Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Half The League is inked. A certain Spankpire is due to join the club in a few weeks. A certain fanfic aficionado actually intends on *cough* staying pure. This brought up the topic of Twilight Tattoos. I have to say some are okay and I am actually planning on getting a certain Twilight quote tattooed on my wrist in the near future (and, no, I will not tell you what it is until after I do it). But some are so creeptastic they take on a whole new, um, art form (and I use that term loosely).

Please tell me that's an unfinished tattoo. Does she know it's permanent? (this coming from the girl who got a Native American shield with feathers hanging down on her back at age 20 when she has NO INDIAN HERITAGE)

But see you became part of the Quileute Clan when you fell in love with @wolfzjake so that tattoo totally makes sense now *shakes head no*

Sure, if it was a Quileute tattoo instead of a Cherokee one. *hangs head in shame*

*whispers, while patting your tattooed back* It's the thought that counts *still shaking head no*

What about this one?

Oh that's classy like a string of pearls. It bet it goes great with a crisp white shirt and a pencil skirt. Or not.

I'm 99.9% certain that Mr. Rain would have me committed if I put anything like that on my body. I'm not gonna lie though - the tattoo that the wolves all have? I think that's hot. Maybe I can talk him into getting one without him realizing what it means?

What, you think that Quileute tattoo looks better than my Indian shield that everyone thinks is a dreamcatcher? Yeah, okay, you're right.

Wait?! What?!!! Rain! You are not switching teams. You may be Team Gaymett but at least he's still a vampire! No. Wolf. Tattoos! *stomps foot!

OH NO YOU DIDN'T - Gaymett? *growls* And no, just for the record, I'm not switching teams, but the wolf tattoo is hot. So is the wolf pack. Or at least Alex Meraz has enough hawt to make them all look good.

Sorry but if the ambiguously gay vampire title fits, wear it.

Clearly you are trying to cover for Jasper's questionable sexual orientation by picking on my BIG STRONG MANLY MAN. Wait, how did we get here again? Weren't we discussing tattoos? *looks around, confused*

Oh yeah, we were. *scratches head* We do that a lot, don't we? *sheepish grin*

It's okay. You wanna hug it out?

*holds out arms* Come to Mama Spank! *hugs you and mouths over your shoulder to Meadow and Ginger* Kemmett is SOOOOOO gay.

*rolling my eyes* ANYWAY, if you two are done hijacking this post, I've found some more tattoos for us to mock appreciate:


I mean, really? That Edward looks like Beavis. Or Butthead. I'm not sure which.

*snickers* Edward Cornholio.

And then there's this one... Because, you know, Edward is real and all.

Are those deer antlers?!

They are so going to regret that in 15 minutes.

But in the end, Twifans aren't THAT bad. I mean, at least none of them are this guy:

0223081630a.jpg harry potter tattoo! lol image by Terceramon

And that, my friends, is why I will remain the tattoo virgin of the group. I prefer my mistakes to haunt me mentally for the rest of my life, not physically. *winks*

But, wait... what about a tattoo of a certain *cough* pixie *cough* squashed under my foot? That would be cool, right? Right?!

I just got a squished pixie/fairy tattoo yesterday. You can call her Alice if you want.




Margo Eve said...

Another excellent analysis. Though in fairness I think the brown antler ones are henna. Only a few weeks of regret.

Susan said...

I met the person who has the second Edward with the apple at Dragon*Con, she also has Eric, Angel, and Spike (Eric on the other arm, angel and Spike on her legs) It looks better in person. Anyway, I would probably get a quote, but probably not the rest of it. Or a henna tattoo. I have one tattoo, but I designed that one.

cari_tx said...

LOL Very funny! Love your website.

kmoye said...

At DVD release "party" I met a chick that had the twilight apple tatt and another that had "Be safe." on her wrist, it was hot!

Rachael1042 said...

No. Just. No.

Ilaria said...

Oh, I loved this post girls!
I, like Meadow, am a tattoo virgin and will stay that forever.

I hope that some of those are henna tattoo, but really good luck findig or keeping your man, when you have Edward Cullen words around your neck or his face on your arm.

The "Be Safe" tattoo that kmoye mentions is kinda cool, if it is little, in a place where can be hidden, and it can also be a very good reminder to yourself.

Yeah, I would never do something like that. Maybe only if Edward Cullen in the flesh made me do it.

Ilaria said...
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SweetLikeSandi said...

Gaymett. I love you, Spank.

I think the girls with the antlers are actually Henna - which, thank GOD, is temporary.

The forearm portrait of "Edward" looks like the Hillywood Edward. Or one of those emo band lead singers. What a shame. At least make it RPattz if you're going to see it for life.

There's another girl who has Rob's autograph on her wrist. True story. That's one for the grandkids. "Oh, honey, that was when Grandma was obsessed with a young lad that played a vampire in a movie."

"Oh, honey, no, we didn't date."

"What? No, I didn't ACTUALLY know him."

"Well, we met at a Hot Topic."

"I kind of paid for his autograph, and he wasn't allowed to take pictures with me. Oh, and um - he never looked up from the poster. But it was love at first sight."

Jenny Jerkface said...

Oh man, some of those tattoos are just bad! Those Edwards look... terrible.

Tina said...

Lol I totally agree about the craziness! Some are okay like quotes cause those could be from anything but rpattz face ? No thanks. I also had the exact same thought as rain about meraz having enough hot for the whole pack.

Rachel - New Zealand said...

Ladies you seriously have the best blog.
LMAO at some of the interesting Twilight fans that will allow such bad tattoos to be on their bodies forever......

yikes for once you will actually see Edward age .... and he ain't gonna look that good on some saggy grandma bingo wing arms......

Lookin forward to tomorrows blog :)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I try not to hate...to each their own. But if you can tell it's related to Twilight without being a fan (i.e. book titles, book covers, someone's face, name, etc.), then chances are you made a bad choice you'll regret down the road. I like tattoos of words, quotes, etc. Preferably in places that can be concealed if possible. But I'm slightly jealous of the girls who have big enough balls to put them in plain view.

I knew a guy back in highschool who had the Nike swoosh on his bicep. True story. And about 10 guys who all had their names tattooed on their biceps in block letters. Of course, they also wore gold chains with their names hanging from them. Yeah, they were classy.

dazzledbyhim said...

I have one... anyone want to see it? It's not obvious really, but I know what it means. And it's in his handwriting... :)


It's a little blurry since it's on the camera phone and I just got it done, but it looks really nice now.

Dinah Saur said...

ps. The HP "tattoo" you showed is actually someone using a very common temporary tattoo that was handed out by the thousands at the time of the 'Deathly Hallows' release.

Just so you know.

Richard said...

new moon movie of twilight saga charmed me much ! its great watching twilight new moon !!