Saturday, September 19, 2009

Storytime with Meadow:“Well, This Sucks: Life According to Seth”

Okay boys and girls, I think I've been fairly forthcoming with the smut lately, haven't I? So you'll indulge me and let me recommend a non-smutty fic, right? (Just nod and agree with me, it'll save us all time. I can be as relentless as Alice until I get what I want, just ask the girls.)

So, today I'm bringing you “Well, This Sucks: Life According to Seth.” I fell in love with this from the first chapter. It's a look at Seth Clearwater's “man-journal” and it's absolutely hysterical. It's basically everything I liked about the Jacob POV in Breaking Dawn and nothing that I hated. (Because, really, if Jacob's character didn't irritate me so much I'd have enjoyed that part a lot more. It was funny!) Seth is a funny, self-deprecating, loving teenage boy. Who just happens to turn into a werewolf. And is terrified of imprinting. And may have a little crush on Lauren Mallory.

Now, the cons: Krum Kake is a college student (I think we can all relate to that from experience or memory) and so she hasn't updated in ages. Fortunately while the story has a plot it's not angsty. So as much as I'd do a happy dance in my kitchen if she began updating daily, I'm really just happy to have enjoyed it up to this point. Trust me, it's a fun read. You won't be disappointed. (And keep an eye out for the mention of popsicles. Seriously, almost spit out my Dr. Pepper when I read it.)



Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE that fic! It's hilarious! Good recommendation ;)

kmoye said...

No smut? UGH!

ok, i'll check it out. But only because its your recommendation Meadow :)