanks to our friend Rob's Swiss Miss for the "VampCandy" term.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Icy Hot

So... Have you girls seen the leaked footage of the birthday kiss between Edward and Bella?

Because, seriously, as if the kiss itself weren't hot, and the audio Robward grunting weren't even hotter, Godze screencapped it. And the PAIN in those screencaps... Well, of three things I am absolutely certain:

1. Robert Pattinson is an excellent actor.
2. Some part of me, and I don't know how dominant that part may be, is going to cry like a baby and curl up into the fetal position on November 20th.
3. I am completely and irrevocably in love with
Rob this movie.

Excuse me. I need a tissue. And new panties.

***(Suckmit was quick to remove the clip but MTV's Larry Carrol describes the scene in detail.)

The clip plays for only 47 seconds but will undoubtedly be replayed for hours by drool-heavy Twilighters wishing they could get a similar wish on their next birthday. Looking like he's about to cry, RPattz leans in and lets KStew wrap her hands around his face, simultaneously kissing his leading lady and conveying the sense that Edward is battling back the temptation to make the human his late-night snack.

The two star-crossed lovers swap spit for 14 seconds, each moaning to convey their mutual desire and sense of danger. Edward doesn't say a single word during the clip, but he doesn't need to."

See, at the end, Edward always pushes her away. *rolls eyes* Jake would never do that.

*whacking Ginger upside the head* I came back just to do that. I'm going to go watch it again now.

Oh look - there's Edward the brooding vampire all upset because Jasper tried to drain his little human girlfriend. *rolls eyes* I mean can the dude lighten up?

*whacking Spank upside the head* DUDE! You people are just not getting this! Don't you remember how ominous this scene was in the book? And then he's all cold, and then he's just... *sniffle* Just... *sniffle* Thenheleavesherandshesallaloneanditsterrible! *runs off sobbing uncontrollably*

*grabs Meadow and holds her, glares at Spank and Ginger* Seriously, who ARE you people? Please you two, for Meadow, go back in time and remember how you felt when Edward left Bella in the woods. ALONE. You felt alone and scared. Admit it!

*begins to tremble* Oh My Hale! I remember!!!! *sobs uncontrollably, throwing herself into Meadow and Rain's arms, glaring back at Ginger*

Sure I did. I felt horrible when Edward left Bella the first time. Now I realize that's just silly because she would've been better off with Jacob. *ducking*


Thursday, October 29, 2009

New for New Moon - Chaske Spencer

Okay girls, let's discuss Chaske Spencer, who will be playing Sam Uley in New Moon.

I'm kind of "eh" about him. I always pictured Sam looking way more fierce. I suppose I'll have to give him a chance but he just has such a sweet, gentle face - it's hard to imagine him as the intense alpha male.

Are those euphemisms? "Sweet and gentile" must be code for "scowling tattooed guy."

This guy is a DEAD RINGER for the guy I almost married. (incidentally the guy I refer to as my "Jacob" since I married my "Edward") It's really really freaky.

I don't know, he's looked pretty menacing in the promo shots I've seen so I'm fine with him as Sam. And Ginger? That line won't work to get you into the filming of Eclipse, but nice try.

Rain, that's 'cause he's not the alpha. *mumbles* Apparently SOMEONE needs to read Breaking Dawn again!!!

Pssst - Spank... he IS the alpha in New Moon. You know, New Moon? The film we're CURRENTLY discussing?

*raising eyebrow* Maybe Spank just wants to speed up to Breaking Dawn so we'll get to hear 90 minutes of Taycob voiceover instead of KStew. Ginger, I think you're starting to wear her down.

Mmmm 90 minutes of Taycob.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Junior League: Love Twiangle

This week's Junior League Member is: RoseWowie

Superhero Name: Wonder Wowie

Superpower: The ability to multi-task: read smut, Twitter, Facebook, and surf the google wave...all at the same time.

Does anyone else get pissed off when Bella kisses Jacob in Eclipse, knowing she's with Edward? I get that someone can love two people at once. But if you're already with one, wouldn't that mean you've already made your choice between the two? If not, why would you want to hurt the one you're with while you're deciding on who you'd rather spend your life with...even if, eventually, you still end up choosing the person you're already with in the end? I don't think I could ever stand to have to be that person. I think it would hurt too much. To know I love someone who's not sure who they love more, me or the other person? That's crap. And then to be sad and heartbroken in front of me when they do make a choice to stay with me? Talk about selfish. I'd be a dumbass to stay. I guess because my ego and a lil' bit of my heart would be wounded from the fact that there was someone else whose presence was almost enough to take my person/heart away.

This is when my tolerance level for Bella was at an all time low. It was also when I began to see Edward for what he really was, a doormat.

Yeah, instead of being pissed at Jacob for manipulating Bella, I was pissed at Bella for being so gullible. And I was hoping for an Edward-Bella smackdown afterwards, but there was nothing. A big work-up to a big let-down. Kind of like Breaking Dawn.

Do NOT get me started on Breaking Dawn. *breathing through my nose, counting backwards from 10 trying not to phase*

Yeah, Edward's self-esteem issues really come to the forefront here. I mean, who WATCHES the love of their life make out with someone else (and gets to hear the sordid thoughts that go along with it) and isn't even a LITTLE mad afterwards? If I were Bella I'd be worried by his NON-response.

I hate (HATE) that part of the book. I was literally yelling "NO! YOU STUPID B*TCH" at Bella while I was reading. I was sure Edward would respond somehow. But, perhaps he knew that the kiss had to happen - that Bella had to have that experience in order to truly know that she wanted Edward. Or maybe she's just a skanky ho.

so what we're saying is, Bella is a skanky ho...

*snicker* She was probably just regretting missing her chance. She could've totally gone through a slutty phase in New Moon and gotten away with it.

Nah, she's a skanky ho.

KStew's casting makes so much more sense after this discussion...

*throws @little_edward at Meadow's head*

*rubbing my head* What?! I like my #girlcrush a little skanky.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Half The League is inked. A certain Spankpire is due to join the club in a few weeks. A certain fanfic aficionado actually intends on *cough* staying pure. This brought up the topic of Twilight Tattoos. I have to say some are okay and I am actually planning on getting a certain Twilight quote tattooed on my wrist in the near future (and, no, I will not tell you what it is until after I do it). But some are so creeptastic they take on a whole new, um, art form (and I use that term loosely).

Please tell me that's an unfinished tattoo. Does she know it's permanent? (this coming from the girl who got a Native American shield with feathers hanging down on her back at age 20 when she has NO INDIAN HERITAGE)

But see you became part of the Quileute Clan when you fell in love with @wolfzjake so that tattoo totally makes sense now *shakes head no*

Sure, if it was a Quileute tattoo instead of a Cherokee one. *hangs head in shame*

*whispers, while patting your tattooed back* It's the thought that counts *still shaking head no*

What about this one?

Oh that's classy like a string of pearls. It bet it goes great with a crisp white shirt and a pencil skirt. Or not.

I'm 99.9% certain that Mr. Rain would have me committed if I put anything like that on my body. I'm not gonna lie though - the tattoo that the wolves all have? I think that's hot. Maybe I can talk him into getting one without him realizing what it means?

What, you think that Quileute tattoo looks better than my Indian shield that everyone thinks is a dreamcatcher? Yeah, okay, you're right.

Wait?! What?!!! Rain! You are not switching teams. You may be Team Gaymett but at least he's still a vampire! No. Wolf. Tattoos! *stomps foot!

OH NO YOU DIDN'T - Gaymett? *growls* And no, just for the record, I'm not switching teams, but the wolf tattoo is hot. So is the wolf pack. Or at least Alex Meraz has enough hawt to make them all look good.

Sorry but if the ambiguously gay vampire title fits, wear it.

Clearly you are trying to cover for Jasper's questionable sexual orientation by picking on my BIG STRONG MANLY MAN. Wait, how did we get here again? Weren't we discussing tattoos? *looks around, confused*

Oh yeah, we were. *scratches head* We do that a lot, don't we? *sheepish grin*

It's okay. You wanna hug it out?

*holds out arms* Come to Mama Spank! *hugs you and mouths over your shoulder to Meadow and Ginger* Kemmett is SOOOOOO gay.

*rolling my eyes* ANYWAY, if you two are done hijacking this post, I've found some more tattoos for us to mock appreciate:

I mean, really? That Edward looks like Beavis. Or Butthead. I'm not sure which.

*snickers* Edward Cornholio.

And then there's this one... Because, you know, Edward is real and all.

Are those deer antlers?!

They are so going to regret that in 15 minutes.

But in the end, Twifans aren't THAT bad. I mean, at least none of them are this guy:

0223081630a.jpg harry potter tattoo! lol image by Terceramon

And that, my friends, is why I will remain the tattoo virgin of the group. I prefer my mistakes to haunt me mentally for the rest of my life, not physically. *winks*

But, wait... what about a tattoo of a certain *cough* pixie *cough* squashed under my foot? That would be cool, right? Right?!

I just got a squished pixie/fairy tattoo yesterday. You can call her Alice if you want.