Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Junior League: Swingers

This week's Junior League Member is: ~Melissa from - The transformation is painful

During our recent podcast, we were asking ourselves why seven independent, unrelated, sexually active (except one), gorgeous beings would choose to live together in eternality especially when they can hear EVERYTHING. We all know that you never know what is going on behind closed doors, so my question is could the Cullens be….*cough* swingers?? I mean, Edward had to learn his technique somehow, right? Could it be the family that [fade to black] together stays together?

Ah, this is a topic I can really sink my teeth into. (Well, not REALLY, that's more Spankpire's area, but you know what I mean.) There are some really great fanfics out there that deal with just this issue. I'm not sure you guys are truly ready for the conjecture, however. I mean, Carlisle created Edward because he was lonely. Sooooo very lonely...

Oh no you did not just say that, Meadow. I thought we agreed to never discuss Gayward again.

This premise may have already happened. I mean we all know that Rob has done Nikki and now Kristen. I think it's fairly obvious that Nikki and Kristen had to at least "experiment" like a couple of college school girls. Now that Kristen is otherwise occupied it seems that Nikki is working on Mama Cullz.... Then there's no way that Jackson and Ashley haven't practiced their love scenes. That just leave Peter who's a devoted family man and Kellen who I think swings off the other branch. *whispers* Sorry, Rain.

*rubbing my temples* For the last time Spank, we're discussing the CHARACTERS. Would you like for me to list the things about Jasper that make him the most commonly slashed character? The girl hair is just one of many signs...

You do realize that Jasper can kill the entire Cullen family AND most of The League before you can say hot ass bedhead.

I'm sure. But he doesn't because he's too busy secretly pining after Emmett's hot man-meat.

Spank. Please. Do not try to pretend that Jasper has bedhead. Edward has SexHair Bedhead. Jasper has a bad perm. Sorry, I'm getting off topic, but you know how passionately I feel about making fun of Jasper's hair.

Edward doesn't have SexHair Bedhead. Edward has "I was dying from Spanish Influenza and no one washed my hair at the hospital" head.



Twilight Newborn said...

thanks for taking on my topic! LOL at the SexHair Bedhead. Poor Jasper/Jackson. That movie hair is most unfortunate but its to Jackson's credit he still looks good with that hotmess on his head.

dazzledbyhim said...

I do NOT want to think of my hot Cullen boys swinging with each other!!! No! I live in the perfect fantasy world!!! *sticks fingers in hears, shuts her eyes and sings "la-la-la-la!!!"*

Cari said...

Does anyone else think the Junior League Avi looks a little like Michael Jackson, may he RIP. I think the The League should be guest on Twilight Newborn Podcast. Also I agree with dazzedbyhim I wont even entertain the idea of the Hot Cullen boys swinging.

BTW you guys are awesome!

Mystifyme666 said...

I now remember why I choose to avoid this place whilst eating!! You make me *giggle*.
Not too happy right now though after choking on a of meat!
And I love Edward and Jasper for my own dirty little reasons, but choose not to expand upon.

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

No you girls did not just find a way to combine the topic of swingers and The Cullens. Holy effing shitballs, I love it!

Swinging is essentially partner-swapping...not necessarily with the same sex (although that allows for more intersting combinations). And since they're all hot, nobody is related, and they can all hear exactly what everyone else is doing anyways, why the hell not?! A couple hundred years of living is a long time not to experiment ;) Besides, if you've already permanently bonded to your "mate" then there's no issues of trust or stealing someone else's vamp. It's just some extra entertainment to keep you occupied when the rest of the world is sleeping.

Plus, I heard Emmett's banged his way through a couple houses...he's probably got enough meat for everyone ;)