Thursday, April 2, 2009

Freak Child

I never gelled with the fact that Edward became a dad, and Renesmee never got one ouce of maternal feelings from me. The explanations of her never made me feel any compassion for her life and the importance of saving "it."

Frankly she creeped me out and I wanted her to die. And Stephenie Meyer just kept writing over and over how mesmerizing she was to anyone who met her. To me she just seemed like an ugly monster and I couldn't stop picturing Kirsten Dunst from Interview With A Vampire. Anyone else with me on this?

Well, it doesn't help that the story is told from Bella's perspective at this point and no one would freakin' let Bella near her. So we didn't exactly get to see what was so enthralling about her. She dreams of colors and butterflies? Big deal. I dream of Edward Cullen.

The main thing that bothers me is I just don't see Edward as a dad. What a pain in the ass would Jr. Piss Ant be in his life. He finally, after 108 years is able to have the most pleasure of his life by being "deflowered" and now has this friggin freak as a distraction. The only consolation is that in seven years she'll be bonking Jacob.

*snicker* Spider! I believe the Stephenie Meyer approved term is "sharing the most magical fade to black known to man."

My issue lies with the fact that these two creatures of the night who never sleep get a kid who sleeps solidly through the night and they have more monster-baby sitters than they will ever need. Where's the justice in that?

I think the thing to realize is this story is in the *fantasy* genre. And what would a married mom of three boys (Stephenie Meyer) want more in this world than a child who sleeps through the night from day 1 and more babysitters than she needs so she can have hot sex with her husband?

Not just any husband Ginger, Edward freaking Cullen!

I don't think it was well thought through... I almost think that Stephenie Meyer kind of jumped the shark and just wanted to do something completely outrageous.... But she should have let Renesmee die if you ask me because what better way to keep the cabin rockin' action going on and what better way to continue the story line (which she obviously didn't want to) to have the ultimate revenge on the Volturi...

She wanted to continue the storyline, but I think she wants to do it with *gag* Jacob.

The last three books in series ends in some field with the Cullens winning a fight that get's way too hyped up and ends up being a let down. Can't someone get a little hurt - like, a little?

I know! At least some maiming or flying limbs... Show of hands, who here wanted an excuse for Dimitri to go up in black-oily-sickly-smelling-smoke?

HELLO! Jacob imprints on an infant monster child... she didn't just jump the shark there, she jumped a school of them. What's worse than even that? She has Emmett pulling for the Florida Gators.

Yeah, Spank. That "Go Gators" part was the most offensive part of the whole Twilight series. Why Stephenie, why? With so many college football teams out there, why did you have to pick the Gators?

*raising eyebrow* Your big complaint out of all of this is the "Go Gators" term? Quit crying like the infant that Renesmee never was and focus on the REAL problem with the storyline: Stephenie Meyer had a chance to carry on the genes of Edward Cullen, the most fabulous specimen on the face of the planet, and she gave us... a daughter. If she'd given us a son we could have lusted after BOTH of them (once he reached maturity, of course.)

Ohhhh - I like where you're headed with that. But can you duplicate perfection?

No, not duplicate, but (dare I say it) maybe even improve upon? I mean, think about it... An Edward who COULD be in sunlight, who you could sleep naked next to and not get frostbite, and who DIDN'T want to kill you and drink your blood. PERFECTION.

"An Edward where I could sleep naked next to and not get frostbite..." Meadow, you are a GENIUS.

Of course I am Ginger. I'm a Gator. *wink*

*groan* And the fact that we still love you despite your Gator status, really shows what unconditional love we League members have for each other.

Oh no, you girls are NOT going to criticize Edward Anthony Cullen on my watch and get away with it. There IS NO improving on my man, none, zilch, nada. Perhaps you girls need to go to the pet store and get some leashes for the dogs who you'll be with before long. Woof!

Thems fighting words, Spider.

Spiders have venom too, you know...



amandajm15 said...

wow! that sure was a lot to read! lol, not that i complaining, i was very cool/entertaining. :)

i have to say that, i personally, love Renesmee. im glad Stephenie wrote it the way she did. :) im most happy that Jacob got his soulmate.

and the whole thing about Edward being a dad, i think it makes him all the hotter!!! its most likly just me...but when a guy has a kid(that he takes responsibility for) then, he is so much better.

sakixry said...

Where is Ninja? *makingaworriedface*
I think I will agree with with amandajm15. I like that Edward is a dad. A very damn sexy hot spicy delicious dad! aaahhh... and that is because he does take responsibility for something - but Edward never had problems with taking responisbility.. he always was the responsible boy... hmmm... anyway, I do like Renesmee and I am glad that Jacob imprinted on her and will leave our boy alone! He can do whatever he pleases with Bella - until he's tired of her and looks me up of course. Ha ha! I do always find a way to turn things around to my favor *grin*
That he never sleeps and has a lot of babysitters to deal with the baby is even better. More time for us girls!
Meadow, stop hurting me. You know I'm unable to dream (f***). Only daydreaming and that is not the best thing when working 10-12 hours a day, while driving or trying to interact with Mr. Sakixry!

Ninja Fanpire said...

So I was showing my friend around Twilight-Headed, and showing her all the amazing photos that Mr. Ginger has so graciously photoshopped. She also very much enjoyed the "Our Superhero Husbands" post from back in February.

And she also was curious: Could a werewolf (most likely Leah) imprint on a vampire? Well Jacob imprinted on a half-vampire....

I don't mind that Edward became a dad, but the fact that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee....That was a little weird. More than a little.

Jamaican Princess said...

haha love Meadows comments! ^^

Christy said...

Yeah, I'm with The League. I wholeheartedly could give a flying fuck about Reneesmee. Am i the only one who had no clue how to pronounce her name until I saw SM in an interview?

faith_83 said...

Question: what is the result from a half human half vampire baby and a werewolf?? He can transform into a dog and suck someone’s blood?? Or he smells garlic and bark?? I don´t get it and the name Renesmee?? Still confused… and not to mention that Stephenie let Bella in a world that she doesn´t deserve (now really all the vampires are upset for this decision).
Thinking that I can be a vampire (which nobody said that I am not) and have beside me for an eternity THE vampire Edward and we never sleep we are never tired (I believe that I´m thinking at something that I can´t write down…involves sex…a lot of sex)OK STOP DREAMING!!!
Mr. Ginger just nailed the photo, when she discovers that she was pregnant I imagined the same baby so I have to say congrats for this one.
Still thinking of the human-wolf-vampire combination…maybe someone can help me with that.
Oh btw you all have to excuse my English is not that good still working on it!

robin(me) said...

OK Call me heartless *i am* but I agree w/ Spank. Having bore two children I feel it's intensely unfair that Renesmee was born PERFECT. I don't like her. Maybe because she's Bella's/kstewpids's ... I don't know. Poor Edward. All he ever wanted was noncomplicated sex and then he gets a kid? DAMN SM, she had the HOTS for Jacob all along. Why did she even bother with EDWARD? Well, I'm glad she did, but you know what I mean. AND the grampires, geez did they ask to be grandparents? Who wants a kid around? They have too many as it is. I always wondered why ESME & Carlisle were conveniently out hunting when Bella gave birth. MMMM???? I love being a grandma (now) but it took me awhile to get used to the idea. *smirk*

I'll have more to say after I wake up and think!

robnutmeg said...

I, too, was wondering about you, Ninja Fanpire! *grin*

Who the hell cares if Edward is Edward gets too mopey when he's all responsible. UGH. A responsible Edward is not fun at all. I like him unresponsible and "reckless". Down.and.dirty. YES??

Renessme, along with her crazy name that I can't spell or pronounce *do i care?* is one of those characters you hate but since she's a child (dirty SM) you feel rotten for hating her! So, I turn my hatred on Jake! *snarl*

@meadow, robin(me)
I agree, GAG Jacob. Can't we just forget about him? Maybe we can throw a stick off the cliff and say "Fetch, Jake, Fetch"

I, too, am not quite over yesterday's kstewpid talks. Thoughts are muddled and confused.

Kay said...

This was perhaps the funniest post yet, and I didn't even think that would be possible because I laugh every day at your posts. The line "crying like the infant you never were" was hilarious! Well done. said...

I LOVE ur VENOMOUS remark. YES, you go girl! I, too, pictured Claudia from IWAVampire when I was reading about Nessie. (I'm only calling her Nessie b/c I'm too lazy to spell her name..ick) And we know how well that turned out for Louie! Pure hell!

Let's not forget that all of us have a common ground here. EDWARD. Nessie/Bella! B/c of this, we don't like them! I say, bully for Jacob...imprint...take her...go away...make puppies and take mommy Bella with you and have a threesome! I'll comfort Edward. I'll get Jazz to turn me so Edward doesn't get all bugged out again!!!

deconstructing jen said...

I have so many complaints about this aspect of the book. I about threw the book when I saw she was pregnant. Then the whole bit that we don't get to see Bella OR Edward actually bond with the baby. Then the imprinting. UGH. All of it is a big fat shark jump. I couldn't agree with you ladies more. :D

twi'ing2analyze said...

Ok so I finally got signed up, I'm your visitor from yesterday! I told you that I'! You'll probably tell me to go away. *sadpuppydogface* BUT, until you do!

OMG League!
I agree w/ Kay, hilarious! You are my heros! Good thing you have super powers. I find myself in trouble often!

VENONMOUS!!! I knew it. You are definitely not daddy long leg variety! *grinchgrin*

OMG, you have a distastfully dirty mind. *thumbs up*

Edward is indeed a very hot sexy delicious -- UH ANYTHING! I'm sure he's just proud that his "juices" are ACTIVE after 108 yrs!

I haven't met you yet. u tell it like it is, i fear. I will get to you later b/c that's what I do.

@ninja fanpire
I take it that you have a reputation on this blog, no?

you analyze like me. interesting!

UM, let's see. Hate Renesmee. Hate Bella. Love Love Love Edward...(no surprises there)...I feel very protective of Edward! He gets a chance to bong and WHAT? he's got a stupid kid? Undead life sucks! Go kill a chicken, Demetri! I'd like to get that wand y thing away from ARO and Jane just once! Now that would be very fun indeed!

Anonymous said...

okay i can't look.. that picture ... AH.. that's awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(good job mr. ginger)

OCD Sufferer said...

I almost don't want to post because you guys might kick me off of your page! LOL! I just don't agree! I can't help it. I love the whole "freaky" story of BD! I do, I can't help it! I only hate, hate, hate Rosalie's part in it. I was so happy that Jake imprinted on the baby--even though I knew it was coming. At this point I was so sad for him, even though I hate him like the dog he is, lol. I ***LOVED*** Edward being a dad! That, to me, is the hottest thing about a man, when he is a caring dad! LOL! I loved how he listened on her belly, that made me cry! And then I cried harder when it hurt Jake, LOL! And, you guys think it is bad that the baby sleeps all night, but that is a VERY good thing for the newlyweds! Think about it, what do they get to do ALLLLLLLL NIGHT while the baby sleeps??? What would they do if they had a night owl for a baby? lol
I am very glad the baby wasn't a boy--did you see what she was going to name him???? Edward Jacob???? OMG! Talk about kicking Edward where it hurts! No, that would have been a bad thing, lol.
I was very satisfied with the ending of the series....of course I wanted more, more, more, but honestly, there isn't much more that could go on w/out it just getting repetitive---Volturi, more evil vamps, etc. I like how it ended. I just wish she would hurry up and do Edward's version of the whole thing, then my life will be complete, LOL! Well, as complete as possible in the non-fictional world!
Ok, I am done--you can shoot me now *backing into a corner*

Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD Sufferer - never! We love all comments, even those that don't agree with us! I mean we have a Florida Gator on The League, so... that's sayin' something. ;)

We love you, even if you felt bad for the dog when he was down and thought it was cool for him to imprint on a half-vampire child who almost bit her way out of her mother's womb and Edward and Bella had hot, sweaty (I think) fade-to-black sex. ;)

xoxo <3

PS: I will agree wholeheartedly that Edward's versions of ALL books will make me a very happy Spank. LOL

Spank Ransom said...

Oh, for what it's worth ... I actually loved all the books, even Breaking Dawn. I'm actually almost ready to read it again (currently reading Eclipse... again).

robnutmeg said...

@OCD Sufferer
Remember, I'm not the one with the gun! That's sakixry! *grin*

As I said, I can't hate the KID. I'm kinda glad that Jake found someone else besides Bella...but after reading BD for the 8th time, my feelings were getting a little bit past the sentimental *tearsrollingdownface* side and more to the grrrrrr *heywaitaminutethisreallysucks* side...

To me, Edward didn't need to be a "father" to show his sensitive and loving side. I knew he was all of those things and alot more! *wink* It was just SM's idea of giving Jacob someone to love. awww! So sweet.

Just give me Robward and I don't care if he has a million kids. In fact, I'll be glad to give him one if he really wants a kid that badly. Who I am to say NO?

Back to my happy place with me, Robward, gold sheets and MAGIC! *wink*

OCD Sufferer said...

@robnutmeg EIGHT TIMES??? I am on my 4th time with the series and my husband thinks I have problems!! LOL! I just can't stop reading! As soon as I am done, I start over! I wish she would at least finish MS because I read it to chapter 12 and then sigh and start Twilight again, lol. I read that fan version of New Moon from Edward's perspective and even though it isn't SM's version, it is very, very good and seems very, very Edward, so it actually helped with my obsession, lol!
My kids hate me now that I read the books so much because I get so into them and kinda forget that I have a life...ya know, cleaning, cooking, LISTENING to my family....*sigh* lol
Anyway, I am glad I am not the only one who has read multiple times...I think before I get to my 8th time I will have to sign divorce papers, though...not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, HAHAHA!! KIDDING!

@ Spank, thank you so much for your kind words!! I love you guys...I hate disagreeing with you guys cause you are awesome, but that is the beauty of humanity, lol, if we were all the same, this would be a boring place!! HAHA!
I am actually on Eclipse right now too! I am taking my time this time cause I am trying to prolong it...and I am dog-earring my favorite parts for times when I just need a quick pick-me-up!! HAHAHA!
I got my sister hooked! She read Twilight and NM in 2 days and called me saying her town is out of Eclipse!! I called around for her today and found her a copy (while she was searching stores herself) and she almost screamed in my ear! So, I am sure she has already started and she is reading it right along with us...I can't wait till she finishes cause I can't talk to her about it cause she has no idea what is going to happen!! HAHA!
Ok, that was a really long post! For those of you still here, thanks for listening! lol

twi'ing2analyze said...

The League
You haven't told me to go away yet so I take that as a good sign?!?

@OCD Sufferer
Being a jealous sort, I Renesmee but I guess she's not all bad since Jake is all googly for her. WHEW, to that. I hate Rosalie more than her so thank you for reminding me about that.

@Volturi (Summitt cast director)
Ok so I made you guys up but I'm telling you - you better be totally sexy and dangerous or there will be hell to pay! I have a secret thing for Marcus...don't ask me why! He'd be the ONLY one standing if I got a hold of the deathray wandy thingy.

BD only sucked for me b/c I just didn't think that Bella deserved to be the HERO of the bunch. God. ANYbody else feels that way? I did see it coming but it still BITES!

Ok you can all tell me to go away now. *leaving peacefully*

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh yeah, one more thing...TOTALLY off-topic.
I was re-watching the movie last night (for the 40+th time) and I think I noticed something really, really big! I kept checking to see if I was wrong and I don't think I am. In the restaurant scene, has anyone noticed Rob's eyes?????? THEY ARE BLUE!!! They aren't gold! I swear! Unless my eyes are failing me terribly, I swear they are blue! I never noticed because for some reason in that scene I can't take my eyes off of his mouth!!! HAHA!!!! Every stinking time I am watching his lips! YUMMMMMM! Last night, I don't know why, but I looked up at his eyes and was like, "WHAT?????" Did he forget his contacts? Or am I just terribly wrong?
Come on guys, I am sure you have your movie in your DVD player right now, go check! haha!!

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
I was really creeped me out when Bella got preggie and the whole "little nudger" thing? I was so caught up in Isle Esme and the great sex thing that it was like WTF!
Who wants Edward to go all sullen and tortured when you got "Hot, sexy Edward picking up Bella and whisking her to the Blue Room."
OMG - we had the three book build-up to this one moment and SM took it away - I was pissed and wanted to "slap the snot" out of someone!(SM, Bella, Jacob - take your pick)
Ya-know we just got over planning the wedding and WTF - now Alice has to plan a "Baby Shower"?
Ya know - this reminded me more of Rosemary's baby and the creepy neighbors that lived next door - ya know like Rosalie!!!

@Ginger - I have only two words for ya "HOOK EM". and now it begins!

OCD Sufferer said...

@analyze Actually, I liked that Bella ended up saving everyone. I think the reason I did was because she had always been average (like me, lol). I didn't necessarily like so much that **SHE** was the hero as much as I liked that **EDWARD'S WOMAN** was the hero...ya know what I mean? I loved the way HE reacted to it. He was so incredibly ecstatic to have this woman that he loved so much turn out to be so perfect! She didn't go through the struggles they all did, he was totally amazed at that. Then, she was the one who saved them all. You could just hear the pride coming from him as he described it to everyone! Yeah, I don't care about how Bella felt about it, I cared how EDWARD reacted to it! lol! Also.........
"Hey Rosalie? HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW??????" says Bella!

beesue said...

@Ginger - So Sorry! Didn't mean to insult! That remark was for @Meadow!

robin(me) said...

OMG, Thank you! I was afraid to comment b/c the whole pregnant, baby *she'ssospecial* shit really got me bloody mad! And I didn't want anyone to think that I had no feelings *well i really don't* but still...*kicking wall now* I was in the dreamscape on Isle Esme..she just gets him to do the thing after he says "I'm not touching you again" and WTF? She's throwing up all over the place and touching her belly and her nudger thing and all I know is that! I felt like jumping into the book and helping Edward find that knife...look in the kitchen Edward! Come on, what's wrong with you man! You can't have sex with a dead human!

MMM. I think I need a valium. Maybe 2!

And I'm usually the calm one! *sheesh*

robnutmeg said...

@OCD Sufferer
Yes 8 times. But remember, I'm the one who got a divorce. *a moment of silence*

OK, done now. YIPPY!

BUT yikes 40 x on the movie? You got me up on that one girl!

I'll check out the blue eyes...Rob did say he hated those contacts! Maybe he seduced CH into letting him w/o? ICK. What a price to pay to get your way, Rob! LET me direct and you can do what you want as long as it is with me!

OCD Sufferer said...

@robnutmeg yeah, I watch it every night before bed (it gives me sweet dream, hahaha!) My husband, who sleeps in the living room because the bed hurts his back, comes in every night to tell me good night and every night he gets ticked off that I am watching it!! LOL! However, he watches the same show every night to go to sleep---it has no women in it, so he has a good argument there, lol. In my defense, I haven't watched the full 2hr movie 40+ times....I actually have cut it down to about 45 minutes!! LOL! I skip all the non-essential stuff, especially the parts with the dog in it!
I may end up joining you in the divorce area if I can't quit obsessing about Twilight, lol...and I am sorry, but I don't see that happening anytime soon!.... said...

OMG, Rosemary's Baby! That cracks me up. What a creepy movie! Or maybe it was just the creepy hair! *chills*

@OCD Sufferer
The League is more likely to kick me off than you... Everything you said made sense to me!

But please don't League...I do love you, guys!

beesue said...

@OCD and robnutmeg - no worries - I have read the books multiple times (hangs head) and I also have the movies in my DVD player, I like the audio movie cause I luvs to listen to my man talk - he IS the only one talking - right!

@robin(me)- luv the "knife". Those Vamps have so much on their minds. He was just wanting Carlisle to take care of it cause he we "packing" fast!

@ohforthelove - the only one we kick around here is Jacob!

@twi2 - great take on everyone - hey we have an attorney - now we have a shrink!

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD Sufferer, you could in fact tell us that you love K.Stewpid and want to be her best friend and we STILL wouldn't kick you off.

@twi'ing2analyze, no way are we kicking you off either. Glad you identified yourself now and I like your analyzing superpowers!

To those who like Renesmee, I actually liked Breaking Dawn despite some issues I had with the story (namely the fade to black sex). But I must say the name Renesmee really drives me batty! I'm a fan of different names, but not different stupid names. ;)

@beesue, are you really Mr. Ginger in disguise? I'm glad you clarified that comment was for Meadow. I was going to have to Seminole chop you.

Anonymous said...

Hey all
You'll be happy to know that Stephanie Meyer is not dead.
And she also didn't seem too happy to hear that someone out there said she committed suicide..(wonder why...)

which btw: was quite sick and NOT funny...

eegods...And they say us twifans are psychotic? PFFFF!

I would like for her to finish MS, growl but I prefer the please approach!

OH God, MS, Edward's POV - OH dear Lord!

Sorry just had to make a comment about that. Just rattles my cage when the nontwilighters get all hateful!

@spider, maybe you should go spin a web over that reporters bed and you know,!

Ok back to the Freak Child topic.

I just don't know. I like kids but not so sure about this one. Can any kid be that perfect? If so, then I've been totally jipped! My little miracles are spawns of the devil sometimes! *cute little devils*

I love your site by the way and plan on lurking, if you don't mind.

Is it just me or our some of your readers a little homicidal? *grin*

twi'ing2analyze said...

@Ginger Swan
Thank you for your kind words. They made me very emo. *tears*

I'm honored that you think I'm a shrink, you may wish otherwise in the future.
Hey, whose the attorney?

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Swan
Kstewpid's best friend? That's a stretch even for you. I doubt anyone after yesterday is HER friend and if they were they were scared off by us homicidal maniacs.

Yes, I guess we are a tad bit homicidal but hey someone needs to stick up for those important things like:
Rob's endearing and sexy qualities! *hubba hubba* ...isle esme, restaurant scenes, the many things you can do with pocket edward and many more!

do i know u?! and i'm the attorney and yes, my actual name is Robin. I kissed my mom for naming me that after Twilight came out!

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Swan
Sorry, I think I read your comment wrong. OOPS. Must be the valium.

I can actually say I LOVE Kristen Stewart, that she's the best actress and the nicest person and she's too good for Rob and you wouldn't kick me off?

Just testing!

*ducking for cover now!*

And totally lying through my teeth.

robnutmeg said...

If u weren't my dearest bff - I would sock u in the teeth for such blasphemy!

I have loved everyone's comments today! We are such an opioniated bunch! And uh homicidal. Yikes. talk of guns yesterday...and knives today...CAN'T wait until tomorrow! (nuclear bomb?)

I agree with Robin, you.are.very.scary! I do think you have powers! Please use those powers and help us find the NM's filming locations. Just when I get close to finding them, they scurry away. I'm very frustrated.

League, we'd have room for twi2 if she found them in the winnebago, right?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: yeah, ok. you are right. when Edward is responsible, he is mopey. but you know, this goes together with the "perfect-man-package". cause in reality most men are irresponsible and don't care about anything else but themselves. if we admit that we don't want Edward to be responsible and be just irresponsible, reckless, down and dirty... *hmmm, where exactly do you mean with down???* then we are letting other man think that as long as they are beautiful we have no problem for them to be all of the above... which is ok for Edward but not for everybody else... right?

sakixry said...

@OCD Sufferer: I'm standing by your side. I like Edward too as a dad. As I said. One thing I love about his character is that he's protective and responsible (unlike the real men out there). I also liked that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Well, I wrote all that further down so I wont tire you by repeating myself. As long as Edward loves the little Renesmee, I love her too.

robnutmeg said...

I'd just rather not have Edward in his responsible.mopey.guilty.uptight.always.thinking state b/c think of the statement in BD that Bella says: "you were holding out on me" Edward needs to be a little less PERFECT so I can ravish him w/o the guilty!

And tell me about it with men. *rolling eyes*

Mr. Ginger and Mr. Robin(me) are good sports but I wasn't fortunate enough to find one like them!

Hey going karoake tonight. Thought we'd try a little ABBA and sing loud enough so Rob will hear! Maybe we can bait him to come and sing with us! He needs to break free of kstewpid and the dawgs for awhile!

Lauren said...

Dude. A mini Edward would be GENIUS. However...remember how Bella wanted to name him Edward Jacob?! Umm...eww.

sakixry said...

Hey, robnutmeg! If Rob responds on your ABBA karaoke and comes to sing along, drop me a line so I can come over!
Mr. Sakixry is the best cause he doesnt know anything about all this :) ha ha ha! Everytime he just says.. I dont understand what you like about this movie... If he would know that I'm blogging every day about Robward and even that I'm writing things like that .. I think a seperation would be in order! Hey, what time is it now in US? Here in Greece its 1 in the morning. Got to sleep soon... working tomorrow... baeeehhhh..

sakixry said...

Guys... I really dont remember Bella wanting to name the child - if it was a boy - Edward Jacob. I remember something about Carlisle and Charlie. Am I wrong?

robin(me) said...

@Sakixry, robnutmeg, ocd

Ok I've thought LONG & HARD ok maybe the hard part would be easier if Rob were here but....*cough*

I'm going to just say that I don't really care if Edward is a father to Renesmee as long as he is a sex god to me!

@Lauren, and Ginger Swan,
I agree,! *pooeee*
I admit that I am not crazy about the names Carlisle, Esme and Cairus ...mainly b/c it's bloody hard to pronounce them! darn that SM! I wonder what she has named her kids, does anyone know?

robnutmeg said...

it's 3:15 in the afternoon and i'm 1 step from the door to go home. oops. the boss just saw me. 2 steps back to my desk. geez.
good night!

I'll call you after I recover from my cardiac arrest if Rob were to walk in the karaoke bar! Maybe we should drive up to Vancouver...MMM?

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, Renesmee's middle name is a mixture of Carlisle Charlie. @Lauren is right, Bella wanted to name the child Edward Jacob if it was a boy. I agree... Ewwwww!

@robin(me) You will not get kicked off our blog! We Leaguers are pretty secure and are totally fine with other people having differing opinions. (though I know you and I agree on the hotness of Rob and the notness of K.Stewpid)

@robnutmeg, we'll totally make room in the winnebago for anyone who can hook us up with inside information.

@anonymous, we're so glad you de-lurked today. Feel free to de-lurk any time you want. We don't bite. Even if they scare you just a little, I promise we have the BEST readers!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

@sakixry I am right there with you as far as the husbands go! I couldn't tell you how many times I X out a screen (at like vampire speed, lol) so Mr. OCD doesn't catch me!! He has a problem with me reading the books so much, watching the movie so much, he would probably break all 3 computers if he knew I blogged!!!! Lucky for me, he isn't too good on checking up on me, but if he ever gets truly curious, I leave a lot of "footprints" on the computer! I feel so naughty when I am sneaking, but he just can't understand the obsession, lol.....heck, I can't even understand it, I just can't quit!! HAHA!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@twi'ing2analyze Haha, yes I do. If I don't have the first post people start to worry ;) .

sakixry said...

@Ginger: ewww... Edward and Jacob??? WTF?? I think I have to read Breaking Dawn ONE MORE TIME! Ha ha!
@robnutmeg: hello my soon to be roomie! Please don't have a cardiac arrest when you see him! You know you cant do anything if you are unconscious on the floor! You.Have.To.Make.The.League.Proud!!
Is it Friday there already or still Thursday? I know, i know...stupid questions. I just need to know...
@robin(me): you just gave me a very nice, long and hard visual... hmmm... you think if i go to sleep now i will finally dream of Robward? What the words Long and Hard can do to my imagination when in the same sentence the name Robward is mentioned *cough* I think I will go to sleep now!

sakixry said...

OCD, that's exactly my problem too! I have even a password on my computer! ha ha! I am trying to disguise my obsession for robward by saying to Mr. Sakixry that i just love their - Edward & Bellas that is - story! And I had a wallpaper of the two of them on my pc but now with the password and so, it's just Rob :O))))))
I can't understand the obsession either... or I can ... partially... he's just TOO DAMN FINE! And ok.. it's a wonderful story. I love the Twilight Saga and especially Midnight Sun! Please SM! Please! Finish the damn book!

Ginger Swan said...

Well obviously I'm not hiding my obsession from Mr. Ginger. I made him do our blog design, graphics and photoshop pictures. He's a good man, he is! (but I reward him well)

sakixry said...

Ginger, you have to tell us what you do to reward your husband. Maybe I will do that to my boyfriend too and he will start reading fanfiction with me... you know? the dirty one... and then we can maybe do some role playing... LOL!
You see how hooked I am with your great site? It is 2 in the morning here in Greece! Gotta sleep now cause I want be able to wake up to go to work!!! Love you!!!

robin(me) said...

Tell me about it. Remember my husband is threatening to leave me if I buy another Twilight item. I love it, vampire speed!!!! Try keeping things away from about speed! It's insane! I forgot to feed him and the dog and I barely got out of trouble with that one. I almost had to represent myself in court..I think not feeding your family is a felony..not sure;
have to look it up again! But it's just I.can'!

Rob is definitely TOO DAMN FINE...that is why I'm dreaming ofLONG & HARD. In all sense of the words.

OH, and I'm going with robnutmeg and a few friends out karaoke'ing so I'll keep an eye on her. However, I won't be responsible for what happens to her if Rob does happen to wander in...*guilty look*

Mystify me said...

Luckily I only have a bitchy old lady who is me Mum to contend with.
As far as Nessie goes(or Resume) as I like to call her.Well I enjoyed Breaking Dawn but found it comedic, and far fetched.Oh yes all else was totally realistic..uh-huh.
But really it seemed very tongue in cheek (no idea whose tongue or cheek).Edward seemed to stand back
and have very little to do with his offspring, from his beloved that nearly died giving birth, and who he had to metamorphasize in the delivery process. I found it odd.
Maybe he was outside smoking a cigar...who knows... said...

Well, there u are! Missed ya.

When I first posted, my thought processes while reading BD were all over the place. Bella's new "tanker" car, the wedding, then ISLE ESME..uh...dream of being in that ocean with Edward, the love flowing through me...*well something definitely was flowing down - I mean - through me"....the feathers, the manipulating crying to get Edward to touch me - I mean, Bella again...the "how much trouble am I in", the blue room AND then HUH? vomiting in the sink?, pregnant, Edward going crazy, and ROSALIE - the blond body guard? I mean too too much for me! Blood, bone breakage, the thing is going to kill her and a small part of me was kinda glad *did i say that?* No, I didn't mean that. Then she NESSIE comes, bites Bella in the boob (oh god talk about latching on!) and WHAT??? everyone loves her even the Dog? I don't know her eyes sound a little creepy to me. I had a doll like that when I was a kid. The eye lids shut and sometimes I think the eye balls moved too. REALLY creepy. First thing that came to my mind was creepy CLAUDIA from IWAVamp. (right, Spider?) *shudder*

God, now I just feel guilty for not liking the little spawn. *no not really*

YOU.HAVE.A.POINT about Edward taking the backseat to the whole admiration thing...after all the sweet *evil* baby just killed his and forced him to stab a needle in her heart. Now, I'm not sure but that to me probably wasn't one of KODAK moments for him, I wouldn't think. just saying.

But the best part of BD was CHARLIE. I loved it when the dog told him the truth b/c I'm reading this and going, you know, this isn't fair to Charlie. Flashbacks to Bella making him cry when she left him to run to Phoenix. *wiping tears* Then they lie like rugs to him. Oh it's much better to tell Charlie that his daughter has some serious tropical disease and they are consulting with the CDC about her prognosis. OH GIVE ME A BREAK! SM, you suck. I hated that part. POOR Charlie. (well Renee, I can't stand) but Charlie...I love it. NEED TO KNOW. I hate the dog. but kudos to Jacob for giving a damn about Charlie!

Any thoughts or did I piss everyone off? Hope not.

Mystify Me said...

Didn't piss me off.I don't know if SM sucks, but it became the surreal of the surreal.So that's surreal squared? Right?
Charlie would have come and knocked down the door.I'm sure of that.
And his acceptance later of what had happened was rather vague and blended.He barely flinched.
You would have think he would have stepped outside and screamed at the moon in horror.He was just sort of 'meh'. said...

I know! I love it. MEH! I think Charlie was just a low tempered type of guy. Dirty dishes, meh! My daughter has an adopted daughter that looks frickin like her but can't possibly be her's, meh! my daughter is suddenly pale and colder than the freezer, meh! Maybe SM doesn't suck but I think it sucks that she won't finish MS!

Myatify Me said...

Yes it does.But isn't MS just Twilight regurgitated, from our darling Eddie's mind.There must be a vital twist or what's the point?
Lame..flightless bird...regurgitated...american mouth ...I've lost you..and me said...

@mystify me
At least it's Edward talking and not Bella, right?

Mystify Me said...

oops typo...that's Mystify Me

Mystify Me said...

Yes.I don't care to hear Bella's voice.Why does she always do that nasal 'eh thang.She never growls, pants, sweats or anything.
If the passion she has felt is demonstrated she would be twitching, frothing, and tugging and ripping at him ever second she could.