Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cougar Calls

What is it about the guys of Twilight that has us all acting like cat-calling men on construction sites, saying the most obscene things about them as if they were nothing but pieces of meat -- tasty, juicy hot off the grill meat?

Umm... they're hawt?

Hmm... The men of Twilight in construction outfits. All sweaty and hot and whistling at us as we walk past. I like where this is going. Oh, wait... We're the construction workers? *shrugs* That works.

I'm actually really enjoying embracing my inner construction worker. It's quite freeing. The only problem is when it extends into real life. Like when I see a hottie who bears a slight resemblance to Rob Pattinson at a restaurant and suddenly I'm imagining sitting in his lap, feeding him dinner, licking his lips for him... What? Like it hasn't happened to you!

Actually, it hasn't. Where are you eating at and can I come along? (I'm not above settling for a little fun with a look-a-like.)

I don't know what you're talking about. I have only the highest respect for Jacob and his muscles, especially the one in his pants. Oh hell... I'm doing it too. *hangs head in shame*

Wait, wait! No shame! Why is it that we should feel bad for objectifying incredibly attractive people who get paid to appear on screen for us? Men have been doing it for years, centuries even! It's about damn time we admit that we are sexual beings too! Now, tell me the truth... Can you see up my skirt while I'm on this soapbox?

*looking up and nodding yes*

Good. *winks*

But seriously, you both realize that Jacob's, um, muscle isn't even fully formed yet. I mean, ladies, he's not even of age yet! I'm sure his muscle still hasn't reached it's full growth potential.

*rolling my eyes at Spank* It looked fully formed to me.

*counting out bail money*



Rachel - NZ said...

Rain, love your comments, I was at the Gas station and a Rob look alike came out, i swear my mouth hit the ground...although once realising it was not him got quietly in my car wondering what the actual man might do to me .... spontaneous combustion came to mind ;)
ps love love love you ladies and your insightful lusty views of the wonderful men of twilight.
You are my part of my daily addiction of Mr Pattinson and all things Twilight.

Jodie said...

Ladies Taylor is legal on Feb 11th...lol

I agree men have been doing this for decades now it's our turn. Cougar on Ladies

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Here here! *nods head emphatically, tips construction helmet*

I think we've all had an inner construction worker just waiting to cat-call some hawtness. We just needed the proper subject material, access to an outlet, and lots of enablers. Done and done. (No guilt necessary.)

@Rain - You're hilarious. Excuse me while I adjust my toolbelt... gotta make sure I've got just enough butt cleavage to entice the Kellan-look-alike...

@Ginger Fully-formed...nice ;)

beesue said...

Hello League!

Yes, Twilight has given us some amazing eye-candy and ya know, I did TRY to be a Lady! But they Just.Keep.Pushing.ME! and a Lady can just take so much!

.....*wolf whistle*...c'mon baby ...work IT!...*smacking noises*...mama Needs you.....shake that ass! Yes, I can be just as lewd and disgusting as Hard Hat Harry....any day! MWAHHHHHH!

CuddleBug said...

I agree! As that quote from PS. I love you goes: "After centuries of men looking at my tits instead of my ass. And pinching my butt instead of shaking my hand I have now earned the DIVINE right to look at a man with lewd, vulgar appreciation!"

Leo's Mom said...

I have always enjoyed looking at hot guys. It is one of my favorite pastimes that I share with my daughters whenever we go anywhere. But I have to say that there is something very special about these Twilight guys. I'm addicted, I can't stop! It's like an illness I can't get over. About the time I think I’m getting better, more pictures come out. The worst part is I’m not trying to stop. I think I would fight anyone who said I should.

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding !!