Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Supernaturalapalooza: The Making Of

We've heard from some of you that you're curious how we come up with our posts and if we really talk to each other like we do on Twilight-Headed. As a way of explanation, we thought we'd just copy & paste what goes on privately between us when we're NOT writing a post. Yes we really do talk to each other this way on private threads. Yes, we really refer to one another by our pen names. No, we're not crazy. Well, at least, not entirely...

Supernaturalapalooza: The Making Of...
(behind the scenes)
(Friday night - League Headquarters - aka Facebook)

Ok guys, we agreed on the Supernaturalapalooza, so send me the MOST AWESOME PICS EVER of your favorite guys... can include Spike, Eric, Duncan MacCleod of the Clan MacCleod, etc. Just send them to my email and this weekend I'll make the new slideshow.

*squee* Duncan! There can be only one! You realize that next time I see you now I will insist that we sword-fight to the mock-death, right?

Absolutely, we'll reenact it, then rig all the lights to blow up afterwards.

Mmm... Think Adrian Paul will show up as we convulse uber-unrealistically?

Oh, I hope so. Maybe he can show us how to do it right. *snicker*

I'll send u a link to the web album for the vamp candy video in case you want to use any of those. I'll take Kellan and the Salvatore brothers. :)

How many pictures do you want b/c I seriously have a photo album of about 70 Jackson pictures and it will be very hard for me to choose and I want him to have EQUAL BILLING with Rob and the rest of those losers y'all lust over.

I want seriously the most AMAZING pics you've got. The kind that kill you, stop your heart, etc. Not like what we had with Robapalooza with just a bunch of pics of Rob. I want AMAZING.

*sheepish grin* Um, okay, so that's about 70 of them.

I feel like Kellan has too many clothes on the pics I chose. Hmm. Maybe you need a half naked Kellan?

Uh... I think we're good. *rolls eyes*

I'm assuming Meadow will take Rob. I'll take Taylor & Spike. Who wants Eric?

*mutters* Yeah, you'll take Taylor to the kiddie park.

I can't believe you asked that. :) We ALL want Eric. Isn't he the only one we all agree on?!

I'll flip a coin for Eric. Heads I win, tails you lose. Oh and I just sent you my Jackson pics. They are all amazing. I am confident you will fall deeply in love.

*rolls eyes*

Okay, I'm going to PRETEND that you didn't say "Not like what we had with Robapalooza with just a bunch of pics of Rob. I want AMAZING." *cough* EVERYTHING with Rob in it is amazing. End of story. HOWEVER, I do agree that while SOME pictures are just amazingly hot, others will cause women to spontaneously go into labor. So I'll find you some of those.

Wow. Spontaneous labor? Intense.

(Sunday evening)

Ok guys, I did what you asked demanded. I took down the Taycobapalooza slideshow. *sobbing*
Since we agreed to include all our favorite supernatural guys, I now present you "Supernaturalapalooza".

*Tip: You can pause the slideshow on any picture. You might want to pause at Eric in the shower. You're welcome.

sidebra: I love the new palooza! are we going to copy/paste our discussion here or just start anew?

sidebra with padding: Either one is fine with me.

sidebra with invisible underwires: If we copy/paste, we can offer a behind-the-scenes of how Twilight-Headed works.

sidebra with sport support: That's a good idea!
BTW (butt too wide) Do you know how tired I am of having to type out Supernaturalapalooza? We might as well have called it Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Except then it would be about Mary Poppins and sugar helping the medicine go down instead of "getting some sugar" from Eric in the shower.

sidebra with leather and lace: Well now see, you say sugar, medicine and going down and I immediately think of Jasper so that works for me. *wicked grin*

sidebra with bows on the nips because I'm sexy AND sweet: I read that as "supercalifragilisticSEXpealidocious." Totally not kidding. I think even Mary Poppins would appreciate your slideshow, G.



Jodie said...

Excellent Palooza Creation! Loved it

ciaobella said...

hey Ginger, couldn't u cut off the TEEN VOGUE logo on Taylor's?? It makes me feel like a ped! lol

and..........those damn Salvatore brother's make me melt.!!
Happy Morning to me, Thanks ladies!

Gwen said...

A big Nathan Fillion thumbs up to all of you crazy superheros! Nice pics ;).

Tracy said...

Nope - Still Rob. 10 times out of 10. I heart him. And I fell off my chair (well, almost) with the last tongue pic. Holy Mother....

Good pics guys. Who put Alan Rickman in there???


Ashley said...

That's hilarious, y'all. Well done.

(Molly) Twinatic said...

Love it!!! Both the slideshow and the behind the scenes!! All the pix were fab, natch, but, the sidelooking Jasper with scruff one? I hadn't seen that one before, it works for me! I love me some Jackson, but, more in the 'awesome guy' kind of way, not so much in the 'jump your bones' kind of way ... yeah, that pic is having me think twice ...

Love that you threw some Nathan Fillon in there, Love him!!! What happened to early Boreanaz and maybe some Speedman (admittedly not for everyone, and not all pix, but, there's some good ones out there...)? and are we just talking vamps and other immortals, or are we opening it up, what about Jackman? I could go on, but, want to stop the geek exposure right here ...

Abigail said...

I am not a regular here, but given the title I thought you'd have THE guys from Supernatural in the mix here. I'm guessing it's only for guys who are Supernatural , but hey, Sam is kinda non-human right? I think you should add Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki to your repetoire ;-)

Donna said...

First ladies...I have to agree with Abigail..If you are going to do supernatural you are going to have to add the guys from Supernatural..Dean (Jensen) has been to Hell and back so he's in, and Sam (Jared)...Well Sam can drink demon blood!

Second... Who is the puppet dude? LMAO!!

And third... Nothing like a bit a Alan Rickman to get the heart started!! REALLY????

But apart from that...The slideshow is AMAZING!! Well done!

Ginger Swan said...

The purpose of the slideshow is to showcase OUR specific guys that we personally drool over that happen to have played a character that could be considered supernatural. (which is why some "supernatural" people were not included, like other wolves, other characters) Except HOW ON EARTH COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN HUGH JACKMAN AS WOLVERINE?!!! I need to add him!!!

Since no one on The League is specifically Team Angel... David Boreanaz was left out, HOWEVER.. I did include Angel in my favorite form... as the "wee little puppetman".

Spank Ransom said...

@rosenfie - Professor Snape is sexy. #fact

SHExDEvL1 said...

@Spank Ginger will not be taking Taylor to the kiddie park but to the doggie park.

Sorry Ginger but after all Taycob is a D-O-G.

(Molly) Twinatic said...

caught an loved puppet angel!!! and yes, would love to see some wolverine ;)