Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lutz Lovin'

Okay girls. Listen up. You know how I indulge you all (or just Spank & Ginger) and discuss all those pictures of Taylor and Jackson? Well, I've decided it's time for you to indulge me - I want, no I NEED to discuss this new shot of Kellan. And I'm pretty sure I need to borrow Spank's laminator. Like now.

Source: tengossip.com

I don't discriminate against the Cullen boys. Just because I'm Team Robward doesn't mean I'd kick Kellan out of bed. In fact, I kinda want to lick that little sliver of exposed skin in the picture on the floor. And then while I'm down there I could... *shakes self* Umm... You girls discuss. I have to go find Mr. Meadow.

He looks so butch with his gray hit the slopes sweater. Does anyone else think that Kellan is just a little to well put together?

*glares at Spank* Exactly what are you trying to say, Spank?

Nothing! I bet he gets MANicures. *muffles laughter*

*grinning and out of breath* Okay, I'm back. Now what's this bashing going on? *raising eyebrow* Really, Spank? You're going to pick on RAIN'S mancrush as being light in the loafers? Have you LOOKED at Jackson? The boy is so pretty I'm surprised he doesn't have sleepovers where the girls all get together and braid his hair.

*whispers* Meadow, you know you're my favorite, right?

Hey, I think Kellan is ALL man. And hotter than Hale.

*whispers* Ginger, you know you're my favorite, right?

*rolls eyes at Rain* Jackson does have sleepovers with the girls. He's a giver like that.

A giver of what? Mani-pedis? I bet he brings his favorite OPI polish, "I'm Not Really A Hetero."

OKAY. STOP! I will not let you hijack this post about KELLAN into a Jackson post. I will not.

*mumbles* Fine... *goes back to yesterday's post to drool over Jackson*



Jodie said...

Meadow put it very well.........

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@Ginger - Hale yes! *All* man...beefy mancandy.

@Meadow - "sleepovers", "braid his hair", "not a hetero", I almost giggled coffee all over myself...you're hilarious!

@Spank - he only looks well put together because he doesn't wear shirts very often (at Rain's behest), so the few he has are quite dapper

@Rain - First of all, you know you can always grab my attention with a title like "Lutz Love". You're my boy Blue! Err, girl. Oh hell, you know what I mean... KSlutz is the hottest piece of vampycandy this side of the treaty line. Let's steal him away and make a giant plate of Kemmett sandwiches ;) You want fries with that?

kmoye said...

hot man + scarf = barf
however, Kellan is so sexy and hot and um everything i ever wanted in a man... uh, i think i was going somewhere with this comment but was sidetracked. oh well

SweetLikeSandi said...

Anyone else notice that sleeping bag on the right?


Spank Ransom said...

@SweetLikeSandi - #teambrokeback is my new favorite hashtag (after #propherhard, of course.


Rain Storm said...

*ignoring Spank & SweetLikeSandi*

RSM - Yay! You're my girl too! (And I always think of You're my boy, Blue! when I say that :) I'm so happy to have found of a fellow obsessor of KSlutz (love it)! I mean, Ginger & Meadow might agree that he's hot, but I know they don't share my passion like you do. Yes, Kemmett sandwich. Yum!

dazzledbyhim said...

He is a hot piece of ace but the sweater is a little uppity for me. I think I should just help him take it off... :)

HappyHourSue said...

Oh LORD do I love Kellan Lutz. He just has that look like he has SKILLZ.

Rain, have you seen this Hilary Duff video with him in it???? The ELEVATOR SCENE???? **thud**


stephdc said...

OMG I'm a huge fan of Jackson, we all know this, but Kellan Lutz is one fine piece of @$$. I've liked him since his Stick it days :) come to think of it, this picture from stick it would probably confirm some of your #KellanisTeamBrokeback theories:


Anonymous said...

I've always loved Kellan. OK, maybe not exclusively.

Love that picture. The way he is lying down with a big smile on his face & legs wide open. Makes me want to ride the Lutz-train.

Check out my salute to Kellan & Emmett at