Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vanity Fairest

Source: robertpattinson.org

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my ovaries exploding. I mean, just... wow.

*steals Rob's bottle of Corona and calls the Scottish scientists at Roslin Institute to arrange for the cloning of the first human male*

I'm wearing my Scottish wool sweater today because it reminds me of the one he's wearing in the lobster-pics. If I close my eyes I can pretend that he gave it to me because I was cold after windy beach sex. What?

Oh dear @holygod, is that Rob with a piano? That picture could only be improved upon if he were lying across the piano. Naked. With me. *thud*

*rolls eyes* Well, you know, Jackson plays the piano too. *thinks of Jackson lying across the piano with me, sprints to the next 100 Monkeys show, steals his beer bottle from the stage and sends it the Scottish scientists at Roslin Institute to clone him instead*

Is that lobster bib supposed to look sexy? Cause it DON'T. Is he biting his nails? That's so unsanitary. I bet Taycob doesn't do that. And cracking his knuckles?! I guess the theme of this photoshoot is "take pictures of Rob doing mundane things." How about some more pics of Taylor splashing in the ocean?

**hands Ginger a copy of an Archie comic and Taylor Swift's CD** There, go get caught up on age-appropriate entertainment for your boy-crush and leave the Sex Bomb up there to us.



twilighter_87 said...

I love that photoshoot ;)
the newest vid from Biel, with those pics and music...It's a dangerous mix...

Rachael1042 said...

What's with the pics of him picking the corn outta his teeth? Seriously? The only guy who could cause panty combustion during a caveman moment... =)

Ilaria said...

As if we needed ANOTHER reason to jump on the Robwagon...I mean after the GQ photoshoot earlier this year and THIS one, how can you be indifferent? you just can't...*eyes Spank and Ginger*
I agree with Rain and Meadow...the piano, the sweater...I even like the trashy lobster bib...whoever came up with the location/styling is a genius!

-yeah Ginger, I'm sure that running naked through the forest is very sanitary as well ;P

dazzledbyhim said...

LOL @ Llaria! "I'm sure that running naked through the forest is very sanitary as well" Hilarious!

Yes, these are some of the best pics by far. My favorite ones are the ones where he's drinking the beer. Seeing how his lips wrap around the bottle... *thud*

HappyHourSue said...

God, Rob and I were just trying to enjoy a little romantic Maine getaway and the paps were EVERYWHERE.

We shut the cabin blinds though when it was time for- Where am I.

Spank Ransom said...

Unlike my partner Ginger I think Rob is hot. I just know that Jackson is hotter.

Meghanface said...


piano really?
I'm with Meadow...
my ovaries are exploding.

ciaobella said...

Ginger, dear,...... he may be wearing a bib but at least he is old enough to drink. lol