Saturday, November 14, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: The Submissive

Okay, admit it. You know you've heard of it. You've read the intro. You may have even read the first chapter and then decided that you just weren't comfortable reading a fic detailing the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive. Here's the thing: I wasn't either. At first. It's a credit to TaraSueMe's writing and understanding of the lifestyle that it came to be one of my favorites. Sure, there's smut. There's commands and rules and all sorts of stuff that I couldn't live with in my life.

Seriously, as a woman, I cannot imagine giving someone else COMPLETE control over my life and my body, which is essentially what a submissive does. But, watching Bella learn about herself and the man that Edward is makes me understand why she does. Despite her role as a sub, this Bella is strong and this Edward is difficult. They have to work at coming to an agreement that works for them both.

The supporting cast of characters are cannon in personality but differ in support roles. Rose is still kind of a bitch, but she's also Bella's best friend and her bitchiness is deserved. Edward is strongwilled and controlling but also gentle and cautious. If you're feeling adventurous, check this fic out. You won't be dissapointed. Especially since there's a sequel (The Dominant - The Submissive from Edward's POV) and a third installment titled "The Training." You may not embrace this lifestyle for yourself, but you'll enjoy watching Bella and Edward navigate it.

And, on a personal note, please don't forget that The Fandom Gives Back Author Auction begins tomorrow! Check out yesterday's post here for details on how to bid.



Anonymous said...

LOL Looks like people don't want to admit that they've read this fic. It isn't the lifestyle I'm into, but I love The Sub and The Dom. These are must-reads for anyone who loves fanfic. Great recommendation, Meadow!

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding