Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: The Viking

This is a very special Sultry Bloody Sunday. Today is Meadow's Birthday! So in honor of Meadow, we picked a special vamp video just for her! (ok, and for us too)

Happy Birthday Meadow!!!

I enjoy the fine detail of his tribal tattoo. You know, because that was all I am looking at.

All I can think of is, "Damn subtitles!" I don't need to know the translation of what he's saying! It doesn't matter what he's saying. He's speaking with his hands. I'd like to speak to him with my hands.

Kinda like braille? *snicker*

Ginger, do what you must with your hands. I will speak to him only in tongues!*goosebumps*

The tongue is a universal language, after all.

*thud* I think I need a shower...

Does anyone else keep moving their head down as they watch in the hopes that the camera will pan down just a wee bit more?

*Raises hand*

Nope, it's not just you. Of course, then I just close my eyes and imagine the Viking-hatted-Vamp...

I don't even need the Vamp while watching that - it's just spontaneous! *fanning myself* Is it incredibly hot in here?

I'm over the raindrops running down Edward's face. I want to be soapsuds in Eric's shower.



ciaobella said...

I want to be the soap that he is sudding with. WOW!!

ciaobella said...

I almost forget............. you see how distracted I just got from that video, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEADOW!!!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Thank you for the birthday present girls. I think I'll be coming back to this post over and over and over and over and over... ;)

crazylife said...


I am with you on both counts. Damn subtitles. Where is the water that would make me soap.

Happy Birthday, Meadow. said...

Happy birthday Meadow!!!

I'm with all of you!
Holy toledo!

*hysterical giggling* slap me silly but your comment read my mind!! oh holy mother of pearl!

Tracy said...

Spank! I was totally doing that! *blushes for emotionally cheating on RobWard*


Bia said...

Happy late b-day Meadow... you guys do know that there is a video without subtitles and also a pic with the camera just a little bit lower, right?

I can´t seem to find the pic online but I can send in a e-mail... just let me know. :)

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Bia, I did NOT know of any such picture. I would love to have it (purely for research, mind youl)
My email is