Thursday, October 8, 2009

New for New Moon: Biker Dude


Girls, we are getting SO CLOSE to the New Moon release. I know we're all having a tough time waiting, so I thought it would be fun to feature a new actor to New Moon each week. You know, so we could see what we're in for. I thought it only natural that we start at the very bottom of the cast list on imdb. Yep. We're starting with Hugo Steele - listed as playing "Biker (uncredited)."

*throws confetti for the unknown stuntman who looks like a double for Vin Diesel*

Wait, Spank, I don't think the stunt guy look gay at all.

**clapping** Oooh, do you think this is our Buttcrack Santa for this movie?

I wouldn't mind seeing his buttcrack.

So, it says this guy does stunts. Does this mean he's the dude who plays Bella? I was kinda hoping he'd be the dangerous biker dude that Bella talks to and pisses Jessica off so much that she stomps off to McDonalds. (Seriously - McDonalds?)

Betcha Suckmit changes it to a Burger King due to the merchandise tie-in.

I will say that he deserves credit because he's the unknown stuntman that makes Bella look so fine.

*looks perplexed* Did Bella use steroids as one of her reckless, stupid acts during Edward's absence?

Hugo Steele, we, the League, are here to give you credit. *whispers* And I'd be happy to give you more if you know what I mean. And if you dress up like Bella again, Spank will give you anything you want.

*smiles and nods yes*

Sorry Hugo, I'm going to hold out for Rob's stunt double.



Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

I dont care if vin diesel is gay..I love him! Wait, this is not about Vin is it? hehehehe

dazzledbyhim said...

Wait... Vin Diesel is gay??? Either way... still hot. This guy's hot too, but not quite as much. Well, I'm just glad to see that he looks better in these other pictures than he does on the bike above. Because, on the bike, he looks like some creepy dude in a bad wig!

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure the biker guy is the guy Bella rides off with when her and Angela are in Port Angeles and not KStew's stunt double. I wonder who that guy is that is her stunt double, I bet he looks pretty girly in person, just saying.

Erin said...

@Rain...yeah I totally agree with you about McDonald's...and seeing how there isn't a McDonald's in PA, that makes it even more unbelievable >_> (No Burger King either)

There is a subway though...

On a more important note, looks like we are all going to need to bring a beach towel to opening night, cause I'm sure we are all going to be drooling over all the eye candy!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@Erin - you're right...we will have so much mancandy I'm going to need to hit the theater half a dozen times to take it all in!

@Rain - In true form, we have the same taste in men and find this hunky boy delicious ;) Oh, and gay or not...I wouldn't kick Vin outta bed ;) And along the same beefy action actor lines, I smell what The Rock is cookin' ;)