Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pick a Team

I was talking the other day with a friend - how we all have "picked" our own team (Meadow remaining true to her first, er, second love) and have gone with it without planning or discussing it - so it got me thinking... what drives our allegiance to our respective teams?

I think we just all steered toward the characters that we most connect on a personal level with. I, obviously, choosing Jasper: the incredibly sexy, yet tortured vampire, with tenuous self-control who - while able to control the moods of those around him - is himself an emotional wreck.

Yes, and I picked the emotionally unavailable and unreasonable God-Man. Nice to see that I don't pick incredibly self-reliant men who always think they're right in real life. Oh, wait...

How about me? I was solid anti Team Jacob until @WolfzJake came along and changed my mind. I used to skip all the parts of the Twilight Saga from Jacob's POV and when I saw New Moon, I wasn't even sad when Edward left Bella!

Rain you just need to TRY and explain why you are Team *cough* Gaymett Emmett.

maybe Rain likes the way he says, "duh, her name's Bella!". *snicker*

I do like that Ginger! *glares* And I also love the way he says, "Dating an older woman, huh?" I also love that Emmett likes to have fun - he may not be a man of many words, but I bet he is never boring and...blah blah blah...Let's get real, shall we? I love him for this...


*speechless, and not in a good way*



Jodie said...

Team Edward.
Because...I love his character in the book. I've always wanted my own vampire, they are sexy. Plus Robert is HOTT as the day is long. 'Nuff said

Jodie said...

If we talk Buffy series I would be TEAM SPIKE. If we talk Vampire Diaries I would be TEAM STEFAN. If we talk True Blood I would be TEAM ERIC.

I just thought I would over share :-)

Spank Ransom said...

@Jodie - You can find your own vampire. Remember, they all have Twitter accounts. *hands you Kool-Aid*

And also if anyone is interested in joining the winning team, I am happy to give you my thesis on why Jasper is the most compelling character of the series and why Stephenie Meyer should write an entire book from his point of view. You can also ask our friend from LA w/o a Twitter acct. @BarbWire as I gave her a synopsis of this when she dared to ask en route to see New Moon.

For starters, read Chapter 13 of Eclipse. Newborn. You will switch teams. #iloveamanwithbattlescars

Ilaria said...

I'm with Jodie, I'm Team Edward and Team Stefan...sorry I still need to catch up on the second season of True Blood to be Team Eric, but I trust you all, you are pretty convincing (*o*)

As for Spank, you see I'm not like you crazy in love with Jasper but I could have used a Japer POV rather than a Jacob POV *eyes ginger*, Jasper is so insightful and we would have had a much better "vision" of the events.
I think we all liked him, much, much more after the 13th chapter in Eclipse.

Spank Ransom said...

@Ilaria - I'll take that. Even if you don't want to have his half human/half vampire babies, I am glad to hear the admission of what is really at issue: It is his story, his struggle (past and present) and his perspective of vampire life from both sides of the spectrum that make him compelling, interesting, and full of depth. I mean can you imagine going deep into the Southern Vampire wars from his POV? His relationship with Maria? His "come to Jesus" about his life and seeking out Peter and Charlotte? Getting in his head as he kills his prey... sensing their fear and terror? His search for a new way of life... finding Alice... struggling through decades of fighting the urges of his inherent nature?

It would be a bestseller!

*steps away from lecturn*

SweetLikeSandi said...

Why is everyone in drag except Rob?

*Whispering* Oh... Jackson's hair... it is? Uh huh. I see. But the glasses? Oh. Those are regular too? Oh. *clearing throat*

Anyway, as I was saying, why is everyone in drag except Rob and... uh... Jackson?

Desiree said...
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Meghanface said...

Oh. It's ALL about Team Taycob!

I'm with you Ginger! =]

Love me some Dark Meat. ;]


Hoping 4 More said...

Bah I'd do any one of them *smiles sheepishly*

I'm team Edward, as I think that Bella belongs with him. But if I were picking for me, I'm with Rain I've always had a sweet spot for Emmett. Plus I like the rest of the Cullen ladies enough to want them to stick around, but I'd kill blondie for sure.... *reminds herself that they're not real* ah hell *reaches for the koolaid*

Desiree said...

HEHE! Well, Jascksper has a great advocate in you, Spank. I would line up at midnight to be one of the first to buy that book.

"My heart is, and always will be" Team Edward. He is everything I fantasized about when I was 16 and daydreamed in Algebra class about the love of my life. Being that important to a person, being loved that way and by a ridiculously good looking man, who is brilliant, plays the piano and sings...I could have traded my mortality and soul for him.

Now, Taycob has changed me somewhat. I did not care much for Jacob in the books but when I saw Taylor as him it changed everything. I have to admit, now if I were Bella, and would have to chose between Taycob and Edward I would be really torn.

Jodie said...

just love it when people agree with me :-)

Spank, I will re-read chapter 13 in Eclipse, but I gotta tell I don't know if I will jump ship from Team Edward

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Team Emmett!!! (I got your back, Rain).

Obviously, I love them all for various reasons. Jacob and Edward are right up there and in a perfect world I'd just make a triple decker sandwich. But if you ask where my ultimate loyalty lies it's with the guy that matches my personality (or at least the kind of personality I need to keep up with or offset my own). I need playful, I need uncomplicated, slightly mischevious, someone who laughs a lot and isn't high maintenance. And if that comes wrapped up in one helluva beefcake mancandy package, who am I to complain?

*scrolls back up to drool on those lickable abs*

Kelly Lenigan said...

Omg at the Taylor Lautner photo and guy wearing barrettes in his hair. ROFLMAO!

Omg Taylor has boobs now! Just kidding I know he's a man and probably has basketballs under his shirt or something. xD

HappyHourSue said...

Rain I have to agree: when Kelmett says 'Hott..." ooh sexy. I would do him with full makeup and barrettes.

dazzledbyhim said...

Team Edward because he totally won me over in the books and Rob has always been my Edward. I'm team Emmett behind that... (in twilght guys, that is)
If we're talking Vampire Diaries, I think I'm team Damon. Yeah, he's evil... whatever. Stefan is beyond annoying most of the time.
And I'm definitely team Eric. Fo sho! Vampire Bill is completely off my radar. He sucks and I haven't even seen season 2 yet!

Richard said...

new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon