Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ladies, it's Thanksgiving. A time to be thankful for the important things in life. You know, Twilight. What, you thought I was gonna go all Hallmark on you and talk about Mr. Rain and Baby Showers? Pshaw.

So, let's take a moment to share what we're grateful for in Twidom, besides the obvious extreme gratitude to Stephenie Meyer for giving us all of this in the first place. #suckup

Personally, I am truly, truly thankful for Kemmett's eyebrow.

Gawd, I love that f*cking eyebrow.

*sigh* Rain, I'd love to answer you honestly, but our blog's rating isn't high enough. So, since I can't give you the specific things that I (along with Mr. Meadow) am thankful for, I'll give you generalities. Rob apparently was thinking of quitting acting before Twilight. So instead of being a hippie guitar player in some pub in London for the rest of his life, he's now a mega-star. Which means I get to stare at him. Like this. *mouthing Thank You to Summit*

If you will excuse my shallow League sisters I would like to make a sincere gesture of thanks on this day. I would like to take this time to personally thank Randee Lynn and Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV for not only creating but raising such a hot piece of ass diversely talented man. I would also like to thank the casting director who saw fit to elevate the Twilight franchise by hiring Jackson to play the most do-able compelling character in the series, Jasper Whitlock Hale. If it were not for the Rathbones and said casting director we would all have to live our lives without this:

On this Thanksgiving, I'd like to give thanks to those who make my heart go pitter patter.

First off... Nathan Fillion.

I love Nathan in any role. Especially when he's naked.

And I'm thankful for Spike and all the nawty dreams he's inspired...

AND... thankful for Jace, who knocked Robert Pattinson out of my "list" completely.
(notice he does NOT have a freaky-ass left nipple)

But if we're talking Twilight, I'd have to pick my boyfriend Jacob and his AMAZING body.

*thinking Jace looks an awful lot like @IrishCovenLiam and also wondering why Ginger is thankful for Billy Idol* *shrugs* You are crazy, Gingy. But I love you anyway.

I love you too Spank. Even though you kept spooning me in your sleep last weekend.

Since we're being all mushy, let me end with saying I'm most Twi-thankful for you Spank, Meadow and Rain. Without whom I wouldn't be Ginger. I love you guys.

From The League: Most of all we are thankful for you all who read our crazy blog every day, make us laugh with your comments, and make our 'jobs' as superheroes so much fun. We appreciate each and every one of you. Yep, even you guys that lurk or disagree with us. *mouthing* We love you. *wink*



Susan said...

Awww, I love you all too! And Ginger, I'm awful thankful for Spike and Nathan Fillion too.

bjones0011 said...

*wipes the drool from my lip* Umm *blushes* I am thankful for all you have listed! Esp the wonderful superheros of Twilight Headed! I love each and everyone of you for different reasons! And nice pic choice Red *covers eyes peaking through my fingers* I think I saw a bare butt there! *swoon*

Janet said...

Uh, Spank, Spike does not look like Billy Idol. Billy Idol looks like Spike. ;)

I'm thankful for you girls and your funny posts and insights. :)

yoshi_WTForks said...


Jodie said...

Ladies, I am Thankful for your talented, intelligent, sometimes steamy and always fun banter! Many mornings before work you have made my day. I am also thankful that you go out of your way to post yummy photos and awesome videos.

I hope you and your Mr's have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for keeping us entertained, ladies! Happy Thanksgiving.

kmoye said...

love u guys! by guys i mean the hot men ya'll just wrote about. and i also love the ladies of the league. ;)

TanjaB. said...

Hey guys! Briefly coming out of lurkingdom to wish you all a great Thanksgiving! You guys are awesome. :)

Even though Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in my country, I wanna say the most heartfelt thank you for the creation of the finest male specimen ever created, Robert Pattinson, and for the most gorgeous and badass girl, Kristen Stewart.

Oh and Ginger, while I hate hate hate Jacob, I totally share your feelings about Spike. Damn, one of the more brilliant characters ever portayed on a tv-show. And James Martsers was fucking HOT! *winks*

To Meadow: thanks for all your ff recs. I've been reading ff for 11 years now and it's always great to find people with such great taste to get recs from. :)

Okay, sorry for the long post. I'll go back into hiding now, but know that I appreciate your posts.


Your Jake said...

I love you, Gingy. You're my life now.

Meghanface said...

I thought i was the only one who noticed Roberts freaky left nipple.


You guys are hilarious. i love it. =]

Ginger Swan said...

@Your/My Jake: You (and your abs) complete me.

@Yoshi_WTForks and @Meghanface: Even Mr. Ginger noticed the freaky left nipple!

@Jodi, Thank you for your very heartfelt comment. It means a lot to us!

@TanyaB Thanks for coming out of lurkdom!!! Mmmm Spike.

@Janet: YES!!! Billy Idol stole his look from Spike!

Desiree said...

I am very thankful for the league and the twihard
community. Especially after the most uncomfortable
Thanksgiving meal with my SO's family when
Twilight mania was mentioned and of course they
knowing I am a fan asked what was the appeal and
while I answered my SO's mother whispered and to
imagine she is a grown professional that likes those
books!! Oh well, I will not apologize for my love of

So thanks for being my age and sharing my love
for Twilight!!

M said...
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M said...

OK... I've been lurking around this blog for months now(since the days of the Spyder). But Ginger's postings made me come out of lurkdom for several reasons:

1. Spike... Hale yeah!
2. Taycob...I don't live in GA ( where 17 is legal) so I have to limit my enthusiasm until Feb. 11 or else risk getting Chris Hansen all on my ass. But I digress. NM solidified Taylor as the new Tom Cruise (minus the yellow couch and Scientology flaws). In short you have great taste in wolves and I share that lust... I mean admiration.
3. Jace.. I've never laid eyes on that dude, but but I am officially freaked out because he is exactly the Edward that I've pictured in my mind everytime i've read the saga down to that chest even after learning of Rob... Especially in 'Twilight' when he's wearing the cream v neck sweater. Oh gawd! But I still love Rob because I am not an EITHER OR type of girl... I am an AND. 

Lastly, Thank you, Thank you for that Taycobpolooza gif. Made my week. Yay!

Before I run back to lurkdom there are some things I've been wanting to say for months...

@Rain: I get the Emmet infatuation (specially the fanfic variety), but doesn't Kellan strike you as a bit Stepford-wives-eske. As in vacant, like someone (his pastor) is holding his soul for ransom? Am I the only one to notice that? No matter, Emmet kicks ass... So carry on.

@Spyder: Just in case you are still lurking around here...(and we all know you are) You are a deuche! Why did you have to go and break up the band? *a la Nancy Kerrigan* WHY? WHY? I hearted you, man. Don't you know? the number one rule about fight club, YOU DONT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB

@Spank: I get that you are into the whole fake lesbian thing (*points to all the laminated pics of the Kstew's "Interview" photoshoot under Spank's mattress*), which is why your Jackspercrush makes total sense to me, but um, why do insist on using the he pronoun to refer to her? (Not that there is anything wrong with that) And I am not judging, but I am curious.

@Meadow: I heart your Robsession, your pacifist ways and your ff recommendations... Your recs have deprived me of much needed sleep, have made me generally less productive at work and have rocked my world. Three words "THE mother-effing RED LINE" (ok... So that was four words, but you know what I mean) Lastly, please let Ginger have more Taycob so that I can enjoy it vicariously. Thanks!

I Heart you girls... (yes even you Spyder) for the daily cackling sessions and my many ruined keyboards... Keep up the good work. And Ginger, beware of Chris Hansen... and Big Daddy Lautner at least til Feb 11.



God, it feels good to get that all of that off my chest!
*runs back to lurkdom*

Allison said...

Isn't Jace Alex Pettyfer? Or are we naming Alex that because he SOO looks like the main character from the Mortal Instruments series?