Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture Perfect

Do we want to do this new Jackson Rathbone picture now?

I definitely want to do the Jackson picture. Oh, you meant for the blog. *sheepish grin*

How are you going to "do" a picture, Spank?

Oh she has her ways.

It's all in the ... nevermind.

Maybe you should have it laminated first.

I love the "There's something about Jackso" hair... *rolls eyes*

Wait?! Is his hair braided, like French braided?

Maybe KStew did his hair. And dressed him. Oh wait... no... wrong Cullen.

It looks like he just ran his fingers through his hair and pulled it up *imagines his fingers deftly stroking his hair...*

I have to say that the pilgrim belt is so damn masculine. Let's get him a hat to make the outfit complete. What?! Who doesn't wear a Fonzi leather jacket with plaid pants? Not to mention a hoodie.

*throws a mock temper tantrum*

Uh, what is with the sleeve handwarmer? Is that part of his shirt? or a fingerless glove?

*rubs temples, closes eyes, takes a deep breath* It is part of his hoodie, Ginger!

Whoah! Ginger? I thought you like Jackson? Are we switching roles here because I think he looks cute.

*whispers* You were always my favorite, Rain.

I DO think he looks cute; I'm just questioning the fingerless glove/sleeve. His sleeve has a thumb hole!

It's COLD in Vancouver!

Kristen Stewart must be the cast wardrobe designer.

*tuning you all out - becoming one with my Jacksper photo*

Again, I ask... did you laminate it first?

I have to ask... Does this picture have a handle? I mean, how does it stay in place? Or are you just wrapping the picture AROUND the Vamp???

*Googles how to kill a spider*




Lori said...

Wow...Well...Um...Thank you for this! This is a VERY nice picture of Mr. Rathbone. A VAST improvement over the Teen Choice Awards in my opinion. I'm off to warm up my laminating machine...

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

LMAO! Seriously, you guys need to be nice to Spank. I think he looks cute. His hair does kinda always look a little hobo-ish, but isn't that part of his charm? (*whispering* GUYS, if you humor her a little she'll keep him busy while we abduct..uh... I mean, say "Hello" to Rob next time we see them!)

Annie said...

I love the *googles how to kill a spider* bit, lol. And personally, I think he looks kinda cute, other than the french braid. That needs to be removed quickly.

Can you girls tell me how to include that awesome navibar at the bottom of your post, where your readers can tweet, etc. this post? I'm trying to become more savvy with this html shizz.

kmoye said...

this is the very first pic i've seen that i thought he actually looked good. i dig the outfit too.
hm, must be something wrong with me.

TrystaWhitlock said...

And see, this picture right here is one fantastic example of why I'm solidly a Team Jacksper girl! That hot and as talented as he his, how could anyone not be into him?

crazylife said...

Hey, Jackson/Jasper can control my emotions any day.

Rain, It is not that cold in Vancouver, especially in the middle of the day when this photo was taken. Certainly, there is a September chill in the morning or evenings. To wear hand warmers I do not think so. Just dispelling the myth that Canada is cold year round.

Spank Ransom said...

@crazylife - we must take into consideration that our hottie IS from Texas. I think his blood is pretty thin.

stephdc said...

I think you all should leave Spank alone.. I think he looks awesome :) And yes, I live in West TX and I think anything under 75 degrees is cold so I can just imagine being up in Vancouver.

@Spider re: the handle.. lol you had me cracking up so hard my coworkers had to check that I was ok, they thought I was crying ;)

Lori said...

I agree with most of the league and think he is smoking.

(Smoking something to be wearing that. Maybe he is leaving Kristin's trailer?)

Ilaria said...

Oh Spank, this picture must have made your day!!!

@Spider KStew must be the wardrobe designer for the male cast (except PFAch who has a fab style); none of the other ladies have a deficience in that department! I mean, I don't need to remind you how fierce Ashley/Alice looked at that dinner in Vancouver!

Rachel said...

I think this is the first time that @Spank and I actually agree 100%!! I love the way he looks in this picture, but I always thinks he looks good! I mean he's Jackson...hello!? This picture is going on the list of pictures to print out and stick on my husbands face! Hehehe

Spider Monkey said...

Has anyone noticed that little bulge in his pants? He has a square off centered penis!

dazzledbyhim said...

OMG... you guys are cracking me up! I'm so/so about this picture, but that's how I alwasy am on Jackson.

PS- I loved your interview on Danger Magnet! :)

crazylife said...


Jaskson can come over to my place wearing anything he wishes....I was not being critical of our Jasper. We will just say the hand warmers are for the cool Vancouver sea breezes Yeah...... thats it, cool Vancouver breezes.....

lickhimright said...

Helloooooo Jackson *smirks*

Ladies... I have to admit that I am not a Jackson fan but looking at him in that pic... mhmmm... i like him...

And I like the clothes too!!!
Leave Spankie and her addiction alone!
Hey, last time I remember talking about laminating because of Rob's GQ photoshoot... oooohhh dreamyyyy!!!!