Friday, October 23, 2009

Stand-Up Please

I've had all the fun I think one girl can have with my Twilight Stand Up Edward. We've re-enacted the meadow scene, we've had sangria with friends while planning our Twilight DVD Release Party, and I can't tell you the fun we had at the party! But, for a while now, I've been wanting more from the cardboard cut-out in my life. So, imagine how excited I am to see that I can now get my very own Kemmett Stand-Up! Squee!! I can't wait to introduce him to my Stand Up Edward! Oh the fun we'll have!

Yeah, the Kemmett stand-up does exactly what he does in the movie. Nothing.

Oh now Spank, don't be like that. I mean, look - there's a Jasper for you and Jacob for Ginger. Meadow - you can take your pick!

Why is Jacob wearing a shirt? Uh, is it kinda weird I'm tempted to get the Laurent stand-up? Rawr.

I'm waiting for the Rob-On-A-Rug stand-up. Or, I guess, lay down. In the meantime I suppose I could be convinced to "play doctor" with the Carlisle one. *fans self*

Is it still called a stand-up if you keep it in bed with you? *examines the Jasper stand-up contemplating how to get The Vamp to stay on*

Uh, Spank, I think you might want to use your laminating machine on him first. But be careful. I don't even want to THINK about the places you'll get papercuts.



Rachel said...

Haha...OMJ.....Spank you so cracked me up with the "The Vamp" comment!!! I'm wondering if I can do that with...wait....dang...they don't have a Sam Stand-up....oh well, I'll have to settle for Jacob. :)


Taylor Blue said...

@Spank you kill me with your Emmett comment. He does act and good. You just are too dazzled by Jasper to see it.

stephdc said...

I like the Jasper cutout but couldn't they have picked a better pose? He looks like something is stuck up his butt. I would get Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle.. you know cause its so much more fun with a group :)

JIMM said...

Buuut, my only chance to get one is if my bf got an Esme one...But there is none... o cutout Edward for me...WHY SUCKMIT WHY NO ESME??