Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jackley or Spankson?

Source: Twifans

"If I walked in on a girl playing the cello I might have to go buy new pants!" Jackson Rathbone.

That's it! I am taking cello lessons.

I think he looks pretty darn hot and cuddly in those pics. I'll give you that. And as for Ashley... All I see are photoshop possibilities for Spank. Like this...

I used to take cello lessons. Just sayin'. Also, a cello case would be a good place to hide a body souvenir from a 100 Monkeys show.

*grins and nods appreciatively at Meadow and Ginger* Good lookin' out girls.

*giggles uncontrollably while imagining Spank carrying her cello into the 100 Monkeys show*

"I don't do groups. Maybe in bed, but not in any other aspect of my life." Jackson Rathbone

Okay, color me crazy but I'm taking this as an obvious hint that Jasper wants The League. I mean look at the signs! We're a group... of girls... Right? *picks up the cello and starts practicing*

Uh, Spank? I'm pretty sure his name is Jackson. You DO know that he doesn't have vampire powers, right?

*tilts my head and looks at you confused*

Shhhh Spank. Meadow didn't mean anything by it. *hands you more kool-aid*



CuddleBug said...

*Starts practising Chello with Spank*

He does groups... I definitely need some Kool Aid.

Now the question is, will he let Rpatz and Klutz in on the group?

Lori said...

I've been so happy be a cellist!

Jackson will be mine. Oh yes. He will be mine.

ivee said...

Okay... That's it...
I swear I'll never read ur blog on a public place ever again!!! I was seriously laughing out loud... Those people w/o life were giving me the looks...
But I can't help it...
I know what to get spank for Xmas now... LoL

dazzledbyhim said...

So I'm normally not much of a Jackson fan... but that picture of him kissing Ashley is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!!! His hotness factor went up a few notches for me. I think it's the way he's tilting her head up for the kiss... *sigh* I wish my hubby was taller than me so we could do this! :(

Meghanface said...


I knew there was a reason i liked the Cello....

I want i want i want i want.

all i was for Christmas is a Cullen Boy.

gcgonc said...

OMG!!! this is just... OMG!!! *drools, swoon, dead*

ok someone better teach me how to play cello now!! i mean OMG!!! that was... he... NO WORDS!!

*biting lip thinking :: oh crap, i'm routing for team Jacksper now? oh crap... hmm, well still a member of team Robward though ::