Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Junior League: K. Stewpid

This week's Junior League member is Lady Hale at

What's the go with KStew's recent comments about the fans and Twilight itself? One minute she's saying that the fans are psychotic and next she's saying we're all really great. Add to that the fact that despite her father's comments about why she wasn't at the Oscars, she's now saying that she wasn't even invited to present.
It all just sounds a bit fishy to me, like it's damage control and
PR...that's come a bit too late, I might add.
Plus, I keep hearing people say that she's 'just being honest'. But I
ask you, can you truly believe that someone that acts for a living is
being honest in everything he or she says?

*snorts* "Just being honest" is code for bitch. It's like telling someone you think they look like crap and then act surprised that they're offended because, you know, you were "just being honest!"

I think some of it is taken out of context and is generated by out of control media who grabs a soundbite and feeds off it. I also think a part of it is now the PR machine spinning a tight web to reign in a lot of her recent bad press. Given her father's case of verbal diarrhea during the Oscar red carpet it is clear the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; and by the looks of him it is possible that the tree is, in fact, a marijuana plant. However, I also watched her on Jimmy Kimmel recently and she came across as genuinely uncomfortable and nervous, and not at all stoned.

She must have run out of it.

Which would explan why she looked uncomfortable and nervous vs. apathetic. Mystery solved! Give that girl some Scooby snacks to share with her pet dog, Jacob.

She's a typical eighteen year old piss ant who's up one minute and down the next. I honestly think her answers all depend on how much dope she's smoked on any given day...

I think they just need to keep her from doing any more press unless Rob is there. He seems to take the edge off for her. Probably because she knows they'll be having hot, passionate, weed-fueled sex as soon as the press leaves. Bitch.

I'm just going to live in my own little fantasy world where the Bella version of Kristen is the real Kristen Stewart and the one we see doing all the press and interviews is Kristen's evil twin sister (K.Stewpid) who is working 24/7 to bring down the good twin so she can take over her part in the Twilight series. It's a whole conspiracy and I just uncovered it! Good twin/evil twin... like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Like I said before, I think she has dementors following her around.

Yeah, and they call themselves The Protectors of the Quileute Tribe. Stupid dogs.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I am with Spank on this one. Part of it is misquoted, part of it is her dad, and part of it is KStew really putting her foot in her mouth and then trying to correct it later.

It's a celeb thing, it happens all the time. And the Twilight people are celebrities now. Everything they say can and may be misquoted and held against them by the press (and fans).

sakixry said...

I really dont care about KS as long as she plays her part in the movie well and makes Rob look at her like he did in Twilight *meltdown*. I'm looking forward seing him semi-naked in Italy Volterra *sigh*

But ok, I agree with Spank also. I dont think she can be that stupid...
and Ginger :) probably the one that says stupid things and smokes pot is her evil twin! Congrats to Mr. Ginger too for his pic!!

Anonymous said...

Why can't Edward read Bella's mind?
There's nothing to read.
Well I like this joke a lot (don´t know why) but I really think that when you are famous they tend to twist the things you say...Why am I feeling like defending her?? Don´t like that...maybe I should just stop before I say something else in her defense...yes much better...

Cheryl said...

I think there are two factors that account for the evil twin. The first is that I really do believe she thinks she's above all this (never mind that "this" is what put her on the map). I'm sure a lot of actors feel that way about various projects they take on, but the difference is the second factor, which is that she's too socially awkward to hide the first factor. That's why Catherine should have cast me...I'm not above *anything* and if Rob really does smell, I have enough social tact to lie like a pro for the cameras. ;)

HappyHourSue said...

First and foremost, Mr. Ginger has mad photoshop skillz, yo.

The bitchy, whiney, mopey K-Stew is really her, and the "Twilight is awesome! I'm super-psyched!" K-Stew is her manager and agent telling her to get her shit together or no one will ever want to see her in a movie again.

robin(me) said...

Oh how I Love the League:
This is what I live for. Seeing justice down! Hallelujah.

I don't believe her sudden turn around of LOVE for the fans and Twilight. I believe it's called: do it or be fired. Comprende?
Another thought is she has it bad for Rob (and who doesn't? hubba hubba) and is now backtracking so she can stay with her oregano.pot.feeding.drug.smuggling bf! Oh and don't get me started with the father from 1978! He's just a sick joke who literally almost killed his daughter's career!
Stay off the pot, girlie and maybe you'll be able to do an interview w/o looking stoned!

BUT, in all fairness (and I try to be fair, since it's my job) she wasn't a bad Bella. She's just a bad Kristen.

Rob can't smell any worse that pothead bf! Who seriously needs a shave!

I do wish that they would have given the part of Bella to another actress, tho. But I don't like change so we're kinda stuck with her.

I am being incredibly kind today, aren't I? *shakes head*

robnutmeg said...

@the League
YOU knew I'd respond to this, didn't u? *snicker snicker*

Talk about killing a mood of all that is Twilight! UH not you guys just KSTEWPID!
If she had just kept her bloody mouth shut then everyone would have just been in their own little imaginary Bella.and.Edward worlds. But NO, she has to blow a casket and blame the fans! Her father did say those things at the Oscars AND he never said she wasn't invited...he said she'd come when she did a GOOD movie. So she's *surprise* LYING. Nice try, kstewpid.

I do not like being called psychotic but some 18 yr old that I just helped make famous! It's just me. I couldn't care less if she dated HITLER!

It is weird though that CH had a lot to do with this ooooh Kristen and Rob are HOT and PASSION city! And she's friends with Kstewpid's bf! UH nice! I can hear it now: CH: Hey my man Michael yeah nothing going on here, Kristen's fine..just kissing face with one of the hottest guys on the planet...but everything is worries! Oh but do u have that plane ticket to Oregon yet...yeh you might want to come like now!!

Sorry, I got carried away but it pissed me off that the fans seemed to get the blame for assuming Kristen and Rob were dating when HELLO? It was hype.

Yeah Media bites. But I think this was also Summitt trying desperately to sell Twilight. Now they don't.

@Cheryl and Robin(me) I agree that she got a big (possibly caused by pot) head by Twilight. And probably feels she's above all us poor smucks....BUT I also agree that Summitt talked to her about her attitude and told her cut.the.crap or bye bye.

Do I like her as Bella? Eh. I guess so. Does it matter? They obviously never asked my opinion!

Erin said...

I agree with most of the comments...I think it also has to do with the fact that she is a teenager, who has been in the industry pretty much her entire life. So maybe that is just her 'defense mechanism'? (I'm really trying to be nice today :)...)

I don't like change either, so I'd like her to keep playing Bella...But stop doing/saying things that might hurt Rob's chances...I can't stand for that. said...

Yes, Kstewpid is just well stupid in all sense of the word.

I see her and think ok she's 18 and a teenager. BUT then I see OTHER teen actors and they do not act like her. They are kind to their fans! It's called being well bred and brought up with some MANNERS! Oh and

1978? I LOVE IT! So true!

Ok kstewpid may have said things to hurt herself...but She also did hurt Rob. Her comments were quite insulting. Unfortunately she can't take those back. And maybe that is why some of those fans (including me) came out with CLAWS wanting to scratch her eyes out. *hiss*

It's the past so I guess we move on but there will be HELL to pay if the MOOD is different in NEW MOON (other than the obvious depressing parts of the books - which btw still make me bawl like a baby!)! I wanna see the love!

I'm a romantic and yes I'm guilty of wanting Bella & Edward together. *hangs head in shame*

It's common for two actors who work in love scenes to find themselves IN LOVE for real. Geez it's not like Twilight fans came up with a new concept or anything.

It seems a bit chilly up in Vancouver with cast pics and media hype. If that Kstewpid ruins the atmosphere! Pretend to love Rob or I'll kick you "stewpid" ass!

Rob, I'll comfort you! *call me*

deconstructing jen said...

Some kids have poise and common sense and can roll with it. KStew certainly falls in the can't category. I wish someone would just tell her that less talking would really be more and then it would all be fine.

Congrats to Mr. Ginger on the lovely photo... nice work. :D

Emmes said...

ahahaha...the apple doesn´t fall far from the tree, the tree being a marijuana plant...hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah good one...marijuana plant! mr. stewart u should get father-of-the-year!

Anonymous said...

u read my mind...*scary* Only Edward can read my mind so stop!

PLAY nice or the wind in your sails will die!

don't be sad about kstewpid...when edward dumps bella - make her cry! and if u buy her another b-day gift this year after all she's said about u, i'll kick ur ass!

~Jamie said...

Thinking about her as the same age as like the Gossip Girl kiddos and the Hannah Montanas of the world puts it into perspective a little....

Olivia said...

i think it would be awesome if you did a blog about this picture!

OCD Sufferer said...

Well, at least I can count on you ladies today! I opened up my blogger account and checked all the new posts and EVERY SINGLE ONE has some bogus April Fool's joke going on! My heart dropped a couple times over the posts they had, I had forgot it was April Fool's day and these posts are horendous!! LOL (one says RPattz is retiring next year) least you guys didn't trick us! Go League!!! lol
Sorry, I have no comment on this post, though, I don't like KStew anymore....well, at least not in reference to Twilight, lol....I still like her other movies. snicker snicker

robin(me) said...

@ocd sufferer
good point. no april fools here. not in the mood for april fools. especially since we're getting snow again in seattle! geez man go away!

see the new interview with our lovely kstewpid? one word: *gag* almost believable. almost. give in already kristen - quit telling us that ur not dating rob - u prefer ur pot smoking bf...but deep down u know u want to, stubborn bitch! maybe rob's gotten smart and doesn't want u now! let's hope so.

I agree, if Rob's nice to her after all of this crap, i'll go with u to kiss his very sexy and brit arse. and then afterwards well *animal attack* comes to mind! *sly smile*

Anonymous said...

I said KICK his ass. although kissing his ass is not a bad idea!

robin(me) said...


April Fools! *sheepish grin*

beesue said...

Good Morning League! OMG! My favorite subject - crapping on kstewpid:)
When I began my Twlight/Rob facination/obsession in January -I really TRIED to like kstewpid! The ComicCon interview was one of the first things I saw. Two girls were filming this and when KS was making fun of Rachelle's answer about being a vampire - both of these girls starting saysing "I really don't like her (KS). Look how she is acting."
Well - this is how it began - Rob just has a great sense of humor and even though you have to take everything he says "with a grain of salt" - we LUV him.
On the other hand - middle finger extended -kstewpid does not make us like her! Her interview skills are NADA! I really don't thing its her age or extra-curricular activities - she has no personality! and I really think she is jealous of Rob getting all the LUV.
We have to suck it up and take her as Bella - we have no choice - just hope she doesn't fumble and bumble her way through NM - She needs to learn NOT to say "ukay"
Mr. Ginger - you just get better and better!
@League - Luv all the comments - just knew this was going to be good!!

sakixry said...

kick kstews ass and kissing rob's ass! Yipeee!

robnutmeg said...

@beesue & sakixry

I.cant.stand.kstewpid! Of course this stems from the fact that she's an arrogant little *** who can't even have a successful interview with jay leno to save her life...OMG I could interview with that guy and come out smelling like a rose! and then comic con OMG - flirt much? and you know she seemed to piggy (uh nice visual) back all the other actors - PATHETIC! i heard that fan say that too!!

does she get it? twilight is HUGE and we aren't little tweens who will put up with some piss ant calling us thoughtless *ok we are that* but psychotic? *ok we are that, too* NEVER MIND. We're still not putting up with it!

Rob, on the other hand, has the endearing quality that knows that it's better to say nothing than to say something STUPID!

OH and the hand in hand walks in VANCOUVER with the pot BF, kstewpid? Check those pics out. A Rob wannabe, much? Oh TRUE LOVE is sweet!

Just don't stink in New Moon, k? WE still won't like YOU but at least we won't get violent...much!

AND I'm not seeing piss ants other movies b/c i'm a vindictive little ****! I need a drink!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg you are THE girl! LOL!

...some piss ant calling us thoughtless *ok we are that* but psychotic? *ok we are that, too* NEVER MIND... ha ha ha!

I really couldn't care less about her private life. She can do what she wonts with her pothead friend as long as she delivers what she has to in New Moon, Eclipse and hopefully Breaking Dawn. aaaahhh! Isle Esme... aaaahhh! But I don't know... can you imagine Kstew as Bella being pregnant (like Bella is in the movie i mean) and doing all the things Bella is doing? Except the sexing scenes I mean cause thats not too difficult with Rob... *sighs* I cant imagine KStew in that role. hmmm...

OCD Sufferer said...

I do ***NOT*** want to imagine KStew in the sex scene...that will just destroy it...can they CGI it?? ROFL!! Well....actually, who will be looking at her anyway? I guess it doesn't matter if it is an inflatable doll, we won't see who is there.....sigh, I need to do something productive to get my mind off of this, lol!!

Cheryl said...

So I already commented earlier this morning, but I just saw this and had to share:

So now she's claiming not only socially awkwardness, but also humility and self-depreciation for her previous behavior? I don't buy it.

sakixry said...

Exactly my point OCD Sufferer! Who will look at her??? We just need her to be there because she's the movie Bella, you know?! I just wanna see Robward doing his thing *grin* and imagine its me. ha ha ha

beesue said...

@robnutmeg - Oh Yeah, Baby! I can see it now -Picket lines at all her movies - "Psychotic Twlight Fans Against Kstewpid"! The mutiny begins!

@Sakixry - also can't see her doing Breaking Dawn -"Bella, the baby is breaking your pelvis". "Ukay" She is really going to have to "grow-up" as an actress!

sakixry said...

@beesue: that's exactly what I believe too! that's totaly what I was thinking while reading Breaking Dawn. I could picture Kstew during all the wedding and Isle Esme scenes but then from the moment on she understood that she's pregnant... hmmm.. somehow my fantasy Bella came back. Rob stayed of course :):):) cause he's such a great actor and a doll *sighs*. I also think it will be too early for her to do Breaking Dawn. With this rythm, BD should be ready 2011 and that's in 2 years. I dont know Summit... maybe you should consider changing her?

sakixry said...

Maybe Summit should consider casting me! I could play the BD scenes very well indeed! Especially the Isle Esme scenes with Rob! Maybe we could also make an adult version for the Twilighted fans! Wouldn't that be great?

sakixry said...

ok... did i wrote Twilighted instead of Twilight-Headed? Well... you know what Robward is doing to me... dont you?

robnutmeg said...

eewwww. kstew on isle esme? i don't like that picture in my head at all! *cringe* CGI? I LOVE IT. ha ha
Better yet, let's not CGI the cliff dive...maybe we can take care of kstew right then and there! that's right kstew lean over a little big more.... *oops*

inflatable long as i get to be the doll...

i luv ya rob but please eat bella (kstew) instead of the pillows, k?

robin(me) said...

@sakixry, robnutmeg, beesue, ocd

OMG u girls are rolling!

Mutiny!! I'll supply the signs!

CGI and the Cliff diving - then it will all be over soon! nice touch, robnutmeg!

Rob, with Kstew in BD - at least you can look forward to stabbing her in the heart! *evil grin*

The Twilight-Headed ladies are MORE than willing to step in and help out those love scenes in BD! Summitt, are you there, Summitt???

As for kstewpid and her "issues" - u've f**** with the wrong fans, girlie! we.are.out.for.blood now!
And ur right about ONE thing. We do "covet" Rob in every sense of the word!

beesue said...

@robin(me)- forgot about the heart stabbing thing-WIDE evil grin!

Summit - a lightbulb just went off over my head - you could entirely change actors when Bella turns into a Vamp! I mean you can't actually think kstewpid can pull off - Sexy, secure, strong and with major shielding talent! That would be a reach!

robin(me) said...


Summit, replace bella vamp with Robin! ok i'll share the part with you, beesue!

WE won't complain about being with Rob! I don't even mind dog smell.

beesue said...

@robin(me) - how very considerate of you - but I get at least one of the Cottage sex scenes...or we can negotiate - I know you are good at that!

Oh and I'll bring a can of Lysol and you bring a muzzle.

sakixry said...

hey hey hey!! robin (me), I think you forgot who posted this about replacing Kstews Bella with somebody else - meaning me - dont you? I have a lawfull right ya know! I am willing to share with you and beesue but dont you push me aside please... *lookingveryhurtandsad*

sakixry said...

and beesue, if you are not sharing with me too i will bring a gun and feed you to the wolfs...
dont think Edward will save you.
ha ha ha! *evilgrin*
you know i'm just kidding right? love ya all!

robin(me) said...

@beesue and @sakixry (so sorry about before sakixry - to use ur saying, the thought of Rob distracts me!!!)
I like this, though! I can work with this arrangement!
kstewpid has the pregnancy, the bone breaking, morning sickness, blood drinking (ugh..i'm getting sick...) and then dies having the kid and we take over as bellavamp! let the fun begin.

i'll trade u one love scene (although 3 bellavamps could prove to be quite fun and tiring for Rob - *wink*) if i can wrestle w/ emmett!

I would really like to be there for the showdown with the Volturi, too.!

robnutmeg said...

@robin(me), sakixry, beesue

HEY HEY HEY it was me that talked about getting rid of Kstewpid at the cliff. *sheesh*

So~ I should have a stake in the bella vamp craze. Man, that cottage is getting very crowded! *smirk*

So b/c of that, I'll give up my vamp part and just wait until the filming is over and take Rob home with me for the REAL thing in my gold sheets!

sakixry said...

robin(me) you can have any scene you want as long as i have the first sexing scene when bella becomes a vamp and the rock kicking scene when she gets aware of her strength. i find this one super funny! ah! and also i would like to have the scene where she kicks jacob out of the house when she finds out he imprinted on her baby. thats one of my favorites too!

sakixry said...

ok ok robnutmeg! You can also have some cottage scenes if you want. apparently because they are vamps they can do it all night so since we are no vamps and get tired more easily, we can switch from time to time HA HA HA! What you say?

Anonymous said...

OMG - a newbie here!
This has GOT to be the funniest sites I've ever seen in my life!

The League,
YOU Rock! LOVE ur pictures! UMM, Rob is YUMMY, kristen is stupid. Dogs are worthless and you love twi-merchandise! I LOVE YOU GUYS, thanks for this site!

And the commentors, GAWD, you guys need to go on the road or something. I think I blew an artery laughing!

If I were Summitt (and I wish I was) I'd HIRE you!

beesue said...

@sakixty -Please step away from the gun! All are Welcome! All are Welcome!
@Sakixty, Robin, and Robnutmeg - What are we talkin' about - there is plenty of RobRob to go around (remember the size 11 shoes- yeah baby)! I know we can make it (or him) work!

Ginger Swan said...

@anonymous, glad you joined us! Thanks for the awesome feedback on our blog!

@beesue, That idea about switching K.Stewpid out for another actor when she becomes a vamp is BRILLIANT! I love it!

Thanks guys for mentioning Mr. Ginger's photoshop pictures. We're lucky to have him as our "Alfred".

robin(me) said...

I guns or violence needed as long as kstewpid GOES away! I still need to keep the peace!

Although there's so many things that are wrong with BD, there are also so many things that are right about it. I had forgotten about "You stupid mutt! You could you! My baby!" and "You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?"

Besides kicking kstewpid's ass, I really would like to kick Jacob's! Just saying. I don't hate him/I just don't like him. kstewpid? I do, however, hate her! So let's toss on those scenes, k?

Mr. Ginger, u rock! I love it. Our "Alfred" or how about "Q"!

Anonymous said...

THE League: "kstewpid" totally brilliant and original! KUDOS!

@Ginger Swan (awesome name)
Thanks for the warm welcome. The one with the talented hubby, huh? keep him, he'll come in handy someday!

I'm using a friend's laptop right now so once I get settled, I'll sign on with a real identity.

@Spider - You kinda scare me a little...just saying. Every group needs one. I take it that you're not a friendly daddy long leg variety?

@Meadow - You are the "romantic" one, aren't you? or maybe just a little perverted? Either way, I can relate. Esp when it comes to rob!

@Spank - Oh, ur perverted too a bit. But less likely to be embarrased about it! *delightful but evil grin*

Yes, I'm really analytical but I'm seriously harmless. And maybe a little deranged.

@Robin(me) - let me get this! Oh I totally give the perverted medal to you, my friend! That's totally sick and I love it! Is your name actually Robin? Better yet. You also have this way of being evil only you're the type that comes across as not guilty. Why is that? I'm missing something, aren't I?

@Beesue - you say exactly what I think. That makes you a smart ass!

@Sakixry - oh god you make me crack up. And ur scary. Please put the gun away!

@Robnutmeg - You are totally illegally evil. *grin* Gold sheets? priceless!

@OCD Sufferer: I suffer from the same thing! *pesty*

If I left anyone out, it's only b/c I can't remember everyone. But I'll get to you soon enough, I'm sure!


Spank Ransom said...

@ anonymous: welcome new friend. Yeah, TOTALLY not embarrassed - Mr. Spank, that's a WHOLE other story *hangs head in shame* said...

PPL...I'm gone for a few hours and there's talk of mutiny, guns, stabbing in the heart, CGI, twilight-headed vamps...eeegods! kstewpid, you just bring sunshine every where you go, don't you?

YOU.ARE.RIGHT, kstewpid. The fans hate you! Not because they are jealous that you are kissing Rob *or yes?* and not because you call them psychotic and scary *or yes?* but b/c you bug the total shit out of us, that's why, you bitch! You are a mean, ungrateful little piss ant with a crazy father that thinks it's 1978, and if you think that showing off your potheaded bf *pffff* is going to IMPRESS us --- well two words: who cares? If Oregano really is SQUASHING romance rumors by stealing Rob's sunglasses and black jeans...OOOH that was smooth.

Go back to your playpen, little girl and leave Rob to the adults! We don't like you NOR did we want you to date fact, don't go near Rob. k?

Hey, I'm tired of being nice!

*no smile just evil glare*

beesue said...

@OhForTheLove -Applause! Applause!
You put in all in a nice little package, wrapped it, sealed it and
shoved it down the slot!
Take a Bow! said...

Why thank you beesue!

But kudos to ALL OF YOU for making this the best day of the already sorry existance UNLESS I'm thinking of Rob. Rob in black jeans, Rob in unzippered black jeans, Rob in NO jeans. Mmmm. *lickity*

You see, kstewpid, I know the real meaning of the word..."lickity"

Anonymous said...

WOO! Firstly...thanks for featuring my topic! ^_^

Second, I love crapping on this girl.
I love you!
Will you be my new best friend?!?!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Lady Hale,
Sure i'll be your bf! kstewpid bashers UNITE and CONQUER!

Lauren said...

"Yeah, and they call themselves The Protectors of the Quileute Tribe. Stupid dogs."

BEAUTIFUL. I love you guys. Soooo hard!