Saturday, December 19, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: Holiday Briefs

Hello readers! I'm sure that you are all terribly busy with holiday parties and present wrapping. I think it's important, no matter how hectic things are, to remember one of the true highlights of the season: drunken debauchery at the company Christmas party.

The fabulous spanglemaker9 was inspired by some Twitter fun and decided that her idea was too good to keep to herself. I'm very very glad that she decided to share.

Bella is a serious, professional, happily single lawyer. She has no idea why she should waste her time going to the company Christmas party. Will there be someone there who can convince her otherwise? (Psst... The answer is yes. So go read.) *wink*

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ssherrill115 said...

ooohhhhh! I guess we should call this "storytease" with Meadow this week! Thank you Meadow for the guess I'll just say "Thank you" for the reminder that, even though we are a little busy during the holidays, we should always make time for smut! Love you Girls! Storytime with Meadow Rocks! I hope everyone has a Save and Happy Christmas!