Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Junior League: Purple Reign

This week's Junior League Member is: Susan Fox - @susanfox

Superhero Name: Vixen

Superpower: Sarcasm, Harnessing the powers of Xanax

What's up with all the purple representation in the Twilight movie?

Oh really? I didn't notice.

*rolling eyes at Ginger* Whatever Ginger. I'm surprised you didn't start this one yourself.


But, to be all academic about it, purple symbolizes nobility and riches. It is also a color that can represent the spiritual or mystical, along with sensuality. So... I'm going out on a limb here to say that Catherine Hardwicke may have been a little New-Agey and thought the color might help strengthen the idea of the supernatural within the story. Oh boy, I just flashed back to my grad-school days studying media. Nevermind. Purple is just cool and that's why they used it.

*raising eyebrow* When did let Ms. Ph.D over there in the League? I just figured it played nicely off of the lipstick they had on Rob. *wink*

I noticed this also, purple is everywhere, along with other similar shades of blues, greys and cool greens. My guess is that they wanted to play up the dismal weather and using a cool color palette added to the background perfectly. See, here I go, talking all interior designer again! Hues, tones, palettes - who cares, the most important colors I saw were the white marble gorgeous man and his lucious red lips. He invited, I accepted...

Purple makes me think of grapes. I hate grapes. But purple also makes me think of Donny Osmond and I love him. Wait?! What was the question?

Okay, but seriously - Spank - purple and Donny Osmond?

Donny Osmond's favorite color is purple. Is this not common knowledge? *Looks around the room incredulously*

I really need some of Spank's meds.

Me too!



dazzledbyhim said...

I don't think I ever really noticed it until now. But I guess you could do that with a bunch of different colors from the movie. Anyway, while the rest of you are paying attention the 'color scheme', I'm watching me some hot men!!!

Tara said...

I think I started liking the color purple around the same time Twilight came out...hmmm. My husband has a black jacket that is similar to Edward's gray one, I don't think he recognizes the resemblance. I do!

Ilaria said...

Purple's cool, not to steal Bella's Swan "made up" lines, but it really is and besides it is one of my favorite colors (i think black will alway be No.1 - the color, not the DOG -ewwwww)...but that's what there is mostly in my wardrobe...too bad in the twilgiht movie they focused too much on the color palette and not on the overall quality *clears throat*

@Spank purple makes you think of grapes, you hate grapes, but wine it's made of grapes...don't you like wine *wink*

Susan said...

Yay, I got chosen! I wish I knew to make my question longer the first time, oh well. To think of it, purple does go with it's kind of dreary dark theme throughout the movie. Plus purple can be considered a "safe" girl color without looking too girly or bright (i.e. Bella) so it doesn't draw too much attention to one thing or another, I guess.

HappyHourSue said...

I noticed the gray more. Lotsa gray. And then of course that mesmerizing blue-green color of Robert's eyes....*thud*.

MissTara said...

You are not crazy!! Donny Osmond always wore his purple socks:)

Spank Ransom said...

@Miss Tara - Thank you. I had purple socks with his picture on it when I was a little girl. *sees everyone laughing at me*

KendallJaye said...

GRATS @susanfox!!!! Your super power is truly outrageous! Or was that Jem? ...... remembering is hard. :)

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