Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Junior League: Love Twiangle

This week's Junior League Member is: RoseWowie

Superhero Name: Wonder Wowie

Superpower: The ability to multi-task: read smut, Twitter, Facebook, and surf the google wave...all at the same time.

Does anyone else get pissed off when Bella kisses Jacob in Eclipse, knowing she's with Edward? I get that someone can love two people at once. But if you're already with one, wouldn't that mean you've already made your choice between the two? If not, why would you want to hurt the one you're with while you're deciding on who you'd rather spend your life with...even if, eventually, you still end up choosing the person you're already with in the end? I don't think I could ever stand to have to be that person. I think it would hurt too much. To know I love someone who's not sure who they love more, me or the other person? That's crap. And then to be sad and heartbroken in front of me when they do make a choice to stay with me? Talk about selfish. I'd be a dumbass to stay. I guess because my ego and a lil' bit of my heart would be wounded from the fact that there was someone else whose presence was almost enough to take my person/heart away.

This is when my tolerance level for Bella was at an all time low. It was also when I began to see Edward for what he really was, a doormat.

Yeah, instead of being pissed at Jacob for manipulating Bella, I was pissed at Bella for being so gullible. And I was hoping for an Edward-Bella smackdown afterwards, but there was nothing. A big work-up to a big let-down. Kind of like Breaking Dawn.

Do NOT get me started on Breaking Dawn. *breathing through my nose, counting backwards from 10 trying not to phase*

Yeah, Edward's self-esteem issues really come to the forefront here. I mean, who WATCHES the love of their life make out with someone else (and gets to hear the sordid thoughts that go along with it) and isn't even a LITTLE mad afterwards? If I were Bella I'd be worried by his NON-response.

I hate (HATE) that part of the book. I was literally yelling "NO! YOU STUPID B*TCH" at Bella while I was reading. I was sure Edward would respond somehow. But, perhaps he knew that the kiss had to happen - that Bella had to have that experience in order to truly know that she wanted Edward. Or maybe she's just a skanky ho.

so what we're saying is, Bella is a skanky ho...

*snicker* She was probably just regretting missing her chance. She could've totally gone through a slutty phase in New Moon and gotten away with it.

Nah, she's a skanky ho.

KStew's casting makes so much more sense after this discussion...

*throws @little_edward at Meadow's head*

*rubbing my head* What?! I like my #girlcrush a little skanky.



Rachel said...

I have always disliked that part of the book....even though I am Team Jacob. Everyone always blames Jacob, but Bella is the older (supposed to be more mature one) who is the one messing with Jake's heart.

Jake was just pulling something a young, horny teenage boy would do, he doesn't know any better, but at this point Bella is supposed to be an adult and does she not remember that she chose Edward?

Ugh....this subject is very touchy for me. :)

kmoye said...

my take: Edward wanted Bella to choose Jacob. No seriously, hear me out. He even says so. I mean yes he wants Bella to be with himself but also knows that if she chose Jacob she wouldn't have to lose anything or anyone. She wouldn't have to make Renee and Charlie think she's dead, lose all her friends, and become a vampire. She could grow old and have kids (not in that order). To Edward that seems like the better choice and he wants Bella to have a human life. He loved her so much that he really wants her to just be happy and have a fulfilling life. the end.
*cough-i would have picked Jacob-cough*
*cough-but i would totally do Rob-cough*

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@kmoye Wow...very well put. And I think I totally agree. I mean, Edward already tried to leave her the first time for her own good.

However, I was so freakin' pissed when Bella and Jacob kissed...if you're trying not to go down that road then you sure as hell don't make it worse. Talk about blurring the lines.

But I do think Edward had to let it happen. That whole "if you love it let it free" thing. And he was right, she circled back. Or course she ripped Jacob's heart out doing so. But if things didn't go down that road then Jacob may have never found his soul mate (I know, I know...the imprinting thing on the hybrid child is a touchy subject, but still).

PS - Love the post title, by the by. But then again I'm a little partial to Twiangles :)

Ilaria said...

I like kmoye's interpretation too.
But I still get pissed with the whole triangle thing (puhhlease!). She is a silly stupid brat for even thinking of Jacob as an alternative to Edward. And even more than the kiss, I get pissed at that whole part "i am so heartbroken I have to say no to you Jacob Black" and especially when she says she saw their whole life together and "I want it bad Jacob, I want it all"...I mean COME ON!

HappyHourSue said...

****sets up fort to hide from oncoming produce*****

I am, for the most part team Edward. But COME ON: You're a horny teenager (or married mother of 3) and Taylor Lautner with his muscles and white teeth seduces you into a kiss..whose body's not going to go with that????? When there's no danger in being rough and passionate GAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I gotta go take a shower.

Rachel said...

He didn't seduce her....she seduced him...don't forget, she is the older and supposed to be more mature one. It says in the books she acts more mature than her real age, or well she is supposed to.

Candi said...

i for one called out "oh my god, you little shit" to which my husband replyed "what the hell did i do?!"

haha true story.

Rain Storm said...

@RSM - Hah - I didn't even notice that we had Twiangle in the title. (I stay out of the title business around here.) :) And I do agree with you on the "setting it free" stuff. And Kmoye's interpretation is very interesting too.

@Candi - *CRACKING UP*!!

Lori said...

Bella, oh Bella. It was all her doing. If she didn't cock tease Jacob then Eclipse wouldn't have been what it was. So that is good and bad at the same time. It was fun to see Edward squirm in the tent and get a litte of what he deserved for having left Bella. BUT... Jacob WAY overstepped it when the kiss ultimatum came up. What a sleaze ball...

For that, he should have at least had his gonads cut off (they'd grow back) to show him who's the real love of Bella's life. And it ain't Jacob... And in the end, he get's his. Sickly, he get's his... Bella's baby. Ewwww.

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding !!