Friday, September 18, 2009

Alternate Reality

*sitting Spank and Ginger down* Listen, we need to have a little talk. I've been watching you on Twitter and you're kinda creeping me out with all the Role Playing talk. What is all this Role Play business? I mean, Ginger, you're flirting with a FAKE JACOB! The problems with that being that 1. He's FAKE, and 2. He's playing JACOB!!! *tapping toes impatiently* Explain yourselves.

What do you mean fake? *confused look*

Oh Jake! *stares dreamily into space*

*crosses arms and lets out an exasperated sigh* Rain, Spider, back me up here...

*drinking* I have noticed that almost every comment by Spank lately, she is increasing the amount of ****'s. Would that mean that at the start of the League she was in a vegetative state and could not move her body?

Well, Spank, do I need to remind you that you have not one, but a multitude of Jaspers on twitter vying for your love? And, AND, that you offered to get me "my own Emmett," because you are the Twitter Madam? Hmmmm?

I was just trying to be helpful, Rain. I could make the introduction. *whispers* Call me.

Spider, put down the bottle and FOCUS. We're berating her for her infatuation with a certain fictional member of the Cullen Family?! Role-Players, NOT for her language. Besides, you curse like a sailor too, that's a different intervention...

But, really, what is the attraction to these role-players? I just don't get it.

*Thinks of Jasper and beams*

WHAT Did you just TYPE Rain???? *wrapping duct tape around head to collect the pieces after it explodes* She WHAT!? And I've been whoring myself out there on Twitter left and, well a comment or two a week for an Edward?

UGH, not you too Spider! *looking around frantically* Am I the only one who hasn't drunk the kool-aid? And was the kool-aid spiked? I mean, if they're in character then shouldn't they only be flirting with their pretend significant others? Why is @WolfzJake flirting with Ginger? Isn't it bad enough that Jacob made out with Renesmee's mom? Does he need to have Twitter affairs too?

Speaking of spiked, did you know I have my own @GingersSpike? Oh yeah. Except I haven't seen him around lately. And @WolfzJake went after me. What can I say? I didn't go looking for it, but it just happened. He's just so smooth, I can't help it. And if we're being honest, he's the one that single handedly switched me from Team Edward to Team Jacob. *takes swig of Kool-Aid*

*pours herself another glass of Kool-Aid*

Ok Meadow, I'll pretend that I don't get it so you're not alone on this *wink* I do have a question, can you just imagine what the people on the other side of the keyboard probably look like? We are supermodel superheroes. I'm sure only losers with NO life would bother doing all that typing and dreaming about a "young adult" series. *shakes head in disgust* Psst Meadow, is that good enough?

*snorts* Thanks Spider. I knew I could count on you. *eyeing up the pitcher* Does the Kool-Aid make the Role Players's look like their characters? Because if so I suppose I could be convinced of the benefits of the dark side...

It's only a matter of time, Meadow. Only a matter of time. *hands you glass of Kool-Aid*

*scratching head at new thought* I can't believe you weren't THE FIRST one to drink that Kool-Aid Meadow. Then again, she's doing FF research with her spare time. BTW, you still haven't submitted your review for The Vamp. How's it cuming?



bjones0011 said...

I think I kinda agree with Meadow on this one... What if you ok ok we, are talking with some disgusting person on the other end... Weird.. Maybe I need some of that Kool-Aid too! *snickers*

kmoye said...

twitter madam...hehehehe

Tara said...

Hahahaha! I enjoy reading the convos, though I am not quite ready to test the waters.

Tara said...

..or koolaid... =)

@WolfzJake said...

[stirring the pitcher of kool-aid] Meadow, c'mon. Every inch of me is very... very real, I assure you. [wink @Ginger_Swan].

Ilaria said...

Meadow, you ROCK!! Now I understand getting infatuated with the character, but the twitter romance with characters impersonator I don't get. I love the girls, and I know that they are just having fun, but I can't get it into it. I am glad you called this "intervention". You are, as Spider said, Supermodels Superheros and have a status to defend!

It's like me chatting on twitter with my latest fictional infatuation (Akira Sudou from the manga Tenshi Nanka Ja nai "I'm not an Angel)...I mean come on!

@JasperYourXanax said...

I'm with @WolfzJake on this one. I am real, every inch of me is real too. Drink some more koolaid to see it.

Spank Ransom said...

Oh people PLEASE just drink the damn kool-aid and stop fighting it. *smiles @JasperYourXanax, looking you up and down* Yep, 100% grade A real. xoxo

Tracy said...

Point #1) Yes, Spank has greatly increased her ***** in the past month.

Point #2) Meadow, don't ever use the word "spike", even as a verb, around Ginger

That's all. I am more fine with the role playing than an entire day of Pirate talk *looks annoying in Ginger's direction*.

LOL. xoxo.


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

You girls are effing hilarious :) I'm a little disturbed AND curious...I might need the Twitter Madam to send a hot piece of online Emmett my way.