Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leave a message: The League is at the movies...

After a year of waiting, wanting, no, aching for this moment it is finally upon us. At 12:01 a.m. November 20, 2009 we finally get to see New Moon and the Twi-world collectively *squees* The League share their plans for this "historic moment" and they'd love for you to share yours with them. And then, come November 21, 2009, the countdown until Eclipse begins...

On November 20, 2008 I took a 1/2 day from work and went to go see Twilight by myself. I needed to absorb it privately and get the expectations I had out of the way. I saw it again the following night and five other times after that by myself and with various friends. I planned on doing the same thing for New Moon but something stirred me and that something has a name: Ginger Swan.

Ginger channeled Alice Cullen and purchased my movie ticket before I even committed to flying to LA. Actually, she bought the ticket for me even after I told her there was no chance I was coming to LA. My clairvoyant friend knew what I did not: That I was getting on a plane today to fly cross-country to see New Moon with her and three other very dear friends while PROUDLY wearing my "Hey Jasper, wanna neck?" t-shirt. Our plans this evening will involve a lot of alcohol, way too much laughter and, yes, tears. And if anyone says an unkind word about Jasper's hair there will also be security involved. *warning look at Ginger*

You forgot to mention the tattoos. And while I didn't overly pressure you to come out here, don't underestimate the persuasive silent powers of Ginger.

*worried look* Yeah, I was hoping you'd forget that part.

Not a chance, Spank. It's gonna happen even if I have to sit on you. I also think we need to #drunktweet the event just so we can remember what we did this weekend.

You think we should #drunktweet? Girl, I am about to get on a plane having the shakes that I won't be able to tweet for four freaking hours. I am quite certain tweets will be tweeted whilst drinking. In fact, *tilts head back to finish my beer* I'm #drunktweeting right now, except not on Twitter. *looks around confused* Where am I, exactly?

While I am going to cry a little that I'm not in LA enjoying the ridiculous amounts of fun Spank and Ginger will be having, I am lucky enough to have my own group of home-grown Twi-hards living right here! Seriously, six women all within one mile of my house are all as bad as I am. Okay, maybe not that bad, but two of them own Life Sized Edwards and Twilight tees - so they qualify. Tonight we will be enjoying some Vampire wines and snacks at my homestead before heading out to see Twilight at 9pm and then NEW MOON at midnight. And? We're riding to the theater in a shiny Volvo. Sweet.

But, wait, it gets even better: Tomorrow, my TwilightJediKnight is driving hours to come see it with me again! This is the woman I blame thank for my Robsession. I was her Twi-Padawan and she taught me all she knew. And we haven't seen each other since the we met for the first time LAST YEAR when we saw Twilight with 17 other women (oh, and one guy who didn't mind watching Robward for 2 hours).

So, while I will be missing my League girls, I'm happy to say I have lots of good Twi-friends right here to share in the crazy with me. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!

*wonders if Rain is riding in a shiny silver or black Volvo* *snarls at Suckmit for changing the Volvo*

*uncurling from the fetal position I've been in since watching the Satellite Heart video* Lately Mr. Meadow has been trying to 'understand' my obsession interests and so he wants to see New Moon with me. Which is a horrible wonderful idea. Really. I'm thrilled. *looks at calendar* I think we'll be able to find a time when he isn't working AND when we can get a babysitter in... um... December. Oh, hell. *curls back up into fetal position*



Nichole said...

Tonight I will be sitting at home not watching New Moon. *cries* *sniff* The movie theater near me isn't showing it until December. Heathens - I'm sure that should be illegal!

I can't persuade my anti-Twilight other half to drive me on a 4 hour round trip to the nearest movie theater showing it tonight.
So while you are all having fun, spare a though for your sistahs who are less fortunate than you. :(
I now have to avoid the onslaught of extra footage on Youtube so that I don't ruin it for myself when I actually get to see the film.

HappyHourSue said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Midnite show tickets for me and my 2 daughters - letting them go to school late tomorrow....then seeing it again at Noon with a girlfriend and wine.

Edward - Jacob-Edward- Jacob- Edward - Jacob -Emmett Emmett Emmett -

OMG! What if I get hit by a bus today. Can't leave the house.

Wendy said...

I CANNOT believe the day is finally HERE! Have fun everyone!

Hoping 4 More said...

I'm seeing the double-showing @ 7pm. Got my Cafe Press winner sweater in the mail yesterday and I think I just might wear my red contacts too. (Got them for my Bella halloween costume, now I have an excuse to wear them again)

Counting down the hours...

bellaflo said...

Oh the fun you guys are gonna have! I'm also watching it today at 00.02 Finland time! (2.37 pm L.A. time)
Hope you guys have the time of your lives! take loads of pictures! and raise your glasses to us!
Lurvs u all!

dazzledbyhim said...

I am going tonite with girlfriends and then again tomorrow with my mom, sister and husband! Can't get enough! I'm just a little worried about tonite though... I don't want a bunch of screaming girls to ruin it for me!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I feel so like the outsider, I have to run the midnight show at my theatre, but I was able to see the movie a few days ago.

However, I am the only guy out here who likes the Twilight saga, most of the other guys have a pained look on their faces and are complaining about being dragged out here. If it weren't for the crowds of screaming people and the constant running around...ahh who am I kidding I'm still enjoying it.

And we all know Spank will be loving the first part of the movie..especially the birthday scene {winks} At the very least I think the theatre will be missing some character standees...

Richard said...

new moon movie of twilight saga charmed me much ! its great watching twilight new moon !!