Friday, November 20, 2009

Full Moon Review (Spoiler Alert)

okay, without giving away any spoilers...New Moon is PERFECT! Loved loved loved it.
My thoughts:
The cast - especially rob, kristen, and Taylor- seemed so much more comfortable in their roles and i loved seeing that.

Special effects- YES! That, my friends, is what a vampire looks like when he, or she, runs. And the wolves- I was not disappointed one bit.

Overall, they did an amazing job of cominicating hurt and loss, while at the same time throwing in those offbeat, laughable moments that Twilight had. Those monents were just at the right time in this movie.

Billy Burke rocked it once again #teamcharlie and I was blown away by Taylor's performance. And, oh my Robward! I could go on and on but let's just say I can't wait to go again in eight hours! My one complaint? Kemmet only had three lines. Or four If you count standing there and looking fierce, which I do.

Oh and Spank, *through gritted teeth* Jasper's hair didn't look bad at all. I was so wrong about that. #cantwaittileclipse

Spank and @SweetLikeSandi flew in to see the movie with myself, @lelu2, Barb (who's not on twitter but should be) and @Anime81. We had the time of our lives. Here's my bullet points.

Eric Yorkie was crying at the Romeo and Juliet movie totally moved me.

What kind of weird ass leap over the stair railing was that of Alice's?

Not sure why Victoria rubbed mud on her face a la Buffy (or Arnold in Predator). Not sure how effective that is in camouflaging her with her fluorescent red hair.

Anyone else think Bella and Carlisle were going to kiss, when he was sewing her arm up and her hand was on his waste?

Love how Alice's inactive email address was a Mac address. Oh yes, I notice these things.

Jessica Stanley totally rocked. "My cousin had leprosy and that wasn't very funny."

Once again, I want Charlie to be my dad. Please, Charlie? How do you feel about adopting a 35 year old mother of three?

Ok, what the hell was that when Bella threw Jake a piece of pizza and it turned into a tool for his bike? Is it a magical piece of pizza? Good thing he didn't try to take a bite of it. Would've broken his teeth for sure.

Oh the irony that Bella was flying Virgin Airlines.

What was up with Bella's bruises all over her arms? Don't they have makeup for hiding that sort of thing?

Aro's maniacal laugh was a total WIN.

Aro and Marcus' sister was pretty hot. Just saying.

Ok but the best part of course is Jacob and his body with the muscles in all the right places.

However, on the way home from the movie we had even more excitement when the cops pulled us over. They shined their flashlights into our vehicle and gave @SweetLikeSandi a sobriety test. She explained that she's from out of state, tired and didn't know the roads here. The cop responded, "I'm pretty sure that anywhere you go in the U.S. you're only supposed to drive in one lane." LMAO! The cop outside the passenger side was talking to Barb. When she told him we were coming back from a movie, he asked if we saw New Moon. Barb asked him if he read the books and he said, "No, he'd rather see the movies." Oh and did I mention how HAWT the cops were? We of course #livetweeted the pullover.

I am too tired to give a review. I have been up for 25 hours and I. Need. Sleep. I will say that Chris Weitz is a genius. Everything about this franchise was elevated in a great way. Aro was amazing. I think he's my new favorite anti-hero. The vote was anticlimactic and I am disappointed in that because it was such an important part of the story for me. One more thing. The break-up scene did NOT make me go fetal, but seeing Bella's mourning the loss of Edward almost did. Kristen Stewart nailed the face of what feels like insurmountable loss. I would write more but my eyes are going to bleed and, well, I don't want to tempt any vampires walking through the valley, moving west down Ventura Boulevard.



Jen said...

I'd like to agree with like all of what Ginger said concerning this :) Considering that I've had 3 hours of sleep since 7am on the 19th and it's now 3pm on the 20th, please excuse any obscurity!!

I can't agree with Spank on the face of insurmountable loss. I thought that the whole Edward leaving and Bella becoming comatose was rushed and emotionless. Aside from a few broken sniffles when she fell on the forest floor, she just looked like a lost child in the mall.

I did however love the last 20 minutes. There was so much packed in there and of course the ending!?! Can't wait for Eclipse.

Oh, and I hope they make Jake say Marshmallow again and that they give Emmett some more lines, I love Emmett too much for him to be so quiet :)

Ilaria said...

Well girls,
I am glad to hear your review, because I know you always give a pretty honest and objective opinion. Yesterday I read Lainey's Gossip review, and she is usually pretty straightforward to and she kinda killed the movie.

She talked about the good parts and the bad parts, but overall it was not a good review.
If you wanna read it, here it is:

Have a great weekend!

Hoping 4 More said...

I loved it. Can't wait to see it again once the craziness dies down a bit (missed a bunch of lines due to screaming) But I think that without reading the books a lot of the movie would have been confusing.

To answer Ginger, it looked like Victoria was rubbing James' ashes on her face (creepy)

HappyHourSue said...

OMG! Totally thought that was a weird Carlisel/Bella moment.

My review;

kmoye said...

yep totally thought bella and carlisle were about to make out.

also rain does a taylor body good!!

and i love slowmo rob

and i didn't hear what rosalie said at the end bc i was sucked into her bad wig

and ashley didn't nail alice for me

and jessica stole her scenes!

and mike was perfect

and taylor was hot

and the humor was perfect

and Edward and Bella prancing in the woods?! WTF!


Anonymous said...

What, Kandis? You don't think Bella and Edward get that not-so-fresh-feeling? #scenebroughttoyoubyMassengil

katarinas mama said...

The freakin' last line???? Chris Weitz so rocked it!! Awesome.

Yes, the Bella and Edward romp through the woods slo mo style was the only oddity that stuck out and made me laugh like, Chris, really??

But oh so so so good. Glad The League loved it. Now we all need a nap. :)

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Okay, so my favorite part was where Bella was sitting in the cafeteria and Jessica Stanley is explaining who "the Cullens" are and Edward smirks as he walks past. *swoon*!!!

*looking around* Oh, Right, that was in TWILIGHT. I wouldn't know what was in NEW MOON because I didn't SEE IT.

*curling back into the fetal position*

@GE0RGiE_P0RGiE said...

Alright. Here's what I think...

It was a good movie. It was just like the book and I was so glad that it wasn't different like Twilight.

BUT, New Moon is my least favorite book, and now, I'm predicting it will be my least favorite movie.

The acting was a lot better than Twilight. It was just better. Aro...awsome. LOVE him. Edward's pouting kinda bugged me...

What made me cringe? Bella's dream screaming...HATED it. And, the wolf boys cliff diving...Looked way too fake. (I know it had to be fake...but really?!)

Oh and Ginger, Victoria was rubbing James ashes on her face...I think. Mourning? I dunno, but that was kinda weird.

All in all, it's a good movie. I just don't like the story that much. Jacob annoys me and the break up bothers me. Depressed Bella bothers me. But I like the movie better than the book,

OH! I'm kinda sick of everyone going Team Jacob just because of his body. Psh.... He is a whiny dog and I really dislike him after this movie.

Okay, I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

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Duchess said...

okay so Ive been silent for a few weeks...waiting to drink more of the kool-aid...boy do I feel refreshed...
New moon is my least favorite book but Taylor nailed the character...and as much as the venom burns in my throat as I think this... Kristin did a really good job with bella (if you disagree... do watch the 2nd hospital scene in twilight).... Chris weitz has convinced me why Jacob deserves a happy ending... i think im moving on from team Edward to team twilight with an inkling towards Team Charlie... Micheal sheen rocked the part of Aro... I think i might even be team Aro too.. Yeah yeah there were a few WTF moments but overall Im am satisfied..I hope this movie reaches the $400M mark it deserves...
Now back to the waiting game for Eclipse...

kt said...

i agree with pretty much everything yall said. and +1 spank for quoting tom petty lyrics. hahaha.

Desiree said...

So glad I finally saw it! I was waiting to see it first then read this and I have to say...I LOVED IT!! And most shockingly, in many ways, it was better than the book. My favorite part was the bedroom scene after Italy, that should have been a bit more like that in the book. Of course with a lot mot detail but the tenor of that scene was perfect. And Taylor is the ONLY reason I love Jacob. He is truly a star!

Chrissi said...

Okay, so I went into this like the fan I am. Excited, but not screaming like a little girl. So this is my two cents worth...

I cringed when Edward took his shirt off. There, I said it. When you've been sitting there seeing Jacob's chest for an hour it's kinda understandable.

I'm now Team Jacob. Not because of his body, but because he really is the caring, loveable best friend that obviously shares chemistry with Bella. Taylor really made this part, he was so natural, and he made me really feel for him and his pain.

What the hell Bella? You string along Jacob, almost kiss him, and then tell him that you won't chose him over Edward. Ouch. How does he survive that?

Jasper's hair was not bad. I don't care how much a fan of him I am, this is objective. Plus Jackson was brilliant. The few lines he had were delivered well, with that certain something that should occur with a character that knows other people's moods all too well. Oh, and his attempt on Bella's life was awesome. Ahhh, Jasper...

Poor Emmett. He'll never get any more lines than the people who are brought in to get killed off.

I agree that there was a strange moment between Carlisle and Bella. Why was her hand on his waist? (Lucky girl)

Aro was awesome, and so was Jane. For their small parts Felix and Demetri were pretty good too. And Victoria was great, regardless of having no lines.

I was disappointed at the music that was actually IN the movie. Music is there to add to the emotions, and to ensure that even the 'dull' parts of the scene have some significance.

I liked this movie. It wasn't the best thing I've gone to see, but it was true to the book, and I didn't look away once (though I was embarrassed for Edward and Bella when they started making noises *wink wink* while kissing next to her truck. What was the point????).

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...
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Rachael1042 said...

Didn't anyone else object to the three second scene of Edward in south america? That was not an attic! Although, I did like him crushing the cell phone. =)
Also, why weren't anyone's eyes black? Edward was supposed to be all distraught and hungry when he went to the Volturi and still hungry when he was in Bella's bedroom. *sigh*
Am I being picky? Hells yah! But I can be because the rest of the movie was freakin fantastic!

Nicole said...
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Rain Storm said...

Um, Nicole - would you mind submitting those for Jr. League? I think we should discuss. And that goes for everyone - I can't wait to get New Moon reaction Jr. League posts in! *grumbling* After Meadow sees the damn movie, that is!

Rachael1042 said...

@Nicole I was wondering where the heck that scene went too!! It was like they split it into three pieces 1)the very end in the woods 2)when she pulls him out of the sun in Volterra, and 3) a short convo in B's bedroom.
*scratches her head* I need to check the book. LOL

Anonymous said...

The chemistry between Bella and Carlisle in that scene was off the charts. It was distracting given that she didn't have that kind of chemistry with Edward or Jacob.

Sheila said...

I finally got to see it! Loved it!
But what do you guys think about the scene of Bella getting a "ride" with the motorcycle guy???

Alice's vision did make me laugh too, but when Bella goes to her first hunt she is wearing one of Alice's dress, maybe that's what they meant? I did not get Edward's vest though...

I completely agree with *hoping for more*, without reading the book the movie would've been very confusing...

As a Brazilian myself I was kind of happy that they didn't make the Rio part sooo bad :)

Looove your blog girls, THANKS!!!!

lynn said...

"Ok, what the hell was that when Bella threw Jake a piece of pizza and it turned into a tool for his bike?"

I didn't catch that at first. I saw her toss the pizza but not him catching a tool. My friend said she thought it was to show the passage of time. When they show Jake you can see a pile of pizza boxes over his right shoulder.

I really loved the movie! There were a few WTF moments but nothing I can't overlook! Like Alice's vision of them in the woods. too cheesy. My daughter didn't catch the fact that Bella was sparkling and the color of her confused her cuz she knew what Alice saw having read the books but it didn't appear that way to her. I think that could have been more prominent so you knew she was seeing her as a vamp.

I also enjoyed reading your reviews and other comments!

dazzledbyhim said...

You guys are all funny! And I agree on most of your points.

I'm not Team Jacob by any means, but Taylor ROCKED it!!! He was perfect!!! Loved him!

And Kristen did amazing too... her performance was a million times better than in Twilight. Yeah, the spinning scene in her room, although makes me dizzy, also makes me cry. Just the look on her face makes my heart break. She was just amazing.

Yes, WTF WAS up with Alice's pole valt over the rail at school??? I know she's supposed to be spritely and all but still... she looked retarded. I think she "looked" more like Alice in Twilight than she did New Moon.

Jasper... *sigh*... I really want you have look better, but you still looked horrible to me. I just don't like it. Sorry Spank!

Emmett seemed a little over the top giggly too! He still looked good, but I guess his personality in my head is different than Kellan portrays...

I didn't notice any weird chemistry between Bella and Carlisle! And I've seen it twice! Hmm... have to pay more attention next time...

Rob...*double sigh*...was awesome as usual. The first shot we get of him... walking in slowmo... I think my heart stopped for a minute or two. That shot is breath taking!!!

The wolves were awesome, although I wish the actual actors would have gotten more screen time too. They were such cuties! :)

And the vampires running was also a million times better as well. I loved Victoria's flaming red hair so much better this time too! She looked beautiful and terrifying all at the same time...

And I still love Charlie... he's always been perfect!

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding