Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog Fight!


I am just impressed that they weren't wearing wolf masks and claw gloves.

Let it never again be said that the wolves are not, um, big.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Finally. And great improvements on the CGI. Now Jake looks like a scary wolf and not a German Shepherd.

I was actually a little scared there for a minute. Which makes me really really really excited to see New Moon. Especially considered that watching Twilight I was scared... um...NEVER! And I know it's basically a love story, but it's nice to have some action mixed in!

Yeah, a love story with a sparkling vampire that looked like he was wearing fairy glitter powder. #cgifail

Don't even go there. Don't even get me started on the twinkling, glittery Edward that Suckmit gave us in Twilight.... *mutters to self, leaves the room*

Eh. It's okay. I mean, yeah I'm glad that it has better CGI but really? I. Want. More. Edward. The end.

Hey, I liked the sparkle! Especially liked the sparkle sound that accompanied it. I never knew sparkle could sound so good.

The sparkle sound was sparklef*ckingtastic.



Rachel said...

I can not stop watching this scene over and over and over again. I love it!

I agree w/ Ginger...Jake looks so much better here as a wolf than he did when we saw the first trailer. The wolves look bigger and badder....Thank God!!

This clip right here is why I'm totally Team Wolfpack! I loved the whole Wolfpack/Bella fight....and when she slapped Paul....priceless!!

Can't wait for Novemeber 20th!!!!

twilighter_87 said...

I liked that clip...New Moon has a lot to do with the wolfs, so it's ok if they at least get some status in the movie ;)

But I am more excited about the New Moon TV Spot than this clip at the moment...that one I really liked :)

Marlin said...

I love this clip. When Kirsten hits Paul Classic. My only problem: Doesnt it say in the book that its dangerous to be so close to someone that is getting angry and is about to turn into a wolf?(Ex: Sam and Emily) Yet there standing close to him. But whatever i can get over it :)

Anonymous said...

Ya I loved it too and the "Event" TV spot is awesome

stephdc said...

I thought the same thing Marlin.. I was thinking the whole time that she better back up because he would scratch the crap out of her.. but i can get over it too :) just glad the wolves came out so good.. i was worried after I saw Twilight's special effects. :P

dazzledbyhim said...

OME... this is friggin' awesome!!! I can't wait. Less than a month now ladies! I think I'm going to have to see the movie at least a few times to take it all in! And the wolves look super scary now! Yay!!!

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