Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Junior League: Staying Power

This week's Junior League Member is: Soggy Granola Girl (@squishcrunch) (AKA Gwen)

Superpower: The ability to admit I have no superpower save passion and the desire to be seen as super.

Hello League! I was working (wasting time) on Twitter and discussing cool lines from Twilight when I started to wonder. Has there ever been a book/series/movie that has had the impact that Twilight has? I mean, I love Harry Potter as much as the next 30-something woman with 4 kids. Ok, ok, maybe I loved it a little more than your average 30-something woman with 4 kids, but it didn't have the same impact the Twilight series has had. And sure, I love the classics as much as the next girl, but none of them have stuck with me as long or impacted me as thoroughly as Twilight either. I can't think of anything that drew me in as a young woman, or a child. I certainly can't come up with anything that MY mother would have gone gaga over right along side me. Did I just give those parts of my brain to my children, or is this really going to be around for a long time? The Twilight series, as cheesy as it sounds, has given me a reality check (maybe if my own husband is not as passionate as Edward it's because *I* am not as giving as Bella), improved my marriage (let's face it, their love is HOT), and given me a welcome distraction during those rare private moments where I am not wiping snotty noses or switching out the laundry. So, mighty super-League-ers, does Twilight have real staying power, or is this a fad that will be in and out as quickly as tight-rolled jeans and leggings?

I never expected Twilight to have the impact it has had on my life. No, it is not a "classic" and the movie was certainly not "Oscar material" but the story resonates in a way like nothing I have read. I think it speaks of that which is universal -- being desperately in love, feeling the excitement of infatuation, the pain of heartbreak and intense loss, the issues of grappling with life's decision that create confusion, fear, insecurity, and, yes, also hope for a happy ending. And it also has f*ck hawt vampires. That doesn't suck.

*snicker* So you're saying we all want a happy ending? Did we read the same Isle Esme scene?

*shakes head* I always improvised that part of the book. The way I read it, it had multiple happy endings.

Mmm... Me too... *shakes head to clear it* Um, anyway... Staying power... Oh, hell. That sounds dirty, too. *clears throat* Longevity? Stamina? Shit. *runs to take a cold shower*

Gosh I hope it's not a fad that will be out as quickly as it came in. WTH will The League talk about then?

*running a towel through my wet hair* Eric. In the shower. *mumbling* Dammit. *heading back to the shower*

*watches Meadow run off, shakes head, smirking* I think what my friend Meadow meant to say is that we hope it will have endurance... I mean vitality... I mean... that it never ends... that it never stops... *grabs my hair* oh my GOD! DON'T STOP!!! DON'T EVER STOP! *runs off to take a cold shower*

Mmmm.... Eric in the shower. Maybe we'll just have to expand our horizons in the future and discuss ALL the hot vamps. Or, Spank can go start her Jackson blog, Ginger can follow the career of Taybait, Meadow will become a famous writer, and I will run off to join the cast of Vampire Diaries. Mmmmm.... Stefan and Damon sandwiches.



dazzledbyhim said...

Well, I'd like to think that it's going to stay around for a long time. Mainly because girls/women of all ages like the books. Young girls of 12 and my 50 year old mother swoon over Edward, so I think it definitely has that possibility. Granted, the movies will eventually become out of date and my grandkids probably won't be watching them, but they still might read the books and love them. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that it will become a cult no Oscars but it will be loved for generations, like the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Who knew over 20 years after the fact people would still be dressing up and heading to the midnight shows. I love it and my daughters love it.

Heck I wish they would make Midnight Sun into a book, then movie with the same cast...I'd go in a heart beat

Jonna said...

I agree with Rain. But I wouldn´t say no to a Edward and Jasper sandwich either.