Friday, November 27, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Ginger? Sweetie? We need to talk. I was innocently checking out the blog today when I noticed something... different. Now, I'm assuming it was an accident. A tiny little oversight on your part. Or maybe a little joke. Ha ha. *pointing to the right sidebar* See that right there? Where Robapalooza normally is? Yup. Gone. And replaced with what exactly? TAYCOB? *crossing arms* Explain yourself, woman. *glaring*

*growls* GINGER!!! This blog is not about underage boys! It is about barely legal to drink boys!

*elbowing Spank* MEN! They're MEN! *collecting myself* I mean, this blog is about Twilight. And we all know that Jacob loses. So take the doggie-style tribute DOWN. Or I will change our background to this:

Yes, MEN! Men who have stamina, dammit!

Damn, you guys. I thought it would take you longer to notice. And we're not a "Rob" blog. Shouldn't we give equal time to some of the other hotties in Twilight? And by "hottie", of course I mean "Taycob". Oh and I'm sure Taycob has the stamina. He's at his peak at the same time I am. See? It's perfect. Oh I think I just crossed a line somewhere.

*gagging* Ginger, we're also not a pedo blog. So the naughty jailbait pics have GOT. TO. GO.

*crossing arms and nodding in agreement with Meadow* F*ckhawt MEN, Ginger... not little boys.

He's legal in some states!

Well this blog is run in all states and *shakes my head* quite frankly it's too painful to look at.

Girls! Girls! Why can't we have both?

I vote for us taking turns. Jboneapalooza, Klutzapalooza, ButtcrackSantapalooza...

FINE. We can *gag* compromise and make a "Vampapolooza" and include ALL the hot guys from the series. Who are VAMPIRES. So sorry Ginger, dogs need not apply.

Well how does that appease me? I'm not into cold, dead things. (unless their name is Eric Northman)

*imagining Eric Northman in the shower* I'm sorry, what did you say?

In the interest of League preservation, perhaps we should have Rob one week and Taycob the next. Or just Rob. All Rob, all the time. Oh wait. Maybe we need an impartial voice on this matter?

*raises hand* I'm impartial. *thinking we just do a Jacksperpalooza since he's the only one worth drooling over*

*dropping hands in defeat* Okay, FINE. How about we do a combination "Supernatural-Being-Palooza"? *grumbling* You can have your jailbait, and the rest of us get actual MEN. And Victoria. Because she's f*ckhawt.

Does that mean I can include Duncan McCleod of the Clan McCleod? He's supernatural.

OH. MY. GOD. There can be only one.

Now that Ginger brought up Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod I vote for a supernatural free-for-all. Seriously. I love him.

.... and I love you for that!



Sarah said...

Thank you for finally addressing the debacle that is Taycobpalooza '09. Now I might be able to sleep tonight. If I know that it will come down at some point. Love you, Ladies. *whispering* Miss you, Rob.

Jodie said...

If you do supernaturalpoloza can we toss a Spike and an Eric in there too please....mmmm

Ever said...

Can we work in Nathan Fillion too? He's Supernatural awesomeness in human form and didn't he play a demon on Buffy? *Smirks* I know I have Ginger's vote. Love you all!

KatOfDiamonds said...

In the hopes of keeping the peace in the Leauge... how bout a Hotties of Honorable mention for a tiny space of Non Twi...

All others rotate...? *OR* Ginger can just wait until Feb 11th!

ps. Victoria only gets to stay if its Rachelle

Rain Storm said...

I forgot to demand, I mean mention, that if we do the Supernatural-a-palooza then the Salvatore brothers MUST MUST BE INCLUDED! Okay, carry on.

Meghanface said...



I told you all. It's ALL about Taylor Lautner.
You fairly gave him to me @Ginger =] I win.

and hey. i can have him. i'm underage.
Pazzzaaaam! =]

Richard said...

twilight saga new moon movie soothes me much ! twilight new moon is pleasing !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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