Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Junior League: Why Do We Really Love Edward?


This week's Junior League Member is Miss Pippa!!!

Superpowers: Manipulation and Cunning, Can also scale walls (but not really)

Ok you lovely lot, I shall be your Junior League member for this post. I want to know ya, to really get inside your minds and know what makes you tick :) My topic of choice is this...

Why do you think Edward is so sexy to us? Not Robward, but the character of Edward. Realistically speaking, he is old, set in his Edwardian ways, possessive, unpredictable and moody. And yet I think it is safe to say that all of us (except the Team Jacob swines! heh heh) are completely besotted with him. So why do you think that is? For me, I think it is the fact that he loves Bella so impossibly, even though she causes him so much physical pain. The idea that a man could be so selfless about his own feelings to make someone else happy, makes my heart do somersaults. I'm guessing that it'd probably different for everyone.

So come on ladies (and lads?), get your thinking caps on and let us know what it is about Edward that makes you tingle...then the next step is to take all those things, and clone them....I reckon if we each donate some money, we may even be able to run our own 'Essence of Edward' cloning plant...meh, is probably a pipe dream....Never mind....

*Miss Pippa*

I think the romance and undying love is what attracted us in the beginning. Recently however I've been thinking a nice warm wolf would be more fun to tumble with than an ice cold marble statue.

I'm just going to pretend you didn't say that. Stay on target Ginger! We're talking about EDWARD here.

Hmm... What do I love about the idea of Edward? Is it his insane possessiveness and creepy stalker tendencies? Is it his perfect bed-head? Is it the fact that making out with him can pretty much be compared to making out with Michelangelo's David? Nah. It's because when I read the books I could practically feel the passion and sexual tension between Bella and Edward. But the bedhead was a nice touch.

I think it's Edward's perfection that makes me fall for him every time I read Twilight. And not just his physical perfection. He's the perfect boyfriend in so many ways. I tend to get a bit snarly with Mr. Rain when I read Twilight because I'm always thinking, "Edward wouldn't do that!" Is it just me?

Also? I love the "safe" feeling that I get from Edward. He wants to take care of Bella no matter what, and though that might get annoying in real life, it's incredibly endearing in the story. *sigh*

Edward is a whiny, pathetic doormat who has no backbone. I am having a hard time seeing him as the perfect anything anymore. *throws myself on the floor, sobbing* It's just been.... too long.... and I *sniffles* I know, he's leaving us on November 20th.

*patting Spank on the back* There, there. It'll be okay. I'm planning on bringing my iPod with me. We can rewatch the Vampire Dream sequence from Twilight during those "dark" minutes.

*wipes my slobber on your shoulder* It's either that or I throw myself in the theatre aisle to recreate the hospital scene.

*making mental note* I obviously need to double check that I had the iPod. Anything to avoid the hospital scene.



ciaobella said...

Ok.. there are of course several different reasons why we love Edward....... Sure he can be a pain in the ass, but ALL men are anyway. When you look past it, it's because he has lived a long time and has seen so many bad things that he tries to prevent them from Bella, and he can reads minds so he can prevent all of bad things. I love that he is so protective and puts his own feelings aside to find true love after living so long. You can tell it was hard for him to let his guard down and let someone even love him. He has been alive for over 100 years and then finally he finds love after thinking all that time that it was never gonna happen. So sure he wants to protect IT ( I mean Bella lol), he is afraid to lose it.

lynn said...

My 14yo and I were just having this conversation last night. She is team Jacob.....she thinks Edward is a "meanie head" LOL I was trying to explain how he has been alone so long and set in his ways that it is difficult for him and he is just trying to protect Bella. And because of that he just may not always go about it the right way which makes him seem protective and controlling.

I agree with Miss Pippa though.. for me it's that he loves her so much and would do anything to protect her even though it hurts him.

Duchess said...

Ed...who???? You know I was wondering that myself... why do I love edward... his character is so unbelievably unrealistic... yet I find myself wanting the devotion, the compulsive obsession and downright do anything for you attitude... the whole knight with glimmering teeth thing... and of course my gutterball mind wonders if he really would "break" bella... cmon stuff so good it might kill yah.... hec yeah...
Which brings me to my next point... is the wolf 18 yet???... From what I have seen in the movies rough cuts , im straddling the team edward/team jacob fence again...cant wait to make horribly inappropriate comments about the shapeshifter too...LOL

Anonymous said...

1. Protective
2. Dangerous
3. Smart
4. Strong
5. Wealthy
6. Great conversationalist
7. Can go all night =)
8. Sexy (duh)
9. Philanthropic
10. He's a tortured soul needing to be fixed
11. Trustworthy
12. Loyal to a fault

I could go on and on...

Diane said...

For me I love Edward because the story is written from Bella's perspective and she sees him through love tinged lenses. Bella isn't some one I am or want to be, but by putting myself in her shoes, I fell in love with Edward (and pretended the story was about me). I agree it is the dedicated and undying (no pun intended) love he does have for only her. It is the ultimate first love. He waited so long all alone and finally upon meeting her found the ONE. Who doesn't want to pretend that we were the only ones to ever make our Mr.s take notice?

It is the way he loves Bella that makes me love him. I saw/felt my love for my own Mr. and it made me feel whole.

Yes, he has some very unattractive qualities, but I tend to ignore those because we all do when we wear our love tinged glasses.

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

Sam Keen

imbeingheldhostage said...

Of all the reasons I could've listed, by brain has gone completely blank after Ginger's comment. GINGER,!

dazzledbyhim said...

Ok, when the question was first asked, I thought that I was going to have a million reasons right off the top of my head that I could list, but then realized I couldn't think of any of them!
I think I may have forgotten WHY I fell in love with him the first time, all I know is that I DO love him!

Rachel said...

I can't answer that question. It needs to read "Why do we love Jacob Black?" Now that's a question I could really answer!!

Woo Hoo for Team Jacob aka Team Wolf Pack 'Rawr'