Monday, October 5, 2009

Back in Black

If there's one thing that can get me going, it's Robert Pattinson in black leather. *thud*

No one does brooding better than Edward Robert Pattinson.

Kinda looks like he thinks he dropped his cigarette butt down his shirt and is looking for it!

No, I think he dropped it down my shirt. He's welcome to come looking for it...

*visualizes what Meadow just said* Owwwww!

*looks down her pants for the cigarette butt and smiles* Sex on fire, Rob?

You know, just when I thought he was starting to "lose it" for me this comes along and hot damn! Just like riding a bike, I'm still obsessed with Rob Pattinson and Edward Cullen.

Riding a bike, riding a vampire... You never forget.

It's kinda hard to forget the best two seconds of your life. In, out, in.... it's all over.

Sounds like someone has been doing the wrong vampire.

Maybe she should try a wolf instead.



*laughing* I think, Spider, you're confusing him with your Vamp. It's easy to do. It does sparkle, after all.

Shit, you're right. With Edward Cullen/Rob Pattinson, penetration would not be necessary to complete the job! What have I become???????




spitfire said...

one word about the photos: DAYMN!

Gwen C[ullen] said...

@Spider -- I'm with you -- I thought I was starting to "Fight that Feeling" with Rob, but, these shots prove I'm just as cougar~ish about him as I've always been. I just can't decide if I'm happy or disturbed about that. ;)

Gina said...

Holy crap he is hot! I dont know what y'all are talkin about losing that "feeling". It has gone no where but UP for me! I freaking love that man!

dazzledbyhim said...

I need to buy my husband a leather coat and roleplay!

Tracy said...

I heart you all today :) Nice sexy comments about RPattz and Edward. LOVE IT!!!


p.s. I heart you all every day, even if you don't heart Rob ;)