Friday, October 2, 2009



Please indulge my girl-crush. I mean there is no way this Interview magazine photo shoot cannot be drooled over addressed. This might be the most phenomenal series of photos ever taken of Kristen Stewart. *fans self* Okay, please discuss amongst yourselves while I get myself under control. *heavy panting*

I love this picture. Do you think I could convince her to be my fake lesbian girlfriend? Because I bet she'd share those shoes with me.

Just shows with the proper hair, lighting and make-up people, a great photographer can make anyone look beautiful. What?

I was all prepared to make fun of you, but this time I have to agree. That picture is hot. For some reason I can't stop thinking about "Fight Club" when I look at this, and then I think of Brad Pitt, and then.... Oh wait, you were talking about your girl crush on Kristen Stewart. Sorry.

Yeah, way to go, Rain. Ruin my post by bringing up Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Now maybe if you were talking about Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie in Fight Club *thought trails off, looks up and sees you all looking at me strange* then, um, yeah... that would be a really good movie. *crickets*

Mmm... Brad... I'd be willing to have him come to the bedroom party too. And Angie. See? Open-minded.

Will you PLEASE stop hijacking my post with talk of Brad Pitt and shoes? Have you not seen how f*ckhawt she is? I mean, she's like the younger sister I want to take shopping.

And, while she's sharing, do you think she'd also share her boyfriend? I'm open-minded, I wouldn't judge them for inviting me into the bedroom.

Oh see now Angie I understand. I'd switch teams for her. #girlcrush

I quit the League when you all go off talking lesbo about piss ant!

Don't include me in that! I was talking about Angie.

Did you people not SEE the pics? The shoes? The sunglasses? The promise of sharing a bed with RPattz?

Nope, no way, no how *shudder* I am 100% CARNIVORE! Meat only!

I don't REALLY want to sleep with KStew but seriously? I'd consider it for the shoes she's wearing in the picture on the bed. *sigh* Shoes are exactly my personal brand of heroin.

I don't really want to sleep with Kristen Stewart in those shoes.



Netti said...

hahahaha you ladies crack me up!!!! Spank completely agree with you she is FUCKHAWT. Angie just doesn't do it for me, shes dirty on a different level for me :-)

Leo's Mom said...

I agree totally about the shoes and great photography, but did you see the picture of her flipping the bird. How about some class. Could someone please pull her aside and tell her that there is a time and a place everything. She sould just close her mouth and take pretty picture!

Tara said...

Haha! ...only if Brad was in his Troy attire. I love when KS tames the mullet!

Roni said...

I don't know. All I could think of was this... Is she sitting down because, like Bella, she is too clumsy to walk in those shoes?

Ilaria said...

@Roni, yeah thats what I was thinking...yeah looking pretty sitting down and crossing my legs

@spank "she's like the younger sister I want to take shopping" - this little sister doesnt want to go shopping, unless you take her to one of those "vintage" stores where she gets her nice every day attire *puking in a corner*

@Meadow: yeah, i would only fake my girl crush to steal those shoes!

dazzledbyhim said...

Angie doesn't do anything for me either. And while I'm not sold on the first pic of Kstew on the bed because her hair is still all jacked up, I LOVE the second pic on the counter! At least they went funky with her hair in this one. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl when she wants to be. Makes me wanna go brunette! I still may...

Anonymous said...

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