Friday, October 30, 2009

Icy Hot

So... Have you girls seen the leaked footage of the birthday kiss between Edward and Bella?

Because, seriously, as if the kiss itself weren't hot, and the audio Robward grunting weren't even hotter, Godze screencapped it. And the PAIN in those screencaps... Well, of three things I am absolutely certain:

1. Robert Pattinson is an excellent actor.
2. Some part of me, and I don't know how dominant that part may be, is going to cry like a baby and curl up into the fetal position on November 20th.
3. I am completely and irrevocably in love with
Rob this movie.

Excuse me. I need a tissue. And new panties.

***(Suckmit was quick to remove the clip but MTV's Larry Carrol describes the scene in detail.)

The clip plays for only 47 seconds but will undoubtedly be replayed for hours by drool-heavy Twilighters wishing they could get a similar wish on their next birthday. Looking like he's about to cry, RPattz leans in and lets KStew wrap her hands around his face, simultaneously kissing his leading lady and conveying the sense that Edward is battling back the temptation to make the human his late-night snack.

The two star-crossed lovers swap spit for 14 seconds, each moaning to convey their mutual desire and sense of danger. Edward doesn't say a single word during the clip, but he doesn't need to."

See, at the end, Edward always pushes her away. *rolls eyes* Jake would never do that.

*whacking Ginger upside the head* I came back just to do that. I'm going to go watch it again now.

Oh look - there's Edward the brooding vampire all upset because Jasper tried to drain his little human girlfriend. *rolls eyes* I mean can the dude lighten up?

*whacking Spank upside the head* DUDE! You people are just not getting this! Don't you remember how ominous this scene was in the book? And then he's all cold, and then he's just... *sniffle* Just... *sniffle* Thenheleavesherandshesallaloneanditsterrible! *runs off sobbing uncontrollably*

*grabs Meadow and holds her, glares at Spank and Ginger* Seriously, who ARE you people? Please you two, for Meadow, go back in time and remember how you felt when Edward left Bella in the woods. ALONE. You felt alone and scared. Admit it!

*begins to tremble* Oh My Hale! I remember!!!! *sobs uncontrollably, throwing herself into Meadow and Rain's arms, glaring back at Ginger*

Sure I did. I felt horrible when Edward left Bella the first time. Now I realize that's just silly because she would've been better off with Jacob. *ducking*



Rachel said...

@Ginger....You are totally my fav now!! I so understand where you are coming from! :)

Ilaria said...

I'm soooo with Meadow and Rain on this one. I'm always and forever going to be Team Edward!

Meadow, please tell me that you will have the moral support of a dozen girlfriends or your spouse when you will go see New Moon. I still don't know if I'm strong enough to see that on the big screen *shrugs*...

Desiree said...

I have decided not to watch any more pics or clips from the movie in mental preparation of the movie, so I did not watch it. But just reading the description...I am salivating for Nov. 20th!! I already bought my tickets, too. I will be armed with a pack of kleenex, though.

Be strong Meadow, he will return and then the make up sex, I mean kiss, will be all that much sweeter.

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@Desiree I'm with you. About a week ago I just decided to save myself for the movie. Don't want to take away from the moment. But from the description of this kiss I'm going to be a blubbering idiot. Waterproof mascara anyone?

Rachael1042 said...

I went on a spoiler binge Tuesday... crying like a baby and moaning like a cougar along with Robsten. Dear god, it was so good. I seriously wasted an hour sobbing and replaying the breakup over and over. BTW the Moan may just replace the Hitch as the sexiest Edward moment.

HappyHourSue said...

Ginger's right- as hot as it was hearing Robward moan, Jake would've lowered her to the ground and gotten on top of her and pinned my arms above my head and *****where am I?*******

Roza said...

Aww I really wish I could watch that scene now :(

Richard said...

what a pleasing movie new moon movie of twilight is !!
big applause to twilight new moon movies performance.