Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Junior League: Camp Twilight

This week's Junior League Member is:

Superpower: Luring ordinary women into Twilight obsessions through the use of gratuitous pictures of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Do you think it was a conscious decision on the part of Chris Weitz to incorporate some cheesy, campy fun into New Moon to keep the continuity with Twilight? Because Chris Weitz just doesn't seem the type to do cheesy, campy fun on his own free will. He is like, a real director or something.

Which leads me to my second question: Didn't you feel, overall, that the actors felt better directed in this one? That they had real direction to work and seemed much better this time around with as opposed to Twilight where it was every man for themselves? Not hating on Catherine Hardwicke. But she is pretty laid back, one of the kids, do what ever as long as it has a blue aura. And I think that shows in both the overall mood and style of Twilight and the actors themselves.

I love cheese. Cheese makes everything better. Ok maybe not chocolate cake, but I digress. As far as the direction, I think Peter Facinelli said it best when he compared both movies, saying Twilight was done like an Independent Film, while New Moon was done like a box office hit. Plus Catherine Hardwicke has a case of severe ADD. Drove Mr. G nuts when he was working with her.

I personally loved the cheese bits, and since I now believe that Chris Weitz is a demi-god, I'm going to say he kept them in for continuity. And to give us something to talk about until June 30th, 2010. But I definitely feel the actor's performances were partly a result of better direction. They all seemed so much more comfortable in their roles - but that could be a result of them being more comfortable with each other? So maybe it is a combination of both.

Twilight was camp, especially when compared to New Moon. I think direction had a lot to do with it. I also think the actors are more comfortable with their characters. However, we have plenty of funnies to keep me going. I am already working "what a marshmallow" into daily conversation and who among us isn't going to think of flying pizza the next time we're at the mechanics?

Or how about Jessica Stanley's "My cousin had leprosy and it wasn't funny at all." Still trying to figure out how to work that one into conversations.

Well, seeing as how I JUST SAW NEW MOON and am still high on Cherry Coke and Edward, I have lots of thoughts about all of this. (Hey, Jr Leager, you asked. You have no one to blame for my outburst by yourself.) I'd like to make the following disclaimer: I adored New Moon. Seriously. It was wonderful. It was pretty, and sad, and hopeful, and suspenseful, and it had Edward in it. Are we good? 'K. Because you only TRULY mock the ones you love... *wink*

I'm with Rain. I think that the campiness was a purposeful inclusion on Weitz's part because I've decided that he can do no wrong. Except for allowing a blind wig-maker free reign on the set. But even that I'm going to forgive. What other POSSIBLE explanation is there for Alice's "Bella is a vampire" vision? It HAD to be camp. Unless she was envisioning 5,000 years in the future, during which time the machines had risen, been destroyed, and mankind reset itself without technology. In that case the fact that their clothes looked like they were hand-sewn prior to the industrial revolution would've been a statement about our reliance on technology. But without technology we wouldn't have movies and he wouldn't have a job. So, like I said: camp.

As for the humor, I LOVED the humor in this movie. I mean, Eric crying at Romeo and Juliet? Priceless. Virgin Airlines? Even more priceless. Although, sad. I mean, come on. They can give Jasper a wig that makes him look like he's been playing with forks near an electrical socket but they can't alter the script a teensy-weensy bit and have Bella hook up with Jacob for revenge-sex? Pfft.

*sets out on foot to find the wig-maker for New Moon to personally annihilate her for my having to defend the dishonor of Jasper's hair*



CuddleBug said...

Why is it surprising that Chris Weitz is good at comedy? He worked on American Pie...

Lol @ the comments. They were MUCH better directed. Especially Kristen who actually had a personality in this one.

Susan said...

I loved it, so did my husband. I agree with Peter Facinelli, they are just so differently directed. I cried numerous times (but I'm just sensitive)

NikkiMaree said...

If you watch the directors commentary of Twilight, CH seems to boast that they did some scenes in mere minutes, or only in a couple of takes. And that kind of thing REALLY shows in the movie. Its so obvious that time and money have actually been put into New Moon...THANK GOD.

Rant complete.

Moonsanity said...

I was so fricking glad there were no "butt crack Santa" or "spider monkey" moments I could have stood up and cheered. I loved the pizza thing- and Jessica was lame, but it fit because she IS a girl that would say that stuff.

My husband says Jasper is his favorite because of his "deer in the headlights look". LOL

Ginger Swan said...

Hey, I like Buttcrack Santa. But I too am relieved at the absence of Spider Monkey. Oh wait.

Spank Ransom said...

LMFAO @Ginger_Swan

*glaring at MoonSanity* It's not deer in the headlights. It is trying to control the urge to drain every freaking human at Forks High School! Poor Jasper -- so misunderstood. *runs off to give Jasper a special hug*

Tracy said...

Meadow - you totally asked my question. What the HELL was that Bella-vamp vision? Why was it set in 1812? It made NO SENSE to me. I think I am going to have to start this as a convo on Twitter. I really didn't get it. Guess they won't be using her sexy, cutoff dress in Breaking Dawn.


spankherfirmly said...

Ginger...Cheesy makes even Chocolate Cake Better. and I can prove it. *nodding confidently*

Spank...even your undying love will not make a good actor out of your Jacksper. #sorryjustsayin'whateveryoneelseisthinkin'.
But yes; He's pretty.

*snickering as I wander off to the theater*

Rachael1042 said...

Am I gonna be the one to disagree with everyone else AGAIN? Because I loved the "Bella-vamp vision." The only part that confused me was the fact that she had yellow eyes and not red ones.

I heart Harry Clearwater. "My kung-fu is strong." =)

Moonsanity said...

Hey, I love Jasper and I am SO afraid they are going to rob him of scenes like they already have. But...his eyes are a little freaky. Hey, he was great in the birthday party scene though!! I'd love to see more kissy stuff with him and Alice:)

I didn't like Butt Crack Santa much, but HATED the spider monkey comment with a passion. I swear it made me want to rip off someone's head. BAHAHAHAHAHA

I thought Bella WAS seeing Edward's face and voice in the book...was that just my imagination? Geesh, I read it enough times, you'd think I'd know. I lent my copy out though:(

Rachel - New Zealand said...

Hey Meadow, completely agree with you. I just saw NM as well last night and loved all of it,
apart from the dead blonde looking animals that they placed on the Cullen family heads...... I am hoping Bella in Eclipse doesn't look like she is wearing a dead animal as well.
Apart from that, looking forward to date night with hubby to see he can see what i can't stop thinking about.........

Anonymous said...

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Richard said...

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