Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: Breathe on Me

What a hot video! My favorite part is at 2:47. That the part when I he got all wet.

I started to watch this but my DH is home and I had to stop it to watch when I'm alone. Hot damn, I'm sporting a perma grin! Already. Okay, what's the number to order the vamp and can I borrow your laminator. And that was also my favorite part, other than the first kiss!

You don't want to borrow my vamp too? It's because I named it Jasper, isn't it?

Is anyone else kinda creeped out by how feminine his fingers are? See, now I'm so spoiled by Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman's hands!

Mr. Ginger has hands like Rob's. No complaints here. Just saying.

Spank, if your "Vamp" is Jasper, did it come with horrific hair too? How can you even get in the mood without breaking down in a laughing fit with your Shirley MacLaine "Vamp"!

*shakes with rage* You really want to be my first meal, don't you Spider?

Uh, ladies? Hello? Can we bring this back to Robward for a minute? I don't want Jasper's hair getting into my personal fantasy that this video just inspired. Thank you very much. And, Spider, those are musician's fingers. And musician's have rhythm. And good rhythm does a lot more for me than big hands...

*pushes your Rob moment out of the way* Jackson has musician's fingers AND amazing hair. *grabs my Jasper Vamp and runs away*

*peeking out from behind the laptop* You know, it's just too easy to get to Spank these days. Who's idea was it to glue that wig on her Vamp? And please tell me you ran it through the dishwasher before touching it.

I wonder if she accidentally displaces the wig when she tries to run her fingers through it.

I am so not enjoying that mental image.

Ewwwww. Or even better, Spank gets dried glue bits under her nails. And Jasper says, "ouch you pulled my weave babe, I told you that you have to be extra careful with my hair." :)

In the end we are left with what? The insane and unusual obsession with a young lad named Robert Pattinson and all things Twilight series. That boy is special in every way!

I'll give you special. *clutches her Vamp*


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ciaobella said...

Wow! I think I may need to change my panties on this one!
You see Ginger, Edward/Rob is still hot and sexy!
Are you still Team Dog after this one??
Thank you league for making my Sunday morning! Let me go wake up the husband.........teehee!