Monday, November 16, 2009

Creepy Merchandise: Wolf Packing Tape

Source: Hot Topic

Uh... packing tape? For moving boxes? Is this for when husbands get tired of their wives Twilight obsession and send them packing?

Either that or it's for when we pack away all your sharp objects and have you committed for therapy for being Team Jacob.

*grabs tape and starts walking toward Ginger*

You can only have me committed if I'm a danger to myself or others. I would never hurt myself.

Choosing Jacob over Edward isn't just hurting yourself Ginger. It hurts *all* of us.

That's not the only thing in my possession that could hurt you.

If you suggest that this tape can also be used to seal bags for moving bodies I'm going to be really really freaked out. In fact, um... Team Jacob! Yeah! *fakes smile while backing out of the room*

*slowly backs away with Meadow mouthing with raised fist* Team Jacob all the way *turns around and gags*

Wait just a minute. They have New Moon Packing Tape, but not New Moon Tissues? We need New Moon licensed Kleenex for November 20th! It doesn't take a marketing genius to figure out that Kleenex with the Cullen Crest or the Wolf Pack tattoo would sell just a bit better than packing tape. *rolls eyes*

I actually think this tape is intended to wrap up and dispose of the Wolf Pack. It is, after all, Wolf Pack tape. What else could it be for?

It can be used to shut the mouths of those who oppose the Wolf Pack. Yeah, I think that's what it's for.

*runs away from Ginger*



Cari said...

Packing tape is part of the Wiley Coyote plan to lure Rob under the box with a hot pocket then tape him shut until you get him to a secure location. Don't forget to punch a few holes in the box.

Nyxxie said...

You've all missed the point! The packing tape is to clean up all the dog hairs. I mean who needs to be dealing with stray hairs when you are trying to look glamorous. At least you could try and hide your affiliation with the Wolf Pack. *raises fist and shouts Team Jasper! while running for the hills*

dazzledbyhim said...

Yeah, I had to scratch my head at this one. Band-Aid's I get... but packing tape???

dazzledbyhim said...

Unless it's to used to tape shut all the girls' mouths that can't shut up during the movie on Thursday!

Richard said...

what a pleasing movie new moon movie of twilight is !!
big applause to twilight new moon movies performance.

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