Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Before They Were Babes

Some of you may have noticed Spank and I having a friendly "discussion" on Twitter a while about a few pictures of our imaginary boyfriends favorite Twilight stars.

Namely, this:

And this:

So the question is, which is worse? Rob trying to make love to the camera at the tender age of OHMYGODMYEYES? Or maybe Jackson looking so pretty in his Disney Princess phase that we should call him Jackie and give him a tiara? Hmm?

And how can we forget this?

*snicker* Should Taylor be included in this post since he's still technically a kid?

Are you trying to say that I have a #girlcrush on Jackson?

Well, I looked really hard and I don't see anything to #boycrush on so, yes.

Are you saying I can't crush on Taylor because he's a few months shy of his 18th birthday? He's legal in Texas!

I bet he's a virgin.

He's not. And please don't ask me how I know. I don't live in Texas.

Oh no, AGAIN we're breaking our promise to never post that scarf picture ever ever ever. *head in hands, crying*

Here's how it breaks down for me - Rob's picture is just scary. Eyes-bleeding scary. Jackson's picture - well, I can't stop laughing long enough to really see it. Taylor's - Uh, Ginger, really?

At least my man looked good in his younger years...

Is that Zack Morris? *laughing my ass off*

Really Spank? Really? *glares* You know, Zach Morris was cute when I was 15 too. And you know what else? He still is! So... there!

I'll have you know that I had a very healthy obsession crush on Zach Morris as a tween. I think Kellmet looks adorable. At least he doesn't look like a girl, Spank. *giggling at picture of Jacqueline*



Rachel said...

I just gotta say that picture of Rob is horrid! He reminds me of a gay man trying to act straight....sorry but true *gags*

twilighter_87 said...

Trust me, I Looove Rob, But I really can't think of one good reason to why they should have taken that photo of him...just why???

@Meadow I liked the Jacqueline nickname...lol...

Ilaria said...

I agree with Rain, didn't you girl promise not to post THAT picture ever again?

When I look at thios picture, I feel soooo embarassed that I cannot look at any other photos of his, no matter how hot they can be. The little kid always comes to my mind. This picture is right up Miley Cyrus alley...were was his mom? Wasn't he underage when this was taken...why didn't he say NO?
Ok I'm getting a little overdramatic, sorry.

Jackson's pics reminds me of a Disney/Broadway wannabe. It even looks like he has cherry lipstick on! (ducking from spank)...but it is not nearly as bad as rpattz's.

The other twos (taylor and kellan) are kind of cute,not horrifying like some other pic *shrugs at the idea of the scarf picture*

dazzledbyhim said...

Does the name Jackie really have to be associated with boy who look like girls??? I may have to change my name...

luludee said...

I think the lesson here is to be thankful that the awkward stage in life, is just a stage. We've all been there.
I don't care that Rob's old picture makes me feel like a creep, or that Jackson's old picture makes me question my sexuality.

The point is that they are hot now.

Now excuse me while I go look up current pictures of Jackson to reestablish my heterosexuality.
That's more like it.