Friday, December 18, 2009

Kellan Klein

Girls, one of my dreams has just come true. No, not world peace. I get to see Kellan Lutz in his underwear!! Squeeeee!! Okay, so remember Mark Wahlberg back in the day when he was Marky Mark - in those terribly sexy Calvin Klein ads? If you're too young to remember... take a look. *whispers* It's worth it...

Well, apparently Kellan Lutz has been signed as the next underwear model for Calvin Klein! The new ad campaign will be similar to the Marky Mark one, which means I will get to see more pictures like this...

*thinking* Do you think they'll put Kellan in his Calvins blown up on the sides of buildings, like they did with Marky Mark? Hmmmm....*thud*

Rain, I'm so happy for you! *wonders if Taycob will do an underwear ad after he turns 18*

There will be an increase of the car accidents in Times Square when all the female drivers (and a handful of male ones) look up and see Kellan Lutz in his skivvies.

Oh Spank, that's a good point. I could encounter a billboard or something while driving. I need to be prepared. *runs off to pack extra panties in my car*

Just a handful of male drivers, Spank? Have you ever been to New York? The only way he'd get a bigger response is if he showed up naked in Key West.



kmoye said...

mmmmmmmmarky mark! those were the best ads ever!!
and now Kellan?! Epic score for my eyes! and my girlie parts.

Erin said...

Now how can I convince my husband to take me to New York when there is a building sized half neked Kellan on the side of the building?

Maybe I can get my Sassy to go on a girl's trip :)