Friday, November 6, 2009

Kellan's a Dog (Lover)

It's no secret that I have a crush on Kellan, but I'm also a dog lover. No, not shapeshifting human/wolves, but dogs. I am pretty sure that Kellan and I are a match made in heaven after seeing that he is on the cover of "doggie" magazine.

This is what he said about meeting his shelter dog, "She looked me in the eyes, bowed and slowly and softly licked my open hand. As I pet this beautiful dog I realized how soft her multi-colored coat was, and felt her desperation for a real home. Our connection was so strong that it was like fate bringing us together. I knew she was the one.”

Seriously, I'm in love. I think fate needs to bring us together.

Kemmett is Team Jacob.

No, Spank, Jacksper is Team Jacob. At least Kemmett's dog is a girl. He's Team Leah.

*growls at Meadow*

"she looked me in the eyes, bowed and slowly and softly licked my open hand." WTF? Is this fanfiction doggy style?


Eww... Don't make me search for that. I'm sure I can find some.



...wowie! said... cute is the look on that dog's face. How could you resist that? ;)

dazzledbyhim said...

Please tell me he doesn't really talk like that in real life... because if he does his hotness factor dropped a couple of notches. I want a guy that looks like Kellan to talk like he looks... rough! *wink*

kmoye said...

ok I thought that was a little too sappy with the "she's the one" stuff but really look at that pic. his crooked smile and dimple and his eyes and... i can over look all the sappy stuff.

SofyBeth said...

Weird, Kellan, just... Weird.

I bet you could do a post just talking about "size" on this pic:

You know you want to ;)

Jackie said...

LOL!!! I must admit that I was slightly freaked out like Ginger about how he described his meeting with his dog. I mean, I know its totally innocent, but sometimes when things are written and not can easily be taken in so many contexts.

Its like the "Everything is Nasty" game. Basically anything you say or someone else says can be taken as something very nasty. Its an easy and fun game to play...See...just did the nasty game. LOLOL!!

You Guys rock!!!

Richard said...

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