Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Junior League: Easy to Read

This weeks Junior League member is Midnight Advocate

Superpowers: Patiently awaiting the release of Midnight Sun and resisting the urge to get on my high horse and lobby in Congress for the passing of a law to compel Stephanie Meyer to complete and publish Midnight Sun.

Do you believe that Edward would have been as drawn to and fascinated by Bella if he could have read her mind? Do you think he would have fallen in love with her anyway?

My answer: The romantic in me wants to believe they are meant to be, that sooner or later Edward would have noticed her and they would have been together. Realistically(if there is such a thing in the Twilight world) I believe Edward would not have been interested in Bella, let alone like her enough not to jump her neck (in the Jasper-vampy-I-want-to-drink-your-blood-and-kill-you way) at the first chance he gets outside of school. Edward is very used to having women fawn over him and he does not seem to find that very attractive. I mean, the guy spent 108 years without finding ANYONE that he liked, not even to have a fling with. Also, he constantly says in the books that one of the things he loves about Bella is how she reacts in ways and does things that to him are unexpected. Sadly, I believe that if Edward could read Bella's mind in Twilight, Bella would not have been mysterious enough to get his attention.
What do you think? PS: You girls rule!

Wow, great question! I think Bella would've been just one of the girls if her mind block didn't make her stand out to him. Which of course means Bella would've ended up with Jacob. (which would've saved her some trouble) *ducking*

*tossing nearest copy of New Moon at Ginger's head*

Owww! *rubbing head* I thought I was ducking!

But her blood still sang to him. So I think he would have drained her, especially after listening to her inane little high school girl thoughts. Would have done us all a favor. Maybe we'd still have real lives. #twilightismyrealitynow

*snicker* You're totally right. He would've drained her.

No kidding! Even if he had fallen for her in the beginning, he would have sucked her dry just to stop her incessant, insecure whining.

I kind of wish he would've. What?

But then I wouldn't be able to enjoy Kristen Stewart's... um, craft. #girlcrush

We'd still get to see her brood as Joan Jett. Wait, is there any way we could have Edward drain Joan Jett instead? Because I'd rather appreciate Kristen without the most hideous haircut known to man.

And by hideous you must mean it is hideous that anyone should look THIS good in a mullet:

source: Ten Gossip



jodie said...

Ha Ha...all excellent points. Love reading you ladies

kmoye said...

spank, i love that you bring twitter to the blog! #twitteraddict

Sawdia said...

I'll be eternally confused as to why anyone likes KStewpid. That is all.

Desiree said...

YAY!! So happy to be in the Jr. League!! Totally made my crappy, crappy day brighter :-)

Maybe she would have just ended with Jacob, after all and yes saved herself a lot of trouble but would life be worth living without Edward? Ahhh, I know he makes my life better even if just in the little twilight world inside my head.

Thank you girls for the posting!!

Tracy said...

OMG this is a good post. I agree - he would have either drained her, or left Forks to avoid becoming a meat-eater again. And Meadow, thank you for smacking Ginger with the book.

Sorry Ginger. Still team Edward. Always will be :)


dazzledbyhim said...

I've actually thought about this as well. In my own little fantasy world, I've debated on whether or not Edward would like me if we met, and decided that no... he wouldn't because he'd be able to hear my thoughts. No matter WHO you are, you're going to think something bad or stupid at some point in time. He just thinks Bella is so great because he knows none of the petty stuff she CAN think about. He just loves her selflessness. And the fact that she can suprise him with her responses, which is mainly because he couldn't hear her.
My guess, if he COULD read her mind, is that he definitely would have just left Forks. I doubt he would have given up all his hard work over the years of defying his nature for some insignificant human girl. Cuz he talks about that a lot in Midnight Sun... how humans aren't really anything to matter much, even though he won't kill them. So... that's my two cents. :)