Saturday, November 7, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: Psychotic Super-Powered Vampirism

Hello again readers! Today I'm bringing you one of my very favorite fics out there: Psychotic Super-Powered Vampirism by Pastiche Pen. This is an alternate universe New Moon fic. (You may have noticed that I have a soft spot for these.) Pastiche describes it as "crack-ish" because while it's not the usual third-person POV and the plot is a little out-there, it still has a plot. And a darn good one at that. Besides, what could be better than showing your love for Twilight in a humorous and slightly crazy way?

In PSPV Bella doesn't take Edward's departure well. At all. But instead of going all "I'm going to curl into a ball and wish I was dead" crazy, she goes kind of "I'm going to act out" crazy mixed with a little "I should probably be institutionalized" crazy. In the process she discovers that she has supernatural powers of her own. Say it with me: Crazy. I love it!

The story is told in varying viewpoints. We get a few journal entries from Jacob, some e-mails to Charlie from Alice, and various texts and chat-room transcripts from Bella and others. The result is seriously funny. (My favorite part so far are the text messages in Chapter 6. Trust me.) But at the same time it's a true exploration of the world of Twilight. The powers that Bella displays are as much a commentary on Canon Bella's personality as they are a plot device.

If you click the link with the banner above it'll take you to Pastiche Pen's LiveJournal page, which is the preferred place to read because she's formatted the story all pretty. It makes the flow of different communications very easy to follow. She is also on FFn, however, and you can check PSVP out on FFn here:



Cheryl said...

Dammit, Meadow, you know how I like the psychotic. There goes everything on my agenda for the rest of the night...

Richard said...

twilight saga new moon movie soothes me much ! twilight new moon is pleasing !!