Friday, November 13, 2009

Own A Piece of Meadow

On November 15th my services are going to be for sale to raise money for "The Fandom Gives Back" campaign for Alex's Lemonade. Now, before you go getting too excited, by "services" I mean my writing talents. Some of my favorite authors are also up for auction (a few of whom I plan on bidding on myself) so competition will be tough.

I have ONE thing none of the other authors have, though: Permission from the gals to include them as characters! So, what would you like to see me write? A continuation of "Surprising Alice"? A swingin' League Mansion Party? A Twilight/League Crackfic?

*raises hand with a fistful of money* I bid on the story of Jasper and Spank. I don't care where we are as long as we are not wearing any clothes. A shower scene would be nice. The water trickling down my back as his hand slowly caresses my side all the way to my .... *gives an incredulous look* WHAT?! People, it's for charity!!!

REALLY? So, you're telling me I could have my own little story about Rain and Emmett's steamy love affair in the wilderness? And, it would be written by Meadow? YES! Count me in! And, you can always throw some Edward in there too. But no Bella. Just Edward, Emmett and Rain. Sandwiches, anyone?

I want you to do a story of me and Jacob. But can you make him over 18? Kthxbai.

I'm sensing a theme... Alright, is there anyone who wants something that isn't smutty? Or at least not ALL smut? Anyone? *whispers to audience* Someone please save me...

So, here's how it works:
Follow this link to the auction website:

My personal thread (for all your League-related fanfic desires) is here:

You'll need to register with the forum in order to bid. Starting Sunday, November 15th, you'll be able to post in the forum and bid on my services (along with tons of other talented writers.)

The auction itself isn't just for fanfiction writing. The lovely AngstGoddess003, for example, is offering custom banners. Some people are auction off different fic-related crafts. There is even some signed Twilight merchandise up for grabs, along with passes to a 100 Monkeys meet-and-greet. (I'm talking to you, Spank.)

And my wonderful betas for my new fic Frozen Spring (betas are people who polish up and edit a story, for those of you who don't speak fan-fiction) Keepingupwiththekids and Dolphin62598 are auctioning off their beta services. So if you really want to write but have been afraid of improper commas (and really, aren't we all?) then this is the auction for you. (Click their names to be taken to their auction thread.)

So, please, check out the threads, browse all the incredibly talented authors and others who have donated time, energy, and goods to this auction, and then starting on Sunday, bid. Because the only thing better than having me write a story just for you is knowing that money you spent on it will help cure childhood cancer.

Also, keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm hoping to win the talented TallulahBelle, author of Elemental, and make her spill all of Kindadickishward's dirty secrets. ;)



ciaobella said...

Meadow, I think that what u guys are doing is awesome. Cancer affects so many of our lives and I thank u for what u are doing. 10 years ago my cousins 2 year old daughter Kaylie died from cancer. It's been 10 years and we still think of her everyday. Keep up the good work and keep Alex's lemonade stand going.

Richard said...

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