Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Moon: Scene It!

Okay, so you know how you have a favorite moment (or two) from Twilight? Yes, you do. Personally, I love the baseball scene and the cafeteria scene where we see Edward Cullen for the first time. *cue goofy school-girl grin*

So I was thinking about New Moon and I have to say that my first favorite scene is where Edward pulls into the parking lot and saunters over to Bella (again cue the goofy school-girl grin). Although why he has to park like an arse and take up two spots is beyond me. My second favorite scene is the Victoria chase scene. It is so visually dynamic and the music compliments it perfectly. And, Victoria? She is amazing. My #girlcrush was pretty much solidified during that scene.

So girls, what are your favorites?

it should surprise no one that one of my favorite scenes was when Jasper tried to attack Bella. I just love how it was all choreographed and how he fought his way through Emmett and Carlisle's hold, focused only on the scent of Bella's blood. The look in his eyes, the bloodthirst... *fans self, takes a deep breath and looks for a piece of paper to cut myself with*

The Volturi Court - Aro with that maniacal laugh and his soft yet cold voice and the fight between Edward and Felix that was so freaking epic. I was so transfixed by the entire scene, I actually found myself rooting for ... *looks around, sees the threatening eyes of our readers, gulps hard...* Ummm, yeah, moving on...

Finally it was a series of moments strung together that punched me in the gut: October, November, December: the face of the broken and lost ... Bella screaming mournfully in bed ... her night terrors as Charlie tried in vain to comfort her. Bella's insurmountable pain and suffering was so well portrayed, I was both compelled to watch even as I found it emotionally draining and overwhelming to do so.

My favorite parts:
Jacob shirtless
Jacob shirtless in the rain
Jacob moving in to kiss Bella twice
Any scene with Jacob in it after he loses the wig.
All of the wolves scenes, especially those with Jacowolf.
Edward leaving Bella
Jasper almost killing Bella
Face Punch movie (especially the Wilhelm Scream they threw in)
Jacob standing in the road, forcing Edward to stop the car.
Aro's maniacal laugh. I think I'll use it as a ringtone.

Rain, I have to agree with you that the Victoria chase scene was hard-freakin'-core. I loved it. I kinda want the Victoria stand-up now. Can you imagine coming out to your living room in the morning and seeing her crouched and ready to pounce on you? Mmm... #Ihaveagirlcrushtoo

And don't even get me started on Aro. I think he was amazing. I think I'm going to put the creepy Aro laugh as my "you've got mail" notification sound. He was EPIC!

But, seeing as how I'm totally Team Edward, my favorite scene is the post-party kiss. I loved how anguished he seemed. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Emoward. Especially if it ends with a hot grunt. Oh, that grunt... Okay, screw Aro's laugh, the grunt is going to be my "you've got mail" notification. And my "you're starting your computer" notification. And my "someone signed on to AIM" notification. And my... Well, you get the point.

I see many cold showers and unanswered messages in your future.

Uuuuuuuhhhh... Spank, would you mind emailing me about 10 more times? NOW? Kthxbai.



Roni said...

Oh, please send me that clip of Aro's laugh!! I would do anything!

HappyCork said...

Ginger,"Face Plant" really?
Face Plant??????????
Have you even seen New Moon?

My favourite seen also has to be the Victoria chase seen. It's breathtaking. The music just makes it!

Rain Storm said...

@HappyCork - I think Ginger was distracted by shirtless Jacob and she got confused. Plant. Punch. We took care of that.

HappyCork said...

That is what I thought happened to be fair.

Tracy said...

Meadow- have you seen the MP3 of the grunt kiss? It's out there. And it's hot and diiiirty.


dazzledbyhim said...

Favorite Edward moment: the first walk from the car at school. Actually makes me gasp a little

Favorite Jacob moment: at the movie theatre. The whole scene where both guys are trying to hold her hand and then Jacob calling Mike a marshmellow! LOL

I thought Kristen did great throughout but the spinning scene was perfect. The look on her face is haunting. You can just see her despiration and pain and emptiness. Go Kstew! (girl crush!)

And of course, the Victoria chase scene was one of my favorites altogether. She looked fab and scary at the same time... the wolves rocked... and the music... absolute perfection!

Desiree said...

I loved the bedroom scene right after they get back from Italy because I was so happy it was different in the movie. Groveling Edward = HOT! And I have to say the scene with Jacob in the rain broke my heart so badly I just wanted to reach into the movie screen and hug Taycob.

I have to become more computer savvy to add that grunt as my notice! However, since my personal computer decided to go byebye on me, I don't think the grunt will be appropriate for the office. Maybe reeeeeally low :-)

HappyHourSue said...

Ginger: How about in the movie theater when Jacob growls 'YOU are my problem." and " You want me to PUT you in the hospital??!!!"

***swoons*** I just love Forceful-Jake. If he had been defending Bella that wouldve rivaled the Volvo rescue scene.