Monday, September 7, 2009

'Til Death Do Us Partsten

Okay, so this is soooo obviously a rumor, DUH, but can I have a moment to live in Robsten joy? What do you think we should send them as a wedding present? A crystal bong?

I don't know but I bet they get married at 4:20 and the reception will resemble a scene out of Up in Smoke. I wonder what food they'll serve. You know, for the munchies.

Well, we could offer to plan the wedding for them. It would be hell trying to find a catering company that serves Hot Pockets on their own.

Where do you think they would pick for a dream honeymoon. I think Exile Island!

Or Amsterdam.

I can't wait to see the dress. You think Kristen will tie a knot at the bottom like she does her tee shirts with Converse sneakers? And do you think Rob will wear the beanie?

Think Nikki Reed can stop herself from slitting her wrists long enough to be the Maid of Honor? I wonder if she gets extra props for having slept with Rob and still not gouging KStew's eyes out?

You know she's probably bitter because she's losing two lovers!!

Lucky girl. What?! Oh. Did I say that out loud?

Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Nikki might be mad because she was cut out of the three-some.

Who says they're gonna cut her out? Which gives me another gift idea: Matching His-Hers-and-Hers lingerie.

*picturing Rob in a matching satin and lace white thong and garter belt*

I don't see them getting married the in traditional fashion? I see them in bathrobes walking into town hall and then back to bed!

Or the local pub.

Oh, I'm picturing the wedding photos now. Both Rob and Kristen will have bed-head and the Justice of the Peace will be wearing a gas mask.

Suddenly I have a strong desire to attend the wedding. I'll sit on the groom's side.

I'll sit on the groom.

I'll be the bartender. Should be easy.... beer and pot.



SweetLikeSandi said...

I'll sit on the groom's face.

Jo Patterson said...

Ahhhh yes hoodies,holey vodka tshirts, pot, knotted shirts, ciggies and bongs....will they play the music too???
I can bring the Aussie mag Rag if they want!

Netti said...

hahahaha love it. never fail to make me laugh

lickhimright said...

You are sooooo BAAAAAAD!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

LOL, I'm so loving this!
I'd love to see this play out if it ever goes anywhere. Really does make you wonder what kind of wedding they'd have.
I'm with spider, there would be no traditional anything with their wedding. And she probably would wear her converse, even if she wore a dress but I bet she wouldn't wear a dress!
And Rob, he'd wear his dirty jeans, but probably put on one of his plaid button down shirts at least. Maybe not! lol

bellaflo said...

LMAO! she's gonna make her dress out of some hotel curtains, and sport a mohawk and White converse ;)
He's gonna show up drunk and propose again just because he seems be go around proposing all the time!

music: Ramones and something hippie.

crazylife said...

I always have a good laugh when I come to this site. I do believe that is exactly what the wedding would be like.

Props to Nikki though, I can not imagine being in her shoes. Having to be a part of the Twilight Saga (no pun intended) and living through Rob and Kristen's love fest (if that is what is going on) when she use to be in Kristen's.... "ahem".... position.

dazzledbyhim said...

I saw this issue at the grocery store and just rolled my eyes. But sadly, I'd actually be excited if it WERE true! LOL