Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Fall Guy

Lee Majors is aging well don't you think? Sorry, that's all I can think of when the words "Fall Guy" are said. Does that age me?

No not at all. *nods head yes*

Who's Lee Majors? KIDDING. This is supposed to be Bella as she's about to crash on her motorcycle. It's a guy, right? WTH! What, they couldn't find a stunt girl who could pull that off?

There is no girl bad-ass on the planet enough to pull off what KStew brings. Well, besides me.

Right Spank. Surely they should have asked you to be Bella's stunt double. *rolls eyes*

Not a chance in hell they'd let Spank double, or even on location. Spank would distract the entire shoot with her constantly eye f*cking JBone. She would crash alright, but most likely into the wardrobe trailer or the catering tent. Wherever the hell HE would be.

Spider! How dare you suggest I would crash the bike. I'm an excellent driver. *smirks*

Yeah, you drive like a Cullen, Spank.

Hey, work is hard to get in Hollywood right now. Why hate on this dude if he has the tiny waist and delicate bone structure to pass for KStew? I'm most upset that they can't have a Press-double for her. You know, someone who'd actually smile and look interested in anything except pot and boning Rob. Wait, I went on a rant there, didn't I?



Ilaria said...

Yes, Meadow! She sure needs a press double...I hate how KStew handles the press...I don't want to see your awkward facial expressions on the stage of the VMAs or anywhere else! You're an actress, get a grip! She should take a lesson or two from Ellen Paige, which stays true to herself and knows how to do an interview or a red carpet.
About the stunt double, they should have used that girl stunt from Tarantino's Deathproof, she is awesome...of course she probably cost too much for Suckmit!

Anonymous said...

...and why isn't the motorcycle red?

dazzledbyhim said...

That's disturbing to know it's a guy. Now I need to go back and rewatch the trailer. *heading to utube*