Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Junior League: New Moon Deal Breaker

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November 20, 2009. The date I’ve been counting down to for 339 days. Conflicting emotions are raging through me as the date finally approaches: Will I be able to stop sobbing when Edward leaves me Bella? Will the wolf pack’s 8 packs turn me into the cougar I’ve been trying to deny? Will Dakota Fanning give me nightmares for the rest of my life? And which of my favorite scenes will KStewpid eff up?

One of my favorite interactions in the book is when Edward explains to Bella what his life was like without her. If when RPattz says that his “life was like a moonless night,” KStew responds by biting her bottom lip (which will undoubtedly be the hundredth time she’s bitten it in a five-minute period), I cannot be held accountable for my actions, which may or may not include running toward the screen with a pair of scissors and then going home to comfort myself with The Vamp hidden behind the ice cream.

So which scene from New Moon is sacred in your mind that you’re terrified the movie might desecrate?

I have always said that the key scene for me that they better not screw up is The Vote. Who among us doesn't want to see that all play out? I cannot wait for Edward to bellow at Bella, "No! No! NO! Are you insane? Have you utterly lost your mind?" The whole scene is a chess match ripe with fierce determination, gripping tension and even a little bit of emotional chaos. Oh, and the dog-hater in me also wants to see Edward say to Jacob, "I'm here until she orders me away" and Bella following that up with "Never!" Eat that, dog.

I really want to see Carlisle's philosophical side as he's stitching Bella up after the party. I think it not only underscores his role as the paternal force guiding their family, but it tells us why Edward feels so strongly. Hearing him say that he believes there is a God and that they retain their souls gives us (the viewers and Bella) license to imagine a "happily ever after." Which makes it all the more terrible when Edward leaves.

Oh that's right, Edward breaks Bella's heart. I guess it could be said that Edward is heartless.

I'd like to add spineless and brainless to that list. But now we're starting to sound like the Wizard of Oz...

I really want to see the part where Laurent almost kills Bella. Because then I can close my eyes and pretend the wolves never arrive, that he's successful in his quest and I'm there to comfort Jacob afterwards. *takes sip of the kool-aid*

Since I regularly skip New Moon, this is a hard question to answer... I can say what I don't want - and that is how incredibly LOOOOONG it takes Book Bella to figure out that Jake is a wolf. I'm hoping, based on the previews, that Movie Bella either figures it out quickly or just sees it happen and doesn't take FOREVER to understand what is glaringly obvious.

Yeah and I better they leave out the six pages worth of Bella thinking that she is dreaming when she sees Edward in her room after they get back from Italy. *rolls my eyes*

*glaring at Spank* I liked that part! *looking out at readers* So what part are you praying they won't mess up? What are you hoping they do? Tell us!



CuddleBug said...

Hmmm... Like Rain I skip over most of New Moon to the end where Edward comes back.

I suppose I would be very upset if they messed up the moment when Edward realizes Bella is alive.

It is such a beautiful, incredible moment and probably my favorite of the entire saga. When he starts quoting from Romeo and Juliet... *runs away to look for tissues*

RinGirl said...

Tough decision btw the vote and like cuddlebug says the Bella n' Edward reunion. Can't pick.

I hope they do the Bella and Alice conversations on the plane trips to Italy.

dazzledbyhim said...

I want to see the vote scene too. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the book... I'm just so excited though... I just want to see it!

HappyCork said...

Yep, for there are two scenes I want to see, Oh wait 3.

1. The reunion in Italy after they get away from the Volturi and they are waiting for nightfall

2. The vote

3. The Proposal.......enough said

Who am I kidding though, I cant wait for the whole thing, New Moon is my 2nd fav of all the books (after BD) so, well lets just say I am rather excited about it all. I'm gonna be like a child xmas morning in the cinema in 2 days 7 hours and 46 minutes

kmoye said...

best scene in the whole series for me was at the end of NM when Edward is saying Bella inbetween kissing her. I may *may* have cried reading that. so sweet and I hope they nail it in the movie!

NikkiMaree said...

Ok League, it is 2 40am, Thursday the 19th of November (Sydney, Australia time) and I have just returned home from seeing a midnight screening of New Moon. IT IS AMAZING. Like, really. I was genuinely suprised at how good the film is. My favourite bit is, of course the end, but the Jacob scenes have been done so well. Everything is just....right in this one. And whats more is, the acting is actually good!

But trust me ladies, the best part happens in maybe the last 60 seconds =)

KatOfDiamonds said...

I just hope I get lulled into the thrall of the New Moon and forget KStew is even there at all...

Desiree said...

I have to agree with all of you and add the scene in Bella's room when he finally realizes that she believes he is only with her because he feels guilty.

So, in order:
1. The vote (and if we could get a shot of Edward killing the giant flatscreen that would be lovely)
2. Edward quotes Romeo
3. Bedroom scene right after Italy

I can't wait!! Going nuts over here trying to control my expectations.

Ladies, enjoy the early Christmas tomorrow!

Ilaria said...

I agree with all the suggestion and probably I really root for The Vote scene (although like Meadow I like the part when it takes her 6 pages to realize Edward is real) and I would like to see in the movie the part leading up to it, when they are walking in the forest, and Bella has her - ahem - epiphany!

I can't wait to hear your opinions about the movie, because I am going to wait to see it at least a couple of weeks (I would like the minimum screaming, giggling possible, therefore I better wait)

Rain Storm said...

@NikkiMaree - I just got chills reading your description!! Now I'm even more excited! *bounces in chair*

Hoping 4 More said...

I know it's kinda sick but I hope they don't downplay the depression Bella (and of course I ) goes through. They better not sugar coat it!

HappyHourSue said...

***motions to Ginger to pass the Kool Aid**** I hope they get Jake's muscles right. And by that I mean Taylor's. And by muscles I mean that fine-ass tan physique that he's been pumping up in the gym getting all sweaty and - what.

Rachael1042 said...

*gasps* @NikkiMaree someone on this blog has seen the actual movie... and the last 60 seconds are the best... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? Why would you torture me this way...
I can't take the waiting anymore. I'm gonna be old and gray by the time BD comes out...
I love everyone's suggestions, of course. But I really would like to see E&B sitting together on the couch to watch Romeo and Juliet, with him whispering in her ear.... *sigh* I suspect it won't be there, but I'm hoping.

NikkiMaree said...

@Rain Storm and Rachael1042 sorry for the cliffhanger, lol. But I want everyone to enjoy it as much as I did!

Oh, and I kind of hate to admit it, but I may have been converted to a KStew lover. Eek.

dazzledbyhim said...

I love Kstew!!!

Richard said...

twilight saga new moon movie soothes me much ! twilight new moon is pleasing !!