Thursday, October 29, 2009

New for New Moon - Chaske Spencer

Okay girls, let's discuss Chaske Spencer, who will be playing Sam Uley in New Moon.

I'm kind of "eh" about him. I always pictured Sam looking way more fierce. I suppose I'll have to give him a chance but he just has such a sweet, gentle face - it's hard to imagine him as the intense alpha male.

Are those euphemisms? "Sweet and gentile" must be code for "scowling tattooed guy."

This guy is a DEAD RINGER for the guy I almost married. (incidentally the guy I refer to as my "Jacob" since I married my "Edward") It's really really freaky.

I don't know, he's looked pretty menacing in the promo shots I've seen so I'm fine with him as Sam. And Ginger? That line won't work to get you into the filming of Eclipse, but nice try.

Rain, that's 'cause he's not the alpha. *mumbles* Apparently SOMEONE needs to read Breaking Dawn again!!!

Pssst - Spank... he IS the alpha in New Moon. You know, New Moon? The film we're CURRENTLY discussing?

*raising eyebrow* Maybe Spank just wants to speed up to Breaking Dawn so we'll get to hear 90 minutes of Taycob voiceover instead of KStew. Ginger, I think you're starting to wear her down.

Mmmm 90 minutes of Taycob.



Rachel said...

I love love love Chaske!!! He's tied with Taylor for my favorite Wolfpack member! He's so sexy and he is my vision for Sam!!

Rachel said...

Wow....I'm the only one that responded so far....hello people, where are you???

Jackie said...

I think he looks like Sam to me. I mean. I don't want to admit who I pictured as Sam because I don't really like him and he's about to become a family member. I don't know why I like put his face to this character...Maybe I was trying to like him because I kinda like Sam...Kinda.

I mean honestly...I'm kinda on Leah's side. I actually think we would make really good bitchy best friends.

So...Chaske...He's cool. I see him as Sam now, which is alot better than what I imagined.

You guys Rock!!!


Richard said...

new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!