Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Junior League: Twitroversies

This week's Junior League Member is: Addy

"The ability to make a Twilight reference out of literally anything."

First, I'm a huge fan and I want to say thanks for all you do to entertain me and everyone else on Twitter and your blog. you.

As I was walking to work this morning I started reflecting over the past six months or so and I thought it might be fun to explore all of the craziness the Twi-fandom has gone through over the past half year and potentially laugh at ourselves a bit. You know, basically a review of all of the stuff that divided us, united us, and generally helped us wait (very) impatiently for New Moon to get here. So I'm talking about things such as Victoriagate, the black Volvo controversy, KStew's hair massacre, the general David Slade fear/apprehension, the elevation of PFach to general all around Twitter Twi-God and patriarch, the day RPatz was almost mauled by rabid fans, and I could go on and on.

Thanks for making me giggle daily!!

I think ultimately what the past six months has shown us is that we've all completely lost our minds. *thinks for a moment* Oh if you'll excuse me, I need to go talk to Jasper on Twitter. It's amazing how technologically advanced vampires are these days! You can even talk to the Volturi on Twitter. *grabs her glass of Kool-Aid and walks away*

Yes, this past year has proven to us that we don't need to live in reality. Cause reality is not nearly as fun.

Good question Addy! It really is funny how seriously Twifans (myself included) have taken all the decisions to date by The Powers That Be. I can't speak for the others, but I can go through how my initial reactions have evolved into the way I feel now. For example, I remember being shocked that Summit chose to go with a different director. I was all "They can't do that! Catherine gave us ROB!" But now? I ♥ David Slade with big puffy hearts that burn with the intensity of a million suns. I mean, have you SEEN the CGI?? Guh. In fact, even Victoriagate has cooled in my mind. I was all set to hate Bryce Dallas Howard (even though I loved her in The Village) but then I've read really nice things about her in recent cast interviews. So the bottom line, for me? As long as the movie doesn't blow and they never replace Rob, I'm happy. Except for changing the Volvo. That's just moronic.

I'm still not over the Volvo. I mean, I'm starting to follow look at black Volvo SUVs and all, but it's just so not the same as the stupid, shiny SILVER Volvo. And, after seeing New Moon, I'm even more sad that they replaced Rachelle LeFevre because she rocked it. And she is gorgeous. #girlcrush

But, what I do love about all of this is how passionate we (and this includes all of Twi-dom) are about all things Twilight. Seriously, we are some crazy, obsessive, but truly loyal fans.

*mutters to self* "stupid, charcoal, shiny volvo" You're right. Doesn't quite have that same ring to it, does it?

Yeah Rachel rocked it... for someone who didn't have a single line in the movie and what... one line in Twilight? (wicked curve ball) I'm excited to see what Bryce can do with the role. Although if they NEEDED a new redhead I'm sure they could've gotten me to play the part for cheaper. What?

Hey, I'm not crazy! By the way... did you see that the guy that plays @Felix_Guard in New Moon has a Twitter account now? What a poser! *mixes another batch of Kool-Aid*



Ilaria said...

I have to say the last six months have been particularly fun because of you League! We all found a Twilight Freak in you, to share our obsession with! And I don't go around sharing it with everybody! I make sure I'm with "my people"! Although I would love to be able to spend more time on twitter and keep up with your hilarious tweets, I am glad that every morning I can come on the blog and start my day in the right way!

I, have been obsessed with this "twilight thing" way more than I would have imagined...reading the books maybe 10 times in the last few months, buying soundtrack and such (even though I used the excuse "you can't downbload the thom yorke song, you have to buy the album"), watching David Slade's movies - hard candy is really good, but i won't go near 30 days of night- buying, I am saying it, twilight barbie dolls (I should send youa pic of glittery Edward). My 5 year old looks at a catalog and says "Vampires!", but I wonder if she is really thinking of Twilight or the Vampire Diaries, which I watch religiously.

Anyway, Spank, Ginger, meadow & Rain, I am sooo thankful for YOU!!!!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Yeah I am not over Vic-gate, specially with how Rachelle RAWKED New Moon WITHOUT ANY LINES, just shear fiercenes!


But I love the 6mo list, some of it I had forgotten (HOW?! I have no idea hehe)

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding