Monday, November 30, 2009


I hate to even bring it up, but we must. We must discuss The Nipple. I love Rob and think he is one of the sexiest men ever created. But, that nipple! When he took off his shirt, there were audible "ewws" in the theater audience. That should NOT happen when Robward takes off his shirt. There is no way that Rob's nipple is so wonky in real life. So, I, for one, am going to blame Strange Nipple on Suckmit. Kind of like the bad wigs.

What exactly are you implying, Rain? *raised eyebrow, holding baseball bat*

I was talking about Rosalie and Jacob! Who did u think I was talking about? *innocent smile*

Yes we noticed the nipple right away. Even Mr. Ginger noticed the nipple. As soon as we walked out of the theater he said, "What happen to Rob's left nipple? It looks like someone hooked up a jumper cable to it!" We figured it was either a love bite or some freakishly large areola. Wait, is it called an areola on a guy?

*snicker* Apparently Summit thinks that the NIPPLE was the place that Carlisle chose to change him. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. Carlisle was lonely, he wanted companionship, and Robward has an amazingly attractive ass chest. It's not weird at all. *shakes head yes*

I did not notice the nipple. I did notice the lack of chemistry between Edward and Bella. And I wondered why Rob thinks that Edward must always look like he is tortured, has something in his eye and drank bad milk. But enough about that, let's talk about Jasper... *grin*

Seriously - lack of chemistry? I didn't notice that. Maybe I was blinded by The Nipple.

Since twitter was all abuzz, our reader @twiljediknight pointed this out: "People are saying his nipple was CGI'd to simulate a vampire bite??? Seriously??? What the HALE is wrong with Suckmit?? Who the hell bit him there? Is there something we don't know about his time with the Denali clan?? Something SMeyer left out?" So Meadow did some research, and by "research" we mean "googled 'New Moon Nipple' and found Robsessed had screencapped and investigated"

source: Robsessed



Tasha said...

Come on. Its just hairier then the other one. But look lower to the happy trail.. and the "V" !!!!!!

Sweet Dreams are made of THIS...

Huh?... I drifted off a bit.

Yum Yum

I have been lurking for awhile. Had to comment on th nipple. Consider it his "flaw" if there is one to be had.

Le Sigh

dazzledbyhim said...

Yeah, I don't know what's up with that exactly... I don't think it's there normally! I did notice it in the theatre though... and tried to ignore it! Personally, even though I looooooove Edward... him taking off his shirt in that scene did nothing for me. I think because he was already looking like hell... and we'd been staring at Jacob without a shirt for a while...

Cheryl said...

I completely didn't notice the nipple. My eyes were a little farther south. ;)

KatOfDiamonds said...

I agree with Cheryl... My eyes were farther south during my midnight release...

But as I have seen it *wince and shakes head in mock-shame* 4 more times since, I do notice THE NIPPLE.

And, well, I simply get over it by reminding myself that when I make sweet, sweet love to Rob* for the first time and throughout the rest of forever, even IF The Nipple is real, is it really going to matter?!



Desiree said...

I did not notice this until the Twidom erupted with nipple gate. WFT is that?! I am with Rain, it's Suckmit's fault all the way. Why, oh, why would they ruin such a precious chest?!

Hoping 4 More said...

My take: If it was natural wouldn't Summit have edited that out? I mean it looks like they took the time to do spray on abs on top of his natural ones because of all the white makeup all over him. Def a costume fail.

Gwen said...

It had to be Tanya. Can't we just blame the Denali clan and move on?

The "ew"'s in the theater when I was there were due to the fact that he had hair on his chest. Apparently 14yo's don't find that attractive. I was more "ew"ed out by the number of grown women whooping about Jacob's body.

Christi said...

If you check out "the nipple" in this pic...

it looks perfectly perfect :) I bet it was just the lighting... Nipplegate solved!

Keisha said...

Nice pic, Christi! Looks like he's reaching for more things to take off....

Now the movie doesn't mention that he was tracking Victoria in Rio but his blue shirt is ripped on the same nipple side in Rio and also when he goes to the Volturi for their decision. I have yet to understand why his shirt was ripped so vamp bite helps I guess but it's not explained.

Meghanface said...

Oh the nipple....

who cares. look at that V to the P!!!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus... THANK YOU @Christi for posting that link to the Robward and normal nipples...

...Forgive me Father for I have sinned... again (and again andagainandagain!!!lol)

Christi said...

No problem, it's my duty to defend Rob's nipples in all their manly glory ;)

Excuse me, I'll be busy researching pictures of his other *ahem*, body parts...

Richard said...

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