Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wonderous World of Wolves

*bouncing up and down in excitement* The wolves look so awesome I just want to jump on one and ride it!

Ginger, really, we are not an R-rated blog. *wink*

No really. I meant it literally. I think it would be fun. Think of how quickly I could travel.

So what you are saying is that you want to ride the wolves bareback?

*snicker* I still think Edward could get me where I want to be faster.

Yeah, I think I'd still like to ride a vampire... bareback.

*thinking out loud* Riding an ice cold statue vs. a warm, muscular body. Uh huh... still Team Wolf.

*shrugs* I will just take Jasper to the equator and ride him there.



lickhimright said...

I would like to ride a werewolf bareback and a vampire up front... *puts finger in mouth*

Errr... what? This is not an R-rated blog?

My bad...

*giggles and runs out*

Richard said...

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